Song Hye Kyo Will Star in John Woo’s “Love and Let Love”

South Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo, has reconfirmed that she is now back to work on John Woo’s (吳宇森) latest film project, Love and Let Love <生死戀>.

It has been four years since John Woo released his last film, the historical epic Red Cliff<赤壁>.  Two years ago, the award-winning director expressed that he has already begun pre-production on his next film, a wartime romantic drama film, originally titled 1949Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Chang Chen (張震), and Song Hye Kyo were reported to star.

The pre-production of the film, however, was later put on hiatus after Woo was diagnosed with a tonsillar tumor in May 2012. Woo made a speedy recover, and pre-production resumed in January 2013. As reported by various Chinese and Korea media sources, principal photography will officially begin in April 2013.

The story of Love and Let Love, which will be filmed in Shanghai and Taiwan, will cover three decades of the characters’ lifetime, first beginning in Shanghai during the turbulent 1930. Song Hye Kyo stars as the daughter of a wealthy Shanghainese banker, and finds her life turning for the better after falling in love with a soldier.


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  1. Why do good directors waste roles on actors/actresses who can’t act?!

    1. Lee,
      Commercial box office reasons? There’s always a compromise between personal vision versus crafting a project to succeed financially. “Red Cliff” was probably the latter too, as John Woo said he was personally not satisfied with his own film.

      1. But who in the Chinese speaking world will go to see a film just because Song Hye Kyo is in it? Even Koreans acknowledge that she, Kim Tae Hee, and Jeon Ji Hyun are just pretty faces.

        I get what you’re saying Jayne, but I’m not sure it’s the best strategy. Maybe John Woo thinks that Chang Chen will make up for the other two?

      2. Lee,
        There have been several joint Chinese-Korean productions, not only in films but also in TV dramas and music to increase marketability across Asia. This would increase market potential in South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.

        When millions are already invested in a Chinese film, it doesn’t cost anymore to cast Song Hye Kyo versus another popular Chinese actress. But the potential market rewards are a lot bigger.

        It’s the same reason in crossing Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and mainland Chinese stars in one film. Now Korean stars are just added to the mix.

        Also the same reason that Chinese artists are now in Hollywood productions. Various ethnic celebrities are more appealing in certain geographic markets.

    2. I think she was cast in Grandmaster because she is Korean and lovely and to the leading man, she’s his wife and not a “prostitute” as the Japanese insist on mischaracterizing Corean women and that’s really true about the difference in how the Chinese and Japanese would see her – her beauty is a pleasure and doesn’t pain us the way it seems to do to the Japanese who envy and resent Koreans and deride them at every opportunity. I’m sure the Japanese do the same to Chinese especially if they are poor or disadvantaged i.e. revealing a vulnerability to be attacked but as Chinese, we tend to be indifferent to Japanese opinion because subconsciously, we don’t think much of them.

      On the other hand, I tend to get volcanic whenever I see David Chang of Momofuku not giving credit to Chinese cuisine. Aaarrrgh.

    3. I personally think Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee can both act. I love both their dramas. They both convey emotions really well. I would totally go see the movie if they were in it and the plot is good. There are also other people who like them too. I think a lot of TVB actors/actresses can’t act either… they still continue to gain in popularity..

    4. A good question for those who cast HK actors and actresses, especially those from TVB.

    5. did u watch any of her movies or dramas??? she is a great actress and she can defintely act. u should watch her stuff before u say that. a lot of chinese actors and actresses cant act too…

    6. kim tae hee she can act for sure. “even koreans awknowledge that…”? wow really? do u have proof that the whole citizens in sK said that?? i have a lottt korean friends and none of them say that “theyre just pretty faces.”

  2. “Why do good directors waste roles on actors/actresses who can’t act?!”

    I think she can act and I am actually excited about this movie because of her.

    1. I love her after Full House but i havent seen anything of her other than that series. That series was really unrealistic but very funny and entertainment. She looks really pretty above and i think she can act too. Not bad compares to some….

    2. Yes I will go for this movie just for the reason of catching Song Hye Jyo.

  3. wow, her cosmetic surgeon really changed her looks again this time round

  4. lee: maybe u should look at tvb actors&actresses and a lot others. mainland, taiwanes etc.Mmost of them cannot act

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