Raymond Lam Insists on Role for Karena Ng in “Line Walker” Film?

Last year’s TVB Anniversary series, Line Walker <使徒行者>, aired to positive reception and ideal ratings. Main actors Raymond Lam (林峯) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) reached a whole new level of popularity with their roles in the well-received drama. With TVB’s recent ventures into producing films of popular series, it was announced that Line Walker will also release a film version.

With intentions of developing her career in the film industry, Charmaine has already participated in the film versions of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> and Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>. Although Charmaine has expressed interest in participating in the film, Raymond is still hesitant on reprising his role. An insider revealed, “He has already left the nest [TVB]. Even though he was praised for his role in the series, he still did not get TV King. He feels a little unhappy about it. If they want him to film the movie, they will have to at least give Karena Ng (吳千語) a role too. If not, he would rather have all or nothing and jeopardize the production of the film.”

Raymond, who has been sick for the past several weeks, was spotted on a date with Karena. When asked whether he will take on the lead male role for the Line Walker film, Raymond said, “I’ve heard about it, but I’m not sure yet. I have to look at my schedule.” When further prompted about whether he hopes to align his schedule with Karena’s so she can participate in the film as well, Raymond responded, “You’re thinking too much. But I’m not opposed to working with her.”

Benz Hui Not Included in Film?

In order for the film to be released in Mainland China, the plot has to be revised to abide by SARFT’s guidelines. It is rumored that Line Walker may have to dispose of the idea of a spy in the police force. Other than sacrificing a major plotline, the film may also exclude Benz Hui’s (許紹雄) character.

Benz said, “I have not received any notice.” When asked whether he would be disappointed if not given the opportunity to participate in the film, Benz responded, “No, I won’t feel pity. Being an actor requires patience. If the company decides to film it, then it is what it is. I will soon be heading to Mainland China for filming anyway.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What’s Line Walker without Foon Hei Gor?!?! Initially I thought the storyline of the movie will be to develop more on his character.. Really hope all the original cast can return!

    1. LW is successful with original cast…but please don’t add in unnecessary ones.

      1. TVB need to add real movie stars such as Sean and Nick because Charmaine and Raymond are more TV actors and not box office pullers. I wished they don’t neglect Michael Miu and Benz Hui.

    2. All the SB movie adaption of TVB series have the least link to the series version. And it means you wont see the original cast/storyline/character to be appeared in the movie version.

      1. And the original cast doesnt have the box office power.

      2. whatever,all the movie adaptions of tvb series are crap,ppl going to cinemas for the stars,not the movie.

      3. no wonder if the story is subordinated to the actors. many couples in tits-movie works in a drama but not in a movie of about 2 hours.

      4. Yes, although I bought ticket to watch it, I dont like it. Maybe I still had a little of faith on TVB movie but it disappointed me quite a lot. The script is in the same page with current TVB series.

      5. Argh.  So pissed at TVB for doing such a crappy job of reviving Shaw Brothers!  Not a single decent movie has come out of SB since TVB revived it several years ago. I really wish they hadn’t even bothered touching it and instead, left us with the great memories of the legendary Shaw Brothers productions of the past.  Now we have to watch them slowly tarnish SB’s reputation….UGH!

      6. @llwy12

        I actually thought the I Love HK movies by Eric Tsang were really well done. But yeah, everything else was crappy.

      7. The current SB movies even cannot compete with the movie invested by TVB during 90s period.

    3. Oh no! Karena will poison the viewership rating… Ekkkkkkk

  2. I hope Raymond takes the role. Charmaine and Raymond needs to be in the movie in order to called Line Walker.

    1. Prefer Michael Mui instead. Anyway,Charm and Ray do not have movie star power!

      1. Why did they neglect Michael Miu and Benz Hui. They were better than Raymond in LW. I love Charmaine’s performance anyway, but yup I agree Charmaine and Raymond don’t have movie quality. They still act like TV people in movies.

  3. Karena is just a vase. Acting and looks are just so so.

    1. Not agree,Karena is nice n seen like a vary ture in person.unlike Linda like to act innocent,her acting,singing n her look are just average.

      1. we talking about movie not drama.Why drag Linda along? Although I dun like Linda but stop criticizing her. Too many ppl criticize her already. Give her a break!

      1. joyce , if u don;t like other saying bad about linda , then stop saying bad about karena too lolz

  4. No Benz? That’s like taking the cheese out of the cheeseburger! Better not have it in the first place!

    Hey! Bring back Foon Hei Gor! Or maybe they should just not film the “Line Walker” film and do a film on the enigmatic Foon Hei Gor instead! He is a great grey area character with lots of potential to develop!

    Benz! Benz! Benz!

    1. The cheese in the cheeseburger is Michael Miu. He’s the ultimate ‘Line Walker’ in the series.

      1. I thought since the matter of whether Foon Hei Gor was still an undercover or not was not resolved, he would be a great character to have in the film.

        I liked Michael Miu as well, Raymond became overshadowed in any scenes they shared.

        I just prefer grey area characters as they are more unpredictable. Cheuk Hoi is great but I just like Foon Hei Gor better.

  5. I hope the news about excluding Benz isn’t true! Everything went downhill as soon as he died in the drama and without him in the film, I’m sure it’ll be the same

  6. what the character she want to appeared in the movie, she will totally spoiled the movie. she read the script just like student study book no expression at all

  7. What’s line walker without foon hei gor? Plus benz is always im movies why exclude him now? Oh please raymond wasn’t even that great in line walker he was terrible charmaine had to carry him throughout the drama. Sorry but karena cannot act. Comparing karena to linda is an insult to linda. sure linda didn’t do good in some roles but she is a better actress than miss gold digger karena the asian version of kristen stewart same expression in every single movie.

    1. Nojustno,if u don’t like other insult to Linda, then stop insult to Karena too.as for linda stay with goody image. She’s horrible in acting every role n I can’t even stand her fake long face big nose.fake!!

  8. why does star power matter?
    its about the storyline, the plot!! i dont neeed A stars actors. i just want a good script! TVb’s movie version for triumph in the skies was sooo bad. ….eve though luois, chilam, francis are in it…..>___>

    include fun hei plz!

  9. Honestly, I don’t think Karena should be apart of this project. It’s not her place. Her acting really needs to be worked on. The reason she is getting roles is because her boyfriend is Raymond Lam. I really don’t think Karena not having a role is a excuse for Raymond not to join this project. He is an great actor and he worked hard to get to where he is. His girlfriend needs to do the same.

    1. “The reason she is getting roles is because her boyfriend is Raymond Lam”

      Uh, actually no. Most of the movies she was in were produced by Raymond Wong Bak Ming, and Raymond Wong is her manager. Her dating Raymond pushes her more into the limelight. But, before she dated Raymond Lam, Raymond Wong already has plan to promote her.

    2. She got roles not because of her bf but because she is under managed of Raymond Wong. Even if she doesnt date LF or they break up (which I wish never happen), she still has movies to film as long as she is under Pegasus of Raymond Wong.

      LF continuously said that he hasnt decided to join LW movie version. He said he wants to try something new. So I doubt he wants to insist a role for his gf in a movie that he is still thinking to join.

      If he wants to work with her that much, just ask Raymond Wong and they will have a movie together after few minutes, lolz.

      Btw, he has just denied that he insisted any role for his gf.

  10. Karena is still young she has the youth. Since raymond chose her she must have inner beauty as well. We shouldn’t criticize so much as long as raymond likes,I think it’s fine

    1. Irise you must be a diehard fan of Raymond. I’m not a fan of Ray,Karena or Linda but their acting are bad.. Sorry! your comment is just too harsh on Linda. Be fair! Give her a break. Linda too have inner beauty.

      1. So you really think your comment on Karena is fair and square? Be fair and give her a break like you are requesting Irise to do the same with Linda.

      2. Alluka@ totally agree with u,joyce can’t deny that karena look young n inner beauty n I’m not a fan of Ray,Karena too…sorry!I don’t think Linda hv inner beauty. She is very fake, always deliberately leaving good impression to others I can’t stand her !fake!..her acting is horrible n her singing is bad too..

      3. Joyce, in another columns you are making bad comments to other artists even address them in horrible names.. And now you are asking people not to give negative comments on Linda..!???

      4. Once again, joyce shows her true color. She is the frequent change-name users in this forum who purposely bash the artists she doesnt like. If you ignore her, she will come back in other names such as Andrew or lol or some else more I dont rmb.

    2. Joyce: really? I’m not a fan of Raymond but I have to admit he is a pretty good actor. U seem like a hater. If he is a bad actor then I wonder about others. his level of acting is better than most ugh actors these days.

      1. Finally! someone who believes Raymond has good acting skills.

  11. I remember reading an article here at Jayne’s about Karena being the box office bomb/flop, so i wonder if the investors, producers etc are concern with Ray’s demand? Everyone is replaceable, if Ray is not on board without Karena, i am sure there is a line of actors who can fill the role. Actors who can act … that is not to say Ray can’t but he’s mediocre at best.

    1. He even did not demand, for himself and for his gf. It was TVB who keep dragging his name to articles related to LW movie version. Although he is “mediocre at best” in your opinion, the fact that he is loved in LW as well as others in the cast, so the fans of TV versions want the original cast to come back. However, as a fan, I hope he will stay away from this Shaw Brother movie and perhaps all other SB movies, if he is serious with movie path.

  12. If linda is so fake than karena is a gold digger plus raymond is nothing but an uncle with PS done!

  13. @joyce you seem like Linda’s fan. Don’t be cheated by her appearance, she knows how to pretend like she’s innocent and knows how to put on a fake mask in front of management. That’s why they change her image into like goddess,jade girl etc. She’s actually not simple as you should know in the circle of entertainment. I can see you’re karena and raymond hater. I think they have already been pressurized by the media. I think you should give her a break. Be fair to them.

  14. Please have the original casts. Karena will ruin the movie if she is to be cast in it lol

  15. Alluka, my dear, let me clarify two things. First, I ‘m not a regular users and I only use this name. Secondly, I hardly make any comment this is the most. I notice u guys are so worked up about my comment about Ray and Karena. In fact I have read many ppl insulting Linda, Sisley and others. FREEWILL!

    1. You say you only use that username and I will pretend to believe it is your only username despite the fact that your commenting style is so similar to the change-name users.

      You asked people to give Linda a break and fair but at the same time, you bash LF and Karena. Do you think that other people can insult Linda, Sisley and others means you can do the same? Then why you asked for a fair play to Linda? Well, at least you should try to stop the insult from your side before asking others to do the same to your idols.

      You dont like them but it doesnt mean nobody can like them.

  16. honestly, I think Raymond did a fabulous job with LW. Bao Seed was really impacting. Its going to be really rare to see Raymond again. Sure Raymond gets lots of attention just cause hes Raymond, but hes pretty underatted at the same time, a lot of you simply just dont like Raymond, and this news is probably made up like a typical HK magazine/article. They write whatever they want.

  17. Alluka, What u mean by pretend to believe……. are u insulting me? Linda is not my idol. Anyway who drag Linda when is all about these two? Ruco is the current television actor I like but not my idol too.

    1. Honestly, I dont think my words are as insulting as yours when commenting about artists you dont like. I dont drag Linda in this issue and I dont care if Linda is your idol or not nor I think she doesnt have any connection with this. You started first with mention about Linda. I only want to state the fact that you shouldnt ask other people to stop the insult when you yourself are providing similar insult. That is what I said to you all the time. Watch yourself before asking for the similar things from others. Done the convo.

      1. @Alluka, agreed with you. Some “die hard” fan here should stop insult other artists before they asked people to stop giving negative comments on an artist.

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