Elena Kong Talks About Divorce Difficulties

Despite a seemingly plateauing career in recent years, Elena Kong’s (江美儀) breakthrough role in Get on a Flat <下流上車族> boosted her popularity, earning TVB Anniversary Award nominations for Best Actress, Most Popular Female Character, Favorite TVB Actress in Malaysia, and Most Popular Onscreen Partnership with costar Andrew Lam (林敏聰) this year.

Her career breakthrough comes at an opportune time, as Elena was revealed to have had an emotionally draining divorce from her beau of 11 years, Ng Kwan Cheung (吳君祥), who is the brother of award-winning actress, film director, and producer Sandra Ng (吳君如). Having secretly tied the knot in 2006, it was revealed that the ex-couple actually divorced in 2018. Discussing her divorce in an episode of celebrity talk show, Mean Talk, in 2021, Elena was brought to tears when reflecting on this difficult time.

In a subsequent interview with Maria Luisa Leitao (黎芷珊) on her variety show, Twinkle Twinkle Single Star <單對單>, Elena revisited her feelings regarding her divorce. Appearing much calmer and more at peace, Elena expressed, “He [Ng Kwan Cheung] faced a lot of pressure too. Because he is the son, brother, and significant other of someone known in the public eye, he never had a clear personal identity.” Separated for extended periods of time during their marriage because of work obligations, Elena admitted that a small comment from Ng Kwan Cheung would be blown out of proportion. “He would say something passing, and I would feel like our status was too far apart and different.”

She added, “I didn’t notice him do anything special to try and salvage our relationship at the time. Maybe he did do something and I didn’t realize it, or it wasn’t something I wanted. He mentioned before that he was unable to do the things I wanted him to do.”

After the divorce, Elena slowly began to learn how to be happy and enjoy her freedom and single status. She has no regrets over her failed marriage, “It is enough to have loved.” On whether she hopes to find a significant other, Elena is not opposed to starting a new relationship, but does not want to live with someone else. “What if that person snores? Living with someone else requires me to get used to things all over again. It seems to be a hassle.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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