Sandra Ng Transforms into Sexy Male for “12 Golden Ducks”

Following the success of Golden Chicken 3 <金雞sss>, Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng (吳君如) will trade in her artificial 38G bust for man-made pectoral muscles when she portrays a sexy and fashionable young man in 12 Golden Ducks <12金鴨>.

During the Chinese New Year season earlier this year, Golden Chicken 3 made a huge splash on the big screen. Starring and produced by Sandra, the film brought in more than 42 million HKD, becoming the box office’s highest-performing Hong Kong movie of the year.

Recently, 12 Golden Ducks released a teaser trailer, showing off the same light-hearted and comedic vein as that of Golden Chicken 3. The film also unveiled a new promotional poster, which shows six brooding men of various ethnicities and – right in the middle of them – a calm and composed Sandra Ng, almost unrecognizable thanks to her short haircut, faint stubble, and impressive set of well-toned abs.

Sandra shared that her male body in 12 Golden Ducks was created by a special effects master from Thailand – the same person who fashioned her enormous bust in Golden Chicken 3. Although she did not have to possess the muscled figure herself, she still had to work very hard to make the transformation convincing.

“Before, the focus was on the upper part of my chest. This time, it’s on the entire upper body, so I had to work even harder to exercise and diet,” she explained. Because her new pectoral muscles were of a fixed thickness, she needed to be slim enough so that when she put on the new skin, her body would not appear overweight or bloated. As a result, she adhered to a diet of mostly chicken and vegetables.

Sandra also admitted that though she looks very comfortable in her new skin in the trailer, she was initially quite shy about it. “I still wasn’t used to it at the beginning,” she said. “It was like I wasn’t wearing a shirt! I knew I was wearing a piece of skin, but I still felt a little embarrassed.”

Like Golden Chicken 3, 12 Golden Ducks is helmed by Hong Kong director Matt Chow (鄒凱光). It is expected to be released in February 2015.

Sandra Ng’s Transformation into a Man

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  1. i seriously think only sandra can pull this off. this is too funny! last time was the fake boobies this time, fake packs and buffy chest. the guy on the left is super hot, he looks mixed asian and euro

    1. can’t imagine any other actress in HK, China or Taiwan doing this! Sandra really can bust thru any gender transformations.

  2. Almost didn’t recognize her! She looks not bad as a guy. If her voice was more masculine, the better lol

  3. Commented already on first look at another site, that she reminds me of Vanness Wu + Donnie Yen combined.

    Sandra can pull it off. Other than her big personality, that is.
    She’s fairly androgynous looking (cheekbones, jaw line) to begin with. Compared to her earlier days, Sandra actually looked a whole lot better after she started cropping her hair and started wearing well-cut contemporary clothing with clean simple lines.

    She looked really auntie in her voluptous feminine days with long hair, frills and cleveage.

  4. Wow, this is something different. Kinda look fwd to watch this to see how it would turn out for a woman acting as a duck.

  5. She’s one woman who aged really well compared to her younger days. And she can pull off any funny roles thrown to her!

  6. What a refreshing idea. Really unique. This role is like a combination of Thirteen sister and golden chicken(winning hk award and golden horse respectively)

  7. The photo is soooo photoshop. In the vid, the chest look wrong, and the mid section of the abs was bulging out, unlike the guys next to her, which kinda sunk inward. On a quick glance, she’s a man, but look for more than 3s, you will find it wrong.

    Ignore the fake chest, and kinda how wrong it is, she totally can pull off the man look due to her face has always been very manly, so it’s not hard to believe she can xform to man… I like her, but she’s never the pretty one.

  8. I love sandra. Shes so funny in alll of her movies. Miss her and stephen chow filming together. They are super hilarious together. My most favorite comdians of all times.

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