Elena Kong Claims She “Forgot” She Got Married

The news that Elena Kong (江美仪) had broken up with Sandra Ng‘s (吳君如) brother, Ng Kwan Cheung (吴群祥), after being together for 11 years continues to raise sighs of pity and sadness. Complicating the matter is that the couple had secretly gotten married in 2006, which they did not want to admit.

Kwan Cheung’s father, Kenneth Ng (夏春秋),  spilled that the couple had registered their marriage in Seattle. While both Elena and Kwan Cheung denied that they were ever married, a marriage certificate surfaced, in which it showed they had registered marriage on March 23, 2006.

After the media obtained a copy of the “evidence”, Elena insisted that she has really forgotten about the marriage. Kwan Cheung said he is like the groomsman in The Hangover who woke up and could not remember a thing. Adding that he can barely remember what happened yesterday, let alone something which happened so many years ago, he mentioned that the document might have belonged to a couple with the same names as theirs.

As for Kenneth Ng who broke the news of their marriage, he now claims that he had at that time jumped to the conclusion that the couple was getting married when his son Kwan Cheung mentioned he was ‘’going to Seattle to look for Elena”. He did not probe too much, while the couple was also reticent to divulge more.

Amid the gossip, Elena updated her Instagram feed with a smiling picture of herself with her pet poodle, to which she captioned a message to Kwan Cheung, “Sorry that I could not continue to hold your hand to face the days ahead together, but I believe that with each other’s encouragement and concern on our individual journeys, we can surely go further and achieve more. Vincent, thanks and all the best.”

The post-breakup post, which came with a self-love hashtag, was replied with encouraging love emojis from several celebrities including Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪).

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. How can one forgot that they have gotten married before? The answer was not convinced at all. If you are deeply in love with your partner you will definitely remember all the important dates as it marks the love journey together. Yeah actually we are not bothered at all about this news but can the paparazzi leave them alone? because the more reporters dig-in the more funny response you’ll get.

  2. She has always strike me as a person with a strong personality, like Kristel Tin. Surprisingly, both do not have children.

  3. Is it such a stigma to be divorced that they both have to come out with such ridiculous excuses that not only insults our intelligence but far more theirs too?

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