Divorce Made Elena Kong Feel Doubtful About Life

Hosted by Elena Kong (江美儀) and Bob Lam (林盛斌), Mean Talk recently invited Pal Sinn (单立文) and Joyce Tang (滕丽名) guests on the talk show. In the episode, Pal probed host Elena about her divorce and encouraged her to share her true feelings. His remark that she seemed to bear the entire burden by herself evoked tears from Elena, who divulged the breakdown she had over marital issues.

“I Wondered If I Should Continue Living…”

The actress had divorced Ng Kwan Cheung (吴君祥), the brother of Sandra Ng (吳君如), in 2018 after secretly tying the knot in 2006. Due to the marriage being such a well-kept secret, Elena had kept her troubles to herself, bearing much emotional pressure.

“I didn’t know whom I could tell. Sometimes, when two people get to the state of divorce, it might not be (due to) a single incident,” Admitting how the stress of marital troubles had driven her close to the brink, Elena said, “It might be an accumulation [of matters] along the way, until I wondered if I should continue my life. After two people are done [communicating], they might feel it’s better to separate, so in the end we did.”

Reflecting on this chapter of her life, the 49-year-old actress realized how her strong independence had been detrimental for her well-being, as she did not share much with others. “Actually when the public found out, it had happened for some time already. Recently, my manager told me that I’m someone who doesn’t know how to relax, and would take everything upon myself.”

The increased time at home due to the pandemic caused her to overthink matters, which is why she is happy to immerse herself in some work opportunities now.

Source: China Press

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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