Sandra Ng’s “Golden Chickensss” Winning New Year Weekend Box Office

With Golden Chickensss <金雞sss> currently topping the Hong Kong box office, the Sandra Ng (吳君如) comedy film is on its way to becoming the top-grossing film this holiday weekend. The sex comedy film, produced by Sandra Ng and starring a star-studded ensemble guest cast, opened in Hong Kong on January 30, Chinese New Year’s Eve. Three other major blockbusters – including the 3D fantasy film The Monkey King <西游記之大鬧天宮>, Raymond Wong’s (黃百鳴) comedy Hello Babies <六福喜事>, and the action flick From Vegas to Macau<賭城風雲>, also had Chinese New Year’s Eve debuts, all vying to become the top film this holiday.

The third installment of the Golden Chicken series opened in 339 theaters and earned an estimate of $1,723,634 HKD on its opening day on Thursday, putting it at least half a million HKD ahead of the next highest grossing film. Starring Sandra Ng as prostitute Ah Kam, Golden Chickensss is the prequel of the previous two installments, all which were smash box office hits when they were respectively released in 2002 and 2003.

Despite its strong leading cast, the 3D epic The Monkey King, which stars Donnie Yen (甄子丹),Chow Yun Fat (周潤發), and Aaron Kwok (郭富城), took the second spot, earning an estimated $1,491,073 HKD from 242 theaters. From Vegas to Macau, produced by TVB and starring Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), came in third, earning $1,349,128 from 280 theaters. Fourth place is Raymond Wong’s Hello Babies, which opened in 240 theaters and had a projected earn of $1,166,153 HKD. Hello Babies also stars Sandra Ng.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. AH i enjoyed Golden Chicken back when. I will for sure watch this new installment, Sandra NG is pretty funny. Is that Jacky Cheung or Nick Cheung? I can’t tell them apart sometimes!

      1. i wonder if he is replacing Jacky chueng from the previous movie, or a new character lol.

  2. Too bad I don’t get to watch these movies, will have to watch when it’s out on DVD… I really want to watch Golden Chicken and From Vegas to Macau, it’ll be funny, good for Chinese New Year.

    Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜發財。身体健康。

  3. no wonder why eric tsang did not do a movie for this new years his movie would go flip flop

  4. meanwhile, The Journey to the west film is earning big bucks in China. Highest first day debut film in history… now that’s impressive.

  5. Wish they releAse it here in Australia . I watched the monkey king on Thursday and it was quite good

  6. How is Hello Babies second place when it only earned $1,166,153?

    1. I think it’s mistranslated. Based on the original source “搶閘出籠的黃百鳴《六福喜事》,上映240場,暫收$1,166,153,戰較弱,”, it’s saying that Hello Babies earnings is not as great as the others.

      1. That’s weird writing style, highlighting a poorer performing movie. Why Hello Babies of all poorer performing movie? Confusing writing style.

  7. I thought The Monkey King did better? I saw online that they broke the record for having the Highest-grossing on the day of its debut?

    1. Yup, they certainly did – in China, where it counts most.

      This article is all about how they did in HK, like we should care when the gross was only about US$200,000

  8. #2 – Hello Babies with 1,166,153 HKD
    #3 – The Monkey King with 1,491,073 HKD

    Is that how the order goes?

  9. I saw this movie yesterday, made a long trip all the way to sydney just to see it. I was so bored and off put by cheesy romance between the main characters, the laughably bad cgi and the messy narrative. I walk out before the final battle.

      1. The trailer always highlight the good parts of the movie to the get the audience curious enough to want to see it. I mostly depend on the reviews from critics and the main audience before deciding to see a film. The Monkey King received nothing but bad reviews on all the sites a visited.

      2. Too greed. They included everything in a movie length to make it messy, a star stunned cast as well. However I find its quite enjoyable to watch as a new year movie, some scenes are cute such as the tail move of monkey and fox.

        Peter Ho has such a ridiculous villain role. Fat Gor is definitely the best and highlight. Surprisingly, Donnie does pretty good as a monkey.

  10. I Watched Monkey King today with my family, it was dang boring…

  11. LOL what’s the use of having highest first day debut in the box office when you’re almost certain that nobody’s gonna watch it the second time. I heard Monkey King is really disappointing… maybe because people had high expectation for them for the heavy weight cast.

    It’s hilarious because the ridiculous movie ‘dad, where did you go’ debut box office was almost high as Monkey King. Yet Monkey King spent hella $$ on their production while ‘dad’ probably invest few bucks. Looks like we got a winner here

  12. I am glad for her that her career is going so well. At least there she remains a strong woman in her career.

    It’s sad to learn about her husband, and her (very surprising!) acceptance of the situation. I’d always thought it was a pairing of intelligence and mutual respect.

    1. Sandra Ng and Peter Chan have an illegitimate child together. Peter is a douchebag who does not believe in marriage and Sandra has caught him cheating on her. Why not find yourself another man, Sandra?

      1. They don’t live together? Isn’t Peter Chan and Sandra Ng ‘common law’ (ie not legally married but longtime live together partners)?

      2. Unless something changed, the last I read, they live in the same building but different units.

  13. “Hello Babies” was cute and funny! Simple story line with lots of guest stars! Wish LF had more screen time! ❤️LF Love FUNG!

  14. Is this a direct sequel of golden chicken 2??? From what I remember, that movie finished when Sandra was living in a retirement home in 2046? So does this fill in the gaps then….

  15. I watched Monkey King yesterday and fell asleep less than a third of the way into the movie. That’s how bad it is. And the cinema was half empty.

    Will go watch Golden Chicken this coming sunday. With Nick Cheung in the cast, this should be good. He’s the current box office champ in HK now. Only 2 HK movies made it to the Top 10 list in 2013 – Unbeatable and White Storm. The other 8 were Hollywood productions.

    icken next

  16. I’ve watched From Vegas to Macau on the day it came out and it was entertaining imo. The movie is a mix of action and comedy.

  17. monkey king really wasn’t that bad if you treat it as a normal movie. It’s only the anticipation and high expectation that made everything looks not okay

    1. And the film still doing well in maindland box office.

      I heard the dubbing also poor and no character development.

  18. Watched Monkey King today my comment is this movie was more for children aged 5 to 10 years. …adult i guess will fall asleep

    1. Whereas “Hello Babies” is not suitable for children below 18.

      1. I could say different countries have different taste for Monkey King is a China production definitely it will hit China box office for Hong Kong definitely they will go for this “Golden Chickenss” , for Malaysian absolutely for “The Journey” this is also Malaysia production.

      2. The Journey is a very good movie. I saw Monkey King today. The story is quite the same but so fundamentally changed that it doesn’t make sense for Wukong to be punished and willingly punished. However Aaron Kwok makes a sexy Bull Demon and the horses in the heavens are very beautiful. The rest however is a mess, Donnie Yen included.

  19. Im so weird haha I actually enjoyed the monkey King! The love line between the bull demon and the fan princess is absolutely adorable.

    1. You are not weird lah. I watch the movie with my mom, aunt and sister. We all enjoyed the movie.

      But, I don’t find the Fan Princess and bull demon adorable. Their story is a sad one. Bull demon just can’t let go and live peacefully with his wife and child.

      The adorable couple is Nomkey King and Fox Demon. They romantic scenes are so sweet.

      1. But the fox’s death isn’t cliche enough. Need more for the monkey to get crazy.

  20. Is it? Haha finally someone says something about bull demon king-princess iron fan couple. I remember they promoted alot.. Not to mention Aaron keep flirting to Joe 😀

    However I also heard people dissapointed that some of the couple scene were deleted so it somewhat impact the story development

    1. Stephen Chow’s Journey to The West was really disappointing T_T awful story!
      Sad, thinking of what he capable of.

  21. i think sandra’s movie would be very awsome and cool and i didn’t know that the guy with the white shirt on is nick cheung wow………….

  22. wow…………that is so awsome
    a winning new year weekend office
    i think this would be veryyyyy funnnnyyyyyyyyyy

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