Andy Lau’s “Lost and Love” Accused of Copying Peter Chan’s “Dearest”

Director Peng Sanyuan‘s (彭三源) Lost and Love <失孤> is accused of plagiarizing the script of Peter Chan’s (陳可辛) Dearest <親愛的>. Both films were inspired by a true story involving a rural parent who travels across China to search for an abducted child. Lost and Love stars Andy Lau (劉德華) while Dearest stars Vicki Zhao (趙薇), who won Best Actress at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.

When Dearest premiered in Hong Kong in January 2015, there were rumors claiming that Peter Chan had heard about the Lost and Love project when it was still in pre-production and took the idea. He rushed through Dearest in order to have it released before Lost and Love, which opened in March 2015Peter Chan was obviously offended by the rumors, but in regards to the similar scripts, he said, “I really did not know about this before I filmed the movie. According to what I know, Andy Lau’s film is many stories combined together, and that is different from mine.”

However, events took a dramatic turn recently, as now Chan will be issuing a legal letter to Lost and Love’s creative team. At a celebratory banquet held for his wife Sandra Ng’s (吳君如) 12 Golden Ducks <12金鴨> earlier this week, Chan expressed that he will not respond to questions about Lost and Love, and told reporters to wait for his official statement.

Sources say that the reason why Chan did not decide to sue Lost and Love until now was because he was spending time collecting more evidence to prove the plagiarism claims.

Andy, who has made cameo appearances in each installment in Sandra’s Golden Chicken series, was noticeably absent in 12 Golden Ducks. This led to speculation that Andy and Sandra may have fallen out due to Lost and Love’s alleged plagiarism. When asked why she did not ask Andy to return for 12 Golden Ducks, Sandra looked downcast and said, “Why ask now when the movie has completed its run?” Regarding the plagiarism scandal, Sandra replied simply, “I will not respond to these questions.”


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  1. Both are inspired by the same true story.Of course, there will be similar elements.

    So, I disagree with Peter Chan suing Lost and Love for plagiarism.

    ‘Dearest’ already got the advantage by being aired first and got award for it. So, why still need to sue?

    1. @kidd Plagarism is not about advantage or who aired first. It is about overwhelming similarities. So let’s see if there are any such overwhelming similarities.

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