Movie Version of “Triumph in the Skies” Enters Pre-production

Pre-production has begun for the movie version of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, TVB’s successful sequel series to the 2003 drama of the same name.

According to various news outlets, the movie version of Triumph in the Skies 2 will be a co-production between Stephen Shiu Jr’s (蕭定一) China 3D Digital Entertainment and TVB. A total of $80 million HKD is invested towards the filming budget.

Peaking at 41 points, Triumph in the Skies 2 ended its successful run of 41 episodes on Sunday, September 8. The cast and crew held a celebratory dinner at a Hong Kong shopping mall, to watch the finale together with fans. The banquet was attended by over 300 fans and over a hundred bystanders stopped by to watch the finale on the big screen. TVB also received over $ 1 million HKD sponsorship from the shopping mall.

As one of TVB’s highest-rated dramas of the year, the pilot drama also garnered generally positive reviews from critics and viewers. Talks for a film version had already been going around since before the drama premiered in July 2013. It was reported that China 3D and TVB have sent forth invitations to Louis Koo (古天樂) and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) to star in the film, with original television stars Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) to costar.

Producer Stephen Shiu Jr. confirmed that China 3D is working on the film. He stated in a phone interview, “We’re still in talks with TVB. We’re still at very preliminary levels, so I have nothing to reveal at this point.”

Aside from a film version, TVB executive producer Tommy Leung (梁家樹) also expressed his hopes for a third installment be filmed. He said, “It’s going to be hard to invite the same cast for the third installment. If we’re going to do it, I don’t want to wait another 10 years.”

Chilam Cheung, who has recently signed with China 3D, clarified that both parties still have not contacted him about the upcoming film. He said, “If it’s true, then of course I’ll be happy! Both companies are very important to me. If I can collaborate with them again, I wouldn’t need to upset either one of them.”

He added that he was more excited over Triumph in the Skies 2’s good ratings. “It’s very difficult to reach 40 points. The drama’s great results were from everyone’s hard work.”

Was Chilam sad that the Triumph in the Skies 2 craze is now finally over? “No. As an actor, we should all look forward. My schedule is piled with work in the next two months. I should not be sentimentally attached to Captain Cool’s success.”


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  1. what?? TITS 3?? come on. does TVB knows where to stop?? without Francis and Chilam the drama wouldn’t even peaked at 41 points!! Gosh. Will not watch TITS 3.

    1. Tvb does not know when to end. Just like Rosy business. It is best to stop at No regret, but tvb still wants to do a third installment, which have almost the entire original cast switched. It sucks without sheren & Wayne filming RB3 together

      1. Agree with you. After I watched Myolie’s acting in TITS 2 i am so disappointed and i think that she may ruin the success of the Rosy Business because she can not catch up Sheren Tang’s acting skill.

      2. I think the movie version should invite george lam, raymond lam and mag lam to act since they did a good job in music themes

      3. @thuongan:
        Myolie won’t be ruining RB3 because Sire Ma is there to ruin it first

      4. @miriamfanz @thuongan agree with both of you.

        They will definitely ruin it. Really cannot stand Sire Ma

    1. ahaha (x TVB just cannot stop ruining great ideas. Didn’t they learn anything from this sequel? People are eventually going to get tired of it….

    2. @miriamfanz: Well, it looks like TVB is in denial of the fact that TITS2 was focused heavily on romantic relationships rather than flying planes…

      ND Daily (Mainland news outlet) did a recap article on TITS2, which included talking to the producer of the series about the various reactions from audiences toward the series.

      Below is an excerpt of producer/ scriptwriter Sharon Rose (Au Koon Ying)’s reponse:

      Towards audience’s ‘complaints’ that TITS2 was more about romance than flying planes, producer Au Koon Ying expressed: “Some like it, some don’t. Currently, it’s mostly a few extreme fans who have expressed dislike toward how a few of the romantic relationships were handled — once the story slowly sinks in, the sentiment will be different. Also, rewatching the series again a few years later might give [audiences] a different feeling altogether. Each person had their own expectation toward TITS2 – we tried our best, but we could only choose one path to take.”

      Is it just me or does Au Koon Ying’s response reek of arrogance? So according to TVB then, the fans who ‘complained’ about the series being too much about romantic relationships rather than flying planes are only a small group of “extreme” fans whose sentiments shouldn’t be considered? Um, sorry, but the series focusing too much on romance is a FACT, not an opinion (come on now – with 7-8 different romantic relationships and practically every character, whether major or minor, having a relationship storyline, THAT’s not called ‘focusing on romantic relationships’???)

      Ok, perhaps I’m overreacting, but it’s responses from TVB such as these that once again prove why that company will never be able to improve or make progress…it’s almost like they are in a constant state of denial that anything is wrong. When audiences express their opinion, those opinions are ‘dismissed’ with the “Oh, that’s just a small group of extreme fans who had issues with the series…they don’t know what they’re talking about!” ARGH!!

      1. Well, let’s put it this way: The amount of people who complained about the show online is probably negligible in comparison to the millions that watched it. So he is right that it’s a “small” group of people who complained.

        Did the romantic relationships take too much screentime? Duh yes. The flying stuff was just a shallow backdrop. Even Fala once expressed in an interview that the show isn’t about flying but about relationships! But I will say that I don’t read his response as denial, just that those “few” extreme fans didn’t enjoy all the romantic relationships. Personally, I didn’t expect the flying to be more than a plot point. I fully expected that it would be all about relationships – I just expected them to be developed better!

  2. These 4 guys would look hot in suits. Much better than that other movie with those younger artists who look like they’re playing dress-up…

      1. If the triumph 3 has Loius Koo, it is definitely worth watching. hehe. But, please please do not kill off my Uncle Sam.

  3. WHAT? Louis Koo and HXM will be the most glamorous kelefe or guest stars? Will it be about disaster movie? Can TVB afford Louis AND HXM??

    1. Funn. You are quite obsessed with the disaster movie scenario aren’t you 🙂

      Just curious. Who would you pick out to be sacrificed if it a disaster movie?

      1. Because that is the only storyline that can be done in 2 hours.

        Who? Who…. depends on who is in it but I suppose everyone except Jayden Koo.

        But then how can there be a movie with Jayden as a commercial airline pilot when at the end of TITS 2 he went back to Australia and joined the military? WAIT! He will be part of the military rescue mission which means Skylette must fall in or around Australia! Yes! So we can have pan in zoom out of the great barrier reef? Sydney? Somewhere?

      2. They should invite raymond lam & bosco also.he will make a great pilot

    2. i hope only louis ko will take part of it,im not a fan of hxm.and it will be too much lead actors then.sam gor chilam and louis is enough.its said that tvb’s budget for this movie is about 10 million hk dollar.

      1. Not enough. Considering salaries and all, unless they plan to squeeze their own artiste to do free work. What about special effects? Unless TVB’s idea of special effect is a string tied to a plane model built in scale. This is a movie. The coc-kpit can’t be so… like room-ish.

      2. They have an 80 million budget? Plus, since they are collaborating with movie studios, the other company will deliver special effects I’m sure.

        Anyways, I do have my doubts about TVB managing to get Francis, Louis AND HXM. I think Chilam is a given though, considering his company is involved.

  4. I can see a spin off movie working if they turn it into an action movie- maybe a plane hijacking? Otherwise, I can’t see what type of plot they would use because this is more suited for a series format. I would also want cameos from the people in the series, at the very least.

    I wouldn’t really want a 3rd part unless they reunited all of S4, keep everyone from part 2 (yes, even Fala), and got rid of any of the silly side stories.

    1. Plane Hijacking sounds exciting-at least it’d keep audiences at interest than watching a love storyline unfold onscreen for 1-2hrs…

      But there are so many Hollywood movies with the theme of plan hijacking or some sort of hijacking that I wouldnt be surprised if tbb decided to copy some of the plots and claim it as their own.

  5. Haha I’m all for TITS3 if they do what the presentation sales clip showed for TITS2…lol if not then… I don’t know. Not even my love and respect for Francis Ng will make me want to watch the new installment. TVB never does a seasonal drama like the US…it’s the be all end all in one thing, hence killing off Zoe because there isn’t much storyline for Sam and Zoe for development.

    I liked TITS2 enough…but not enough to root for a 3rd one. As for the movie… It’ll probably be more action and maybe some love shots here and there.

  6. No!!! Enough is enough already T.T Would Francis’s Sam find another girl through the Triangel?

  7. It is good to have part 3 with Francis Ng and Chi Lam Cheung. I still want watching Francis as captain Sam Tong.

    1. Just rewatch the first instalment. IMO, the second instalment made Sam a little overbearing with his strictness with holiday, hence destroying the character slightly.

  8. Seriously, a movie? What are they going to do with the plot? Regurgitate the love storylines of the drama and squash it down to 1-2hr time frame? Or perhaps put a bit of ‘Snakes on a Plane’ into the mix? LOL I dont know how they’re going to keep audiences at interest with the plot for a movie.

  9. Doomed for failure……..let TVB learn its lesson the hard way….milk, milk, milk every successful franchise to death, best of luck (NOT!)

  10. Normally, I’m not a fan of sequels since TVB is usually bad at them. But in this case, TITS2 left such a bad taste in my mouth that I would welcome another installment that changes the horrid ending. If they manage to get Francis, then I hope they don’t get Fala and vice versa! Then either Sam Tong died in a horrible crash accident (poor Holiday, two plane-crashed BFs) or Holiday dies in a horrible planecrash and Sam Tong can move on to another, EVEN younger girl.

  11. TVB is good at promoting thier drama making the audience belive that it was a success, by telling lies and saying how good it was. blah bla bala.. And making sure they are on the press all the time…..

    The rating may be high but it doesn’t mean it was a success. I bet people are watching it for the wrong reason. The plot and acting was too bad.. lazy and sloppy….just crap. Not just tits2 but all the series TVB makes.

    The serie was a disappointment and now they making a movie. Hope they have more money to make it better and cast better actors. not a fan of hk movies. i havnt seen one good movie from hk in a very long time.

    1. What other measure for success is there than ratings? While critical accomplishments is great, it doesn’t pay the bills. High ratings do.

      That said, while TITS2 did get highest ratings of the year (so far) it’s nothing out of the ordinary compared to other years. Consistently 30s to mid 30s, only the last two episodes got around 38, peaking at 41 points. Considering the huge budget, location shooting, Adele songs (lol) and star power, I personally think TVB should be disappointed in the ratings.

      1. I completely agree.
        Don’t get me wrong, TITS2 was a good entertainment…but mostly, I spent more time rolling my eyes and being a critic than enjoying the series like I did the first one.

        Then again, there were some things that annoyed me in the first one…but I got the same amount of annoyance in half the time with TITS2…

  12. I would only watch this if it turned into a terrorist hijacking/action movie with Louis and WXM as heroic pilots who save the day.
    Francis can be the brooding, cranky air-traffic controller.
    Chilam can be the plucky passenger who keeps the spirits up of all the terrified passengers.

    My god TVB, keep your damn money and invest in some actor training teachers or give raises to the second starring actors who keep people watching your trash. Dont throw it away on overpriced stars with stupid scripts and glamorous settings.

  13. I remember reading somewhere that Francis said he will not film the 3rd installment if TVB decided to make one. TITS franchise without Francis is doom to fail miserable. Even Captain Jayden Koo cannot save it.

    1. LOL…absolutely agree! Francis is definitely the ‘soul’ of the TITS franchise….TVB would not have been able to pull it off without him (for me personally, I had initially decided to watch both TITS 1 and 2 mostly because of Francis). Knowing TVB, if they were to make TITS3 and Francis agrees to star, they would probably erode his character so badly that we will end up hating his guts rather than liking him (sort of similar to what TVB did to Wong He with the BF franchise – BF1 was such a classic and Wong He was truly the ‘soul’ of the series, but his roles in both sequels were reduced to such crap that I honestly felt he shouldn’t have even agreed to participate…but then again, TVB wouldn’t be able to make BF2 and 3 without him and both sequels would have sucked even more than they already did)….

      Honestly….let’s hope that Francis doesn’t participate in TITS3 so that the series fails miserably because only then will we be spared from TITS4 (keeping my fingers crossed…LOL)…

  14. Wouldn’t mind a spin off to see Chilam’s character in the army. I think it would be interesting. Would be nice to see him get a gf!

    Other than that, no more sequels please! It’ll just ruin more relationships.

  15. Hate that TVB is milking TITS just like Laughing, but I do wanna see Chilam and Louis together. CBWH days. Haha

    Chilam is already a given. Let’s see if it’ll go thru.

  16. Oh my God please just stop! TITS 2 was bad enough as is and now you’re making a “movie” version of it? Quit ruining the name of an originally amazing series!

  17. Please make this more about aviation and less about the Bermuda triangle of relationships. And please cast the female lead(s) properly this time. I don’t mind Myolie, Elena Kong, Nancy Wu. Just not You-Know-Who.

  18. Yayyyyyyyyyyy for a movie production n NAY for TITS3 yea unless it is a bloodied action-packed 1 TVB!!!!!

  19. I think in the movie version ,maybe they could hire the likes of Ekin Cheng ,Max Mok ,Anthony Wong as Muslim terrorist al queda with Julian saves the day Since he wear captain America in the picture i saw on facebook page on astro on demand ,with some action packed and maybe Joe ma from tiger cub as guest shoot all the terrorist to death .

  20. louis said he’s interested because he never played a pilot and the overseas location sounds like free vacation but he’s not sure about his schedule.

    chilam will be in since tvb is collaborating with his new management but will tvb invite francis? that will be a heavyweight movie and surprised that tvb can be generous

  21. unless tvb decides to rewrite triumph in the skies 2 and bring zoe back to life and give her and sam a happy marriage and a child.
    then i don’t think there should be a movie version of it

  22. plus i do not want to wait another 10 yrs for triumph in the skies 3
    what is the point of triumph in the skies 3
    i really don’t want to see in more stories with pilots

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