“Rosy Business 4” May Not Be Filmed

Although many people are excited for the return of their favorite onscreen duo Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), it is said that Rosy Business 4 <巾幗梟雄 4> will most likely not happen.

With the franchise earning both Sheren and Wayne their TV Queen and King wins and regarded as one of the most successful series in TVB history, the station originally had plans to film a fourth installment this year. Due to Sheren’s previous displeasures with TVB, the senior management team personally contacted the actress in hopes that she would accept the filming offer.

Despite the actress’ eventual agreement to film, Rosy Business 4 lacks the necessary support. TVB originally planned to collaborate with Youku, but the Chinese streaming platform decided not to continue with production plans after being dissatisfied with the first three episodes of the script.

With TVB having no choice but to go back and revamp the script, it is currently uncertain whether or not Rosy Business 4 will film at all. As the production schedule has been pushed back, Sheren already returned to China for work and has no immediate plans to return to Hong Kong.

Also currently working in China, Wayne expressed, “I’m not really sure what happened. It’s a shame though. I guess we’ll just have to wait until next time – I’m sure there will be chances in the future.”

Source: Yahoo

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I have the exact thoughts as Wayne after reading this article. xD
    I rather they make it really good instead of doing it just so the 4th one comes out. I still haven’t finished the 3rd one yet because it’s just not capturing my attention.

    1. The first 2 was amazing! The 3rd one was rubbish! It didnt have the original producers/scriptwriters. The fourth one had the original team returning to write it etc, so its very disappointing to hear this news 🙁

  2. Not the first time tvb tried to push out so called sequels when the director/scriptwriters/cast are not even the original. RB3 shouldn’t even exist because of this. Glad they decided to halt it.
    The cast for the first one was so amazing. Even without the two leads you had Kara, Kiki, Ron, Pierre, Mak Bao… And the second one had Fala + Raymond Wong. Even if they have a good script, they won’t have such an amazing cast like the original.

  3. I heard the last one, with Myolie, was horrid. A little half hearted when I heard they wanna do a new one

    Btw, heard that Ali will be preparing for a new show and rumour has it that it will be forensic hero!

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