Sheren Tang Became an Actress For This Reason

In an interview on a radio show hosted by producer Gary Yeung (楊紹鴻) and Elena Kong (江美儀), TV Queen Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) opened up about her rough childhood and early beginnings in TV. Lacking familial love for most of her early life, Sheren was eager to leave home as soon as possible. She said the urges to leave came as early as when she was still in secondary school.

“I wanted to quickly graduate to society and be independent,” she said. “I was told that artistes in the entertainment industry were always busy and could never go home. Because I didn’t want to go home, that’s why I decided to become an actor.”

Before she decided on becoming an actor, Sheren had considered being a flight attendant. Because she used to live near the now-retired Kai Tak Airport, Sheren grew up wanting to work as a flight attendant so she could leave Hong Kong. It was only after applying for a spot when Sheren realized that there was an age requirement. People under 19 years of age were not eligible to apply to be a flight attendant.

Fortunately, applying to TVB’s artiste training class had no age restriction, and it was there where Sheren got her legendary career started.

When asked why Sheren didn’t consider applying for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Sheren said, “I’ve always had a very boyish personality. I even remember wishing to have a smaller chest so I could play basketball conveniently.” Sheren added that she didn’t consider herself beautiful enough to compete. Sheren said she had large scar down her leg at the time.

Still a student at the time, Sheren immediately caught the attention of various TVB producers. In 1985, she cast to star as the female lead in the historical drama The Legend of the General Who Never Was <薛仁貴征東>, starring opposite Alex Man (萬梓良). Flames sparked between Sheren and Alex, and they dated for a period of time.

Sheren said she lacked a lot of love in her family. When she met Alex—who was not only a father figure, but also a mentor and a friend, Sheren naturally started to develop admiration for him. “When you’re filming dramas 24/7, you rarely meet people outside of the industry. The only people you see all the time are your on-screen partners. It’s very easy to fall in love with them.”


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  1. Oh I didn’t know they dated. Shereen is no conventional beauty, but that picture on the right with Alex, she looked cute and pretty. I prefer her older looks though, it has more ‘character’.

    Also, Alex Man. Just recently re-watched The Feud of Two Brothers and The Price of Growing Up. He and Dodo were so good, the good old days of TVB series. My favourite series of Alex was Dynasty, not TVB though I think. I was so into Chinese ancient history because of that series.

    1. @pompidur
      Dynasty was an ATV production. I must say I enjoyed many of the ATV productions and many were superior to the TVB ones. I just rewatched to Feud of 2 brothers and they were wonderful in there. Tvb used to have such high quality productions. It is sad how downhill they have gone.

  2. i think sheren was very cute when she was young. she has a youthful and energetic looks like Ryōko Hirosue

  3. I wonder why she doesn’t wants to stay home? Is it family problem that she doesn’t wants to be at home that bad? I didn’t know she dated Alex before either. I thought her and Margie Tsang look alike maybe it’s just me.

    1. @cutie777 parents divorced, she stayed with grandparents. It probabaly was not a happy childhood so she always wanted out. Guess also the reason she always fall for the wrong guy. First Alex that was like a fatherly figure to her then the married man (cant recall name). The guy was a total jerk cos when the news was out, he and wife blame Sheren for everything and unfortunately, we are in a society where a man can do no wrong even when they commit adultery.

      1. @conan2209
        You mean Kong Wah? Alex married Tien Nu in the 90s and TVB filmed their wedding and all that. I remember watching it with my family and friends. They divorced and he is now married to his current wife. It is sad that it did not work out between them. It is fate.

      2. @conan2209 oh wow. I didn’t know all this going on no wonder she doesn’t wants to stay home that bad plus I don’t really keep up with her news so I definitely don’t know what’s going on with her life. Thanks for your information.

    2. @cutie777
      When you have an unhappy environment at home, who would want to be at home? I personally feel that way back then and now too. I knew she dated Alex when the news first came out in the 80s. There were even rumors that they had a child too,but that turned out to be false.

      1. @hetieshou well like I mentioned I don’t really know much about her that’s why I was wonder why she hated so much for staying home. So the reason her and Alex break up because he’s ready to settle down but she’s not? That’s right I didn’t know they’re were dating at that time until this article came out. Did Alex and Tien Nu met on one of the movie that they were in it together and do they have any children? I remember this old movie they were in it not sure what the name of it though. Who’s his current wife now?

      2. @cutie777
        I do not know how they broke up. Maybe it was because of the age gap or she realized that she liked him for the wrong reasons? Not sure… I guess you aware not into the news of celebrities. I do not know how Alex and Tien Nu met but of course it was most likely due to work related reasons like acting together or something along those lines. I do not think they had any kids. He is now married to a non celebrity I think. Her name is Kwok Ming Lai and they have one son together.

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