Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi Attend “The Grandmaster” New York Premiere

Acclaimed martial arts film The Grandmaster <一代宗師> held its New York City premiere on August 13. The film’s stars Tony Leung (梁朝偉) and Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) attended the event along with director Wong Kar Wai (王家衛). The film’s success at various international film festivals this year generated buzz ahead of its American release, attracting the attention of many Hollywood veterans, including Susan Sarandon and Samuel L. Jackson. Susan and Samuel have nothing but praise for the film and spent much time socializing with its stars. Susan even traded phone numbers with Tony at the after party, asking him to stay in touch.

The premiere took place at the Regal E-Walk Stadium on tonight. Aside from Hollywood stars, well-known fashion designers Vivienne Tam, Anna Sui, and Jason Wu (吳季剛) were also present. Jason took several photos with Zhang Ziyi, the two having collaborated earlier when Jason dressed Ziyi for this year’s Met Gala.

To further ignite interest in the American market, famed director Martin Scorsese announced his support and granted American distributor The Weinstein Company the use of his name. The film will officially be released in the United States as “Martin Scorsese Presents ‘The Grandmaster'”. Speaking about this endorsement, Wong Kar Wai said, “Marty has always been a great inspiration. We are so thankful for his support of the film.”

Tony and Ziyi mingled with guests at the event. The two spent time chatting with Susan Sarandon and Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel shared that he is a fan of Wong Kar Wai and had put aside time so he can attend the premiere. Susan had a great time talking with Tony, and invited him to chat more over a drink. At the after party, Susan praised Tony’s talents, saying that the effort the cast has put into the film is apparent. She later traded contact information with Tony, wanting to stay in touch.

New York is only the first stop among many as the team prepares for the film’s American release on August 23. Wong Kar Wai, Tony, and Ziyi will continue to make appearances to support their acclaimed epic, with advanced screenings planned in Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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  1. thought it was a flop in China but it seems like it is very popular in the West?

    1. There is a lack of international appeal with Donnie Yen’s Ip Man. The action scenes are great however the story line is plagued with racial tensions between the Chinese, Japanese and Western. Its great to watch when you are Chinese as it can get you really fired up, but when you are not Chinese, there isn’t much to be attracted to. Especially since these racial themes have been dealt with in Bruce Lee’s films.

      1. I’m chinese, and I have never watched nor do I think I will watch donnie yen’s ip man.

      2. It’s not the way it portrays the west, it’s Donnie Yen that a lot of people don’t like.
        If westerners avoided watching every movie that portrays them as evil, selfish, and racist, that would block out a large chunk of Asian movies. lol. We don’t care. It’s the story, actors, and fights scenes that we watch it for.

        Who doesn’t like Tony Leung? Plus Wong Kar Wai, who is popular in the west, so its’s like a 1,2 punch of awesome.

    2. it wasn’t a flop. it made back its budget plus 12 mil more and that’s excluding the side deals they made for distribution and world wide box office.

      1. Thank you. Finally someone who knows something and not just making up stories.

      2. Not sure about asian films, but hollywood films need to make back twice its production budget just to break even because of marketing costs. So the Grandmaster barely scraping past on $12M doesn’t sound like a financial success to me when you factor in marketing – and make the movie was heavily marketed in hk and china.

  2. Oh wow! Tony Leung and Susan Sarandon chatting over drinks and exchanging phone numbers, who would have thunk that? I love Susan Sarandon! Great actress and evidently, she has fine taste too as she appreciates Tony’s talent. 🙂

    I really don’t think The Grandmaster will make as big of an impact on the US box-office as CTHD did…as the film is a bit tedious to get through, though the fighting chereography is spectacular. But I really hope that Tony Leung will receive an Oscar nomination for one of his future movies. To me, Tony is the best working actor in Asia and fully deserves the recognition.

    1. I think Tony is known to westerners so that is already a good thing. I hope he gets an Oscar nomination too.

      1. Didn’t he win the err… that Cannes acting award some years back? They know who he is. Question is do they know who is the other Tony Leung?

        Anyway Wong Kar Wai is famous amongst the westerners.

      2. I don’t think this movie will do well in USA and how can Tony get a nomination? ZZY might get one because she stands out more than Tony.

      3. I was watching an interview of Leung Ka Fai’s and according to him, some point at him and call, “Tony Leung!!… Chiu Wai.” Aw.

    2. Tony Leung can communicate really well in English as well so i am not at all surprised. Susan Sarandon has alway been pretty cool for veteran actresses’. =0)

  3. zhang zi yi once laughed and criticised about fan bing bing’s ghastly sense of fashion on her facebook account or something like that, don’t see her dressing too well for this occasion..

  4. tony leung is too overrated. he was boring in grandmaster. and that dress on zhang ziyi looks fugly

    1. She can be even uliger so the above pic she looks pretty humanly decent already. Haha LOL…

    1. hahaha I think he looks cute a bit short but still cute. =0)

  5. The GrandMaster is not that huge a success in Asia, not with martial arts fans and those who appreciate it anyway because WKW has made a mess of it with his constant slow-mo shots at pratically every action scene. This is tiring. Besides, all the scenes where Tony were supposed to execute his WingChun moves were so-so only whereas ZZY were much better but have hers edited by the miles.

    This movie is getting a big promo in the USA probably because of WKW as well as Tony (for his guts in baring all for Lust Caution). On a score, Tony is a 8 out of 10 actor only and don’t forget he only gets awards with WKW movies and nothing else.

  6. waw i love her dress in here, she looks gorgeous , showing her great shape 🙂
    so nice to hear tony leung is getting famous. he is one of the great actor, i love his acting,wishing he will get nominated:)

  7. Why do they need Martin to endorse the film? Can’t it stand on its own?

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