Michael Mann’s “Cyber” Shoots in Hong Kong

Michael Mann’s new action thriller film, tentatively titled Cyber, has moved production to Hong Kong earlier this month. The cyber-crime film starring Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Holt McCallany, Tang Wei (湯唯), and Leehom Wang (王力宏) is produced by Legendary Pictures, with a script co-written by Michael Mann and Morgan Davis Foehl.

In the film, Leehom and Tang Wei will play a brother-sister duo who will team up with Thor star Chris Hemsworth to tackle cyber theft and attacks.

Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, and Leehom Wang were spotted filming long-night shoots in the heart of Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong earlier. For the convenience of filming, many street food stalls and restaurants around the area had to temporarily stop business. Danny Lee (李修賢) was also present at last night’s shoot, but 60-year-old actor clarified that he does not star in the film and his reasons for being there was to look over his restaurant. “I’m a restaurateur now. I’m not an actor anymore!” he joked.

Over a hundred reporters were present at the scene, catching a glimpse of Tang Wei and Chris Hemworth running up and down the streets while carrying a briefcase. Despite the heat, the onscreen pair was in good spirits and Tang Wei even waved at the reporters.

Surrounded by eager fans, Leehom also took a few minutes off from work to take a group photo. He said, “I’m very happy to have fans staying with me in my late night shoots in the streets of Hong Kong! We must document this moment!  Sorry for the trouble, everyone!”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Leehom Wang + Hemsworth = mmmmmmm….can’t wait

  1. This came out of nowhere! Anyway Chris Hemsworth – yum!

  2. Look forward for Tang Wei, always thought She has this unique beauty.

    1. She looks classic Chinese just like the porcelain dolls and the advertising models. I like her and Ang Lee now that I have seen Lust, Caution because they used the Category 3 misnomer to disguise the message of GRIEF and terror and injustice and love for China inside this film and she showed her lovely private property body to the general public to SHOW why Japanese were hurting the Chinese and lying about it. Now that I know that Hong Kong and Shanghai suffered terribly for YEARS under Japanese occupation, I realize what all these movies including Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl and Farewell, My Concubine are about sending a message of horribly wrong we were treated but we can NEVER say that it was Japanese who really did it – not even Flowers of Nanjing can be straightforward because the Japanese still will hurt us even more so and more quickly if we are open about what they do to us. To me, Tang Wei is a brave patriot who knew what she was doing and just as Joan Chen described the sorrow and affection that the crew felt for their lead actress, I know that so must have the crew and the Chinese governemnt felt the same of Tang Wei despite the public position that she was to be frozen and labeled a wrongdoer for making this film.

      Can anyone else feel that love for China and its people in Flowers of Nanjing and Lust Caution – and Wai Jai had to play the pseudo hanjian before being openly patriotic in Grandmaster.

      Even though it is so nice to know of Chinse patriots, how much longer will this take? It’s terrible.

      1. @ita, I’m so sorry but I don’t really understand this essay that u wrote. Can you simplify this for me adn other Jaynestars.com readers?????

      2. agree with Tomato lol you need to chill. gosh. You act like the Chinese didn’t do any of those stuff…

    1. Who cares, hollywood/hong kong partnered films are always a bust anyway. They always end up getting very minor roles or they are in the movie for a scene.

      1. Asian celebrities seeking Hollywood fame know full well their roles will be minor. They want the thrill of being in a Hollywood movie no matter how minor their roles are. Look at Lee Byung Hun for example, he walks around if though he won a Oscar. Yes he gets offered many roles but they never as big as the American actors. Hopefully Tang Wei and Leehom’s roles are more than 20 minutes and the movie worth a watch.

      2. Nelly – Honestly don’t see why you replied. You make no argument, it’s basically an extension of what I said.

      3. Nelly – Re-read what you wrote. I see what you’re trying to say, but I don’t agree with it. I think it’s retarded, and in all cases, they never leave a vivid moment for most western audiences to be curious of who they are. They are only “respectable” within their own community.

      4. Anon,

        I agree with what you said regarding the vivid moment thing. I think this is because of two reasons. The first reason is that they don’t have rumors of dating other hollywood artists to keep their news. After all, it is an entertainment industry. This is especially true when it comes to hollywood. You may be talented, but being talented alone is not really enough to survive in hollywood because you are not the only one that is being talented. You should know how big hollywood is, right? Despite being talented, if you don’t agree with their terms, then they will just find other talented artists. Many talented artists in hollywood are actually the least famous artists, and vice versa.

        But when you have rumors, then there is a problem because the fans may not like it if their idols date other people, especially people outside their race. Look at rihanna, beyonce, chris brown, and other black artists. All stick in one community. And I’m not sure whether they are famous in europe or not. As far as I know, unless you are first class artists like Tom Cruise or Lady Gaga, then you are actually unknown in europe because they have their own local artists.

        As I said above, being talented and having rumors go hand in hand in hollywood. This is the criterion to succeed in hollywood. The problem of fulfilling this criterion by non-white artists is: you may leave a vivid moment, but you will also be hated. But looking at artists’ attitude nowadays, I think they would rather be hated than be unknown. As the saying goes, no news = bad news.

        Of course there are asian artists that succeed in hollywood, like bruce lee (is he eurasian?) and jackie chan. But of course they are only known as kung fu artists, so I don’t know being stereotyped is a good thing or a bad thing.

        The second reason why they don’t have a vivid moment is that americans don’t like artists, including their own hollywood artists, because they want to be famous themselves and be the one that gets attention rather than gives attention.

      5. qwerty, in other words, these are just “upgraded” extras. Gotcha! still find it amusing how they will think so highly of themselves.

    2. all of the really gd hongkong actors are too old. They won’t be able to fight on camera

    3. Why not HK actors? Because the movie is an US movie that takes place in more than just one location. HK is only one location of many. Currently they are filming in Malaysia and soon they’ll move to Indonesia. They already filmed in LA for a few weeks and they also wrapped in HK now.

  3. Wasn’t Leehom accused of being gay last yr? I don’t think this is true, but if it was, I don’t think he’d be able to fight like a real man……hahahhehehehhe:D

    1. Psychological thought maybe? Like we still want to eat rice or noodles to feel full up even though other types of food provide the same calories. But look at Neil Patrick Harris…

      Actually, many straight men are not able to fight like a real man also. Even women can do better than them. Being able to fight has to do with martial arts backgrounds, though.

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