Elena Kong Confirms Breakup With Boyfriend of 11 Years

Elena Kong (江美仪) confirmed that she has broken up with boyfriend, Ng Kwan Cheung (吴君祥), for two years. The couple started dating in 2005 and were together for 11 years. the 47-year-old actress kept quiet about the breakup news for a long time due to fear that the news will affect her family negatively.

When asked about her breakup with Kwan Cheung, who is the twin brother of Sandra Ng (吳君如), Elena said, “I’ll leave everything to fate,” She revealed that they had drifted apart due to differing goals in life, but emphasized they were still on friendly terms, meeting up occasionally for meals and gatherings with his family.

Kwan Cheung also attributed the couple’s breakup to “fate”. He stated, “Elena and I have always been on good terms, but fate (between lovers) is a funny thing. When it fades, (the relationship) simply ends.” Kwan Cheung denied any third party involvement, adding that he is still single in the last two years. He disagrees that the couple’s lack of marriage status after so many years eventually led to their separation, as “a marriage certification doesn’t mean anything, nor would we have children just to try and maintain the relationship, as both of us value our freedom.”

He added there has been no dramatic change in their relationship except that they are now “family”. They are still co-owners of a business, while she remains under his artiste management company.

The Couple had Secretly Wed in Seattle in 2006?

Kwan Cheung’s father Kenneth Ng (夏春秋) remembers that he had last met Elena during a meal  around the start of the year, and says he only found out about the shocking breakup one or two months ago. “Elena is a good woman; she has always been very sweet to everyone in [our family].”

To his father’s claims that he and Elena had in fact tied the knot back in 2006 in Seattle, Kwan Cheung denied this, saying his father recalled wrongly.

Elena’s Unfulfilling Relationships

Elena has had a string of unsuccessful relationships. After breaking up with her first boyfriend of 11 years, she dated Sammy Cheung (张炜), the son of famous Cantonese film actor Cheung Ying for five years. Despite on-off news of wedding bells ringing, the couple’s relationship did not last. And now her relationship with Ng Kwan Cheung has also ended after 11 years.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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