Sandra Ng Attributes Luck in Life to Buddhist Following

Sandra Ng (吳君如) attributes her success and luck in life to her devout following in Buddhist figure, Ji Gong, over the past 20 years. Sandra frequently visits the Ji Gong temple in Shueng Wan, hoping to overcome difficult obstacles and lock in her relationship with director  Peter Chan (陳可辛).

Although the couple has been together for 18 years and they have a 8-year-old daughter, Sandra and Peter never got married. The couple maintains an open relationship, and Sandra even shrugged off Peter’s cheating with Mainland actress Tian Pujun (田樸珺).

Sandra had joked at the time, “It doesn’t matter since his heart and finances belong to me!”

While Sandra put on a calm facade and stated that her relationship with Peter was unbreakable, she panicked inside. She soothed her fears and prayed for Ji Gong’s blessings. Fortunately, Sandra’s relationship with Peter has remained stable. Tian Pujun has broken off her 10-year involvement with Peter, and will get married this year. Relieved, Sandra consistently donates $5400 HKD a year to the temple.

Although their relationship has survived infidelity, Sandra continues to shrug off the idea of marriage. Sandra laughed, “We planned to get married after 15 years of dating, but the days have come and gone without us realizing it. It’s been so many years already – we’ll probably not think about the idea [of marriage] again!”

Besides luck in her personal life, Sandra believes that Ji Gong has brought success in her career. Sandra has been nominated for Best Actress at multiple film awards, and produced box office hits Golden Chicken Sss <金雞 Sss> 12 Golden Ducks < 12金鴨>.

The Ji Gong temple is quite popular among Hong Kong celebrities. Leslie Cheung (張國榮) and his boyfriend Daffy Tong (唐鶴德) were once frequent visitors and bought incense every year.


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  1. Ohh?! They never married?! I thought they were all along. Well, doesn’t matter as she is in control on his finances. Sandra seems like a smart woman.

  2. she is wonderful women and she can definitely do better and find a better man that wont cheat on her.

    1. How is it cheating if they are not even married? She owns a mirror so she knows she can’t do better than peter chan…nothing to do with buddha

      1. Just because they aren’t married, doesn’t mean that having a relationship with another woman WHILE you’re currently in one isn’t cheating. Educate yourself.

    2. She is a capable woman but ugly, her 12 golden ducks are terrible compare to The Gigolo by young Dominic Ho, he is faaaaaaaaaaabulas!

  3. $5400HKD a year for offering is NOTHING considering how much she makes. That’s like $700USD. Christians offer 1/10 of their annual salary to church alone…

  4. does buddhism advocate cheating or something? seriously all these buddhist women allowing and forgiving their husbands for infidelity.

    well, i guess it’s not really “cheating” in this case ’cause sandra approves of it. maybe she even has a side dish but you never hear anyone talking about her escapades. i don’t know. what right does she really have over peter’s money when they’re not even married? he may have to pay child support, but spousal? she’s got nothing if this is taken to court. in my eyes, she’s the one on the losing end of the relationship.

  5. actually, now that i think about it, i also know a real life example of this devout buddhist girl who was in a 6 year relationship with this acquaintance of mine. i don’t even know this girl; i just know OF her through him.

    so let’s call them guy A and girl A. guy A has roving eyes and likes to mess around behind girl A’s back. he claims to never take it very far, and she believes him. somehow, he also coaxed her into agreeing to a “2nd woman” relationship. she’ll be the primary girlfriend/future wife, and he’ll have an additional side girl. mind you, this guy was like 2 years older than me back then, but like in his 20s! (who knew such women can exist in this day and age!) so girl A actually stuck with this arrangement for years, though the last time he actually tried to add a side girl (who’s incidentally my best friend lol), he got rejected by my best friend (of course.)

    anyways, so he moves for a new job to another state and travels back and forth to see girl A. then one day, behind his back, she decided to accept another man’s proposal and just dumped him. guy A was shocked. he felt like he lost the best thing in his life. tried to chase her back and earn her love. did everything. but to no avail. half a yr later girl A married a different guy, and guy A is forever embittered.

    moral of the story (which is a true story, btw)? guys, don’t take advantage of the woman. you never know until you’ve lost someone how much you actually love them. but by then it’s too late.

    and girls, don’t be stupid. cheating partners only causes resentment. tolerating ppl like that is asking for yourself to be hurt.

    1. Coralie,
      Perhaps girl A agreed to guy A’s suggestion of being the primary girlfriend while he continued to date other women because of her insecurity. Obviously she was not happy with the arrangement, but felt she could not stop his interest in other women. Rather than losing him, she agreed.

      However, she kept her own options open too. She didn’t dump guy A until she found a better guy.

      I think Chilam said it best that he resists temptation because he loves his family and doesn’t want to lose them for a temporary thrill.

      1. Hey Jayne,

        Yes I would say that’s a possibility, except it really wasn’t. She was truly devoted to him. She rejected her current husband guy B many times before she had it with guy A. She’s not secure financially, I suppose, so that’s why she stuck around guy A. But she did have a job. I think ultimately she dumped guy A because after 6 years, it didn’t seem like he’ll ever marry her, and that’s what broke her heart. Plus all those years of negligence and LD relationship and his roving eyes. Ugh, can never understand these women! And even if I were dirt broke, if a guy did that to me, I’d still rather be single.

        And yes, Chilam is wise. I still wonder how he can best buddies with Aaron Kwok who is rather the opposite of Chilam in terms of relationships. I always feel birds of the same flock fly together so it worries me that Chilam is such good friends with Aaron. But maybe these worries are unjustified and undeserved. Chilam has been nothing short of a good husband as the public has seen.

      2. I read on AF forum that Peter Chan bought Sandra Ng a huge rock of a diamond(12 carat).

        Though how much of that is ‘for show’ only and what really goes on behind closed doors is anyone’s guess.
        Sandra is looking good in the picture up there – she has slimmed down alot over the years, and developed some style sense in recent yrs. At least she’s not aunty looking anymore.
        That outfit’s cowl-neck drape and color is looking good on her in the picture.

        As for Chilam = have the same thoughts as to what he and Aaron Kwok would have in common.
        Outside of cars (Chilam just bought a CLK or SLK Merc sports model – wife approved, of course.

        I would also think Anita keeps tight reins on Chilam, outside of his own ‘self discipline’. She doesn’t seem the type to tolerate a mistress either (whatever her religion type is).

        Then again, I also thought Sandra doesn’t seem the type to stand for nonsense, or even want to drag on a relationship if it is going nowhere.
        She seems the type to be decisive, and pretty ballsy.

  6. Finally an actress who doesn’t attribute a better life because she followed Ch_ _ _ _.

  7. Legally she can’t be in control of her partner’s finances since they are not married. Neither can she ask for alimony. Since there is a kid involved and it’s his, the guy has to support the child.
    A woman always on the losing end whether she is married or not.

  8. Sorry, but who is Ji Gong? And what does he bless?

    I feel that Sandra might be just trying to keep a happy front for the media. I think that unless a woman has no feelings for a guy, it is impossible not to get hurt by his cheating.

    Some may argue that marriage is but a piece of paper (not what I think BTW), but a relationship requires commitment, regardless of being legally married or not.

    I don’t think Sandra feels nothing but she is extra tolerant. But eventual when she has enough, she will kick Peter out of the house and take custody of her daughter. She certainly has the brains, money and independence to do that if she wished.

    1. LOL, I had the same thought – Ji Gong (if I am even thinking the same person) is a beggar who became an immortal.

      Sounds like Sandra is practising Taoism (which worshops the Tiger God etc etc etc – basically they accord supernatural powers to almost everything. It’s also steeped in superstition).

      She seems to be already the primary guardian of their daughter. Their daughter lives with her in her home,and Sandra seems to oversee the daily activity run of their child …
      Peter Chan lives apart in his own unit in the same building, although he’s the biological father.

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