Nick Cheung and Carina Lau To Star In “From Vegas To Macau 2”

Director Wong Jing (王晶) will begin shooting the sequel to crime comedy From Vegas To Macau <賭城風雲> this summer and has recruited Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) to join the star-studded cast.

From Vegas To Macau was released in January in celebration of Lunar New Year, and stars Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) as a revered gambler and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) as his disciple. Despite mixed reviews, the film performed exceptionally well in local markets, earning 500 million RMB in China and $35 million HKD in Hong Kong during its run. Seeing its success, Wong Jing has written a sequel scheduled to begin shooting at the end of June.

The production team is determined to impress this time around. From Vegas To Macau 2 <賭城風雲2> reportedly has a budget of $150 million HKD and will incorporate 3D technology. In addition, filming will take place in exotic Thailand as well as Macau, Hong Kong, and China. Wong Jing has also augmented his A-list cast with the addition of film royalty Nick Cheung and Carina Lau. Nick will reportedly play an accountant and computer expert who may clash with Chow Yun Fat’s character, while Carina will play the gambler god’s love interest in a James Bond-style thrilling romance.

Wong Jing expressed excitement as he confirmed Nick and Carina’s participation, confident that they will generate new sparks on the set. Although most of the cast will be returning, Wong Jing admits that he is still negotiating with Nicholas to reach an agreement about filming schedule and salary, though sincerely hopes to unite all three film kings for his project. When asked if Chow Yun Fat and Carina will have any kissing scenes, the director only responded by saying, “It will be up to Carina!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. “When asked if Chow Yun Fat and Carina will have any kissing scenes, the director only responded by saying, “It will be up to Carina!”

    Correction. It should be ‘up to Chow yun fat. Who wants to kiss carina?? LOL

    1. “When asked if Chow Yun Fat and Carina will have any kissing scenes, the director only responded by saying, “It will be up to Carina!”

      Yup, that’s how a lady should be treated. Wong Jing, the man.

  2. wong jing is awesome he is able to all the best actors in one movie

  3. It will be a movie.

    But I think with too many A-list actors and actresses if the movie is not long enough, it will water down their performance as each will have limited screen time.

  4. the first one was release during new year’s holiday but still ended up 500m against monkey king and where is dad’s movie. wong jing better hope the mixed word of mouth doesn’t hurt the second one. another thing is dont put chapman to in the movie if hes smart.

  5. Don’t think they should throw more money at it. Spend time to make a better story, who needs a 3-D gambling movie? Seriously a waste.
    While Nick is a good addition, I dont think they should have thrown in a love interest for Chow Yun Fat. How boring. His character is too smart to believeably fall for that crud/trick.

    I do wish they would get Any Lau back for a good finish to his storyline. I felt kind of left hanging after his last appearance. They filmed so many more God of Gamblers movies without really giving him a decent exit/explanation. Just a few passing comments on where he ended up.

    just a simple Andy Lau/Chow Yun Fat collaboration would be the absolute best. Don’t need all the extra famous actors to clutter it up.

  6. But the first was one was a major flop i was quite dissappointed 🙁

    1. It was a little disappointing. I personally felt they could have extended Philip Ng’s undercover bit just a tad longer to add suspense, Fatt Gor’s parts were ok, Nic’s was insufficient. More scenes with Nic learning from Fatt Gor (be it laced with cliche, throw in more jokes….that would have been a lifter) and finally a bit more twist and action to the finale.

      Nick Cheung and Carina add-ons are taking focus away from Fatt Gor and Nic. Instead add more gambling suspense, a few more funny scenes with Chapman To. This is a ‘guy’s movie, less female presence.

      1. Oops, and NOT 3D please. Whatever for ? Put the money to better use.

  7. I’d rather have a Chow Yun Fat/Andy Lau collaboration than a Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Chapman To, Carina Lau etc. bla bla bla in a movie. From Vegas to Macau was horrible… I thought it’d finally capture the gambling movie feel that the God of Gambler movies have, but it failed so badly. Mainland characters made it worst, the storyline was really bad and I for once, did not enjoy a gambling movie with Chow Yun Fat in it. Have never watched a Chow Yun Fat movie once, but it seems this movie have to make me do it. If they’re gonna continue a storyline like the 1st film, I might not even watch it.

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