Sandra Ng and Ronald Cheng Turn into Cavemen for “Golden Chicken Sss”

The third installment of Sandra Ng’s (吳君如) Golden Chicken <金雞> comedy film franchise, Golden Chicken Sss released its first teaser trailer on December 22. The Golden Chicken series follows a has-been Hong Kong prostitute called Kam (Sandra Ng), who experiences adventures of a life-time. A popular Hong Kong comedy, the Golden Chicken franchise earned over $38 million HKD in the Hong Kong box office.

In the teaser trailer for Golden Chicken Sss, Sandra and male lead Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) pose as cavemen who have been hunting food. Ronald successfully hunts down a turkey and begins to eat it, but he is forced to feed a portion of his food to Sandra who refuses to leave him alone without the food.

“Ronald and I really ate a lot of turkey legs that day,” said Sandra when recalling the day of shooting the trailer. “Ronald and I didn’t have any proper dialogue so having him mutter nonsense words at me didn’t help at all. I got really full and laughed really hard. It was difficult. Good thing the turkey legs actually tasted good, because if not I think I’d throw up.”

Poking fun at her prostitute role in the films, the teaser trailer of Golden Chicken Sss humorously explains the origin of the female prostituted slang term, “chicken”. Sandra explained, “When Matt Chow (鄒凱光) was making the script, he pondered for a long time about the funniest way to represent a career that involves selling bodies. He then thought of using cavemen to explain it. In the trailer, the cavewoman is hungry and she wants to eat the caveman’s turkey, and in their fight, he falls on her. It is a scene with very suggestive moves, but all the cavewoman really cared about is the food, and she continues to eat the turkey. That is why female prostitutes have known to be called ‘chickens’ thereafter. It came from the cavewoman.”

Sandra laughed that the caveman trailer also gave Ronald a chance to show off his pale and slender legs. She said, “Ronald lets it all out when it comes to comedies, and he can truly be considered as a comedy king. That’s why we got him to do the lead role, because just seeing him makes everyone happy. He’s a great help. His makeup for the caveman is very intricate and he had makeup all over his body, but I can’t help but to laugh every time he wears the clothes and expose his legs. They’re slender and beautiful. I’m sure many women are jealous of them.”

“Golden Chicken Sss” Teaser Trailer

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