Zhang Ziyi and Leehom Wang’s “My Lucky Star” Opens to Strong Box Office

Stuck between the summer holiday months and the national holiday month of October, September is usually a time with exceptionally poor box office numbers. Zhang Ziyi’s (章子怡) latest film My Lucky Star <非常幸运> however, took the risk to open in Chinese cinemas on September  17, and to the surprise of film critics, her film successfully took in over 10 million RMB  on its opening day. By the end of the week, My Lucky Star took in over 80 million RMB in box office sales.

The romantic comedy film, directed by Dennie Gordon and produced by Ziyi, is a prequel to the 2009 film, Sophie’s Revenge <非常完美>. Ziyi reprises her role as the geeky cartoonist Sophie, who finds herself involved in an international heist mission after meeting handsome special agent, David (Leehom Wang 王力宏).

My Lucky Star has also garnered positive reviews from viewers, praising its genuine humor and high production values. My Lucky Star was filmed in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

To thank the moviegoers for their support of the film, Polybona Films released an exclusive clip of a scene from the film, which features Sophie awkwardly dancing to David’s drumming while wearing a nurse outfit.

My Lucky Star also stars Yao Chen (姚晨), Ruby Lin (林心如), and Ada Choi (蔡少芬). Liu Ye (刘桦) andWang Baoqiang (王宝强) make cameo appearances.

My Luck Star opened in North America in metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto on September 20 and will play for a limited time.

Source: QQ.com


This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Zhang Ziyi, my all-time favourite mainland actress.

    Nowadays, you see Chinese artistes no longer vying to go to Hollywood, they still do partake in Hollywood films but that is as part of their diverse range of work.

    Not like in the late 90s or early 2000 where Jackie Chan, Chow Yun fat, Jet Li and gang make it a point to ‘migrate’ to hollywood and ‘beg’ for opportunities.

    The result? Box office slumps for all Jet Li’s films, and mediocrity for Jackie Chan’s unless he is paired with an American actor.

    As for Chow, he is worst, no jobs for him, and on those early ones, they insist on a Chinese or Asian villain acting opposite him if he is the protaganist ‘hero’. Oh, no, an absolute no no that a white guy or an American be the baddie.

    Better to come back to motherland and contribute to the growth of the industry.

    Nowadays, you see Hollywood producers coming to China instead, to carve a share of the vast China market.

    But i say, Chinese stars should not fall into their trap of merely presenting some Chinese face on celluloid to pass off as Chinese representation just to gain a foothold into the lucrative local box office.

    Who needs Hollywood anyway????

    1. Chinese audiences don’t seem to know better. Mega-Hollywood flops like Pacific Rim and After Earth were big hits in China.

      1. Pacific Rim happens to be those movie where you must watch in cinemas. I consider it a great film for what it is. After Earth flopped because everyone hates M Night.

      2. Actually, it is the westerners who don’t seem to know better.

        What is popular to the western audiences does not mean they are necessarily good.

        There are many silly movies that gets wide reception in America.

      3. You said ‘who needs Hollywood anyway??’ It’s Chinese audiences who love Hollywood.

      4. pacific rim was not a flop.it made profit if u take in box office profit worldwide.

    2. Even Hollywood is trying to court Chinese audience and funding… Like the special China version of Iron Man 3 with Fan BingBing. That special version is so unnecessary and demeaning in my view.

      1. I agree. Why special version? Can’t they show Fan Bing Bing to the world instead of hiding her to China alone?

        And these people are just money minded, purposely exploit and put Bing Bing in just to bring in the box office for the China market!

      2. I truly did not see Fan Bing Bing anywhere. So only the movie released in China gets to see her?

      3. Funn, Fan BingBing only appeared in the China version. She got cut from the rest of world version.

      4. Funn Lim,

        There are two versions of Iron Man 3. One has Fan BingBing and the other one hasn’t. The former was shown in chinese cinema where FanBingBing had a scene for a few minutes. The latter was shown to the rest of the world.

      5. I don’t think this is a “special” version. My guess is that they filmed the scene with the intention of having it in the movie… but later, during editing, they decided to cut the scene altogether.

        This can be done for many reasons including time, flow, how the scene fit into the story….

        I suspect that they decided to keep the scene in for Chinese audiences since it is a star they will easily recognize.. they removed it from all other versions because they felt the scene no longer added to the movie.

    3. I don’t begrudge anyone from wanting to make it anywhere in the world. Why not try?

      If you are telling us that Jet Li’s and Jackie Chan’s films suffered in Asia after their attempts in Hollywood, then doesn’t that actually reflect poorly on the Asian movie going population? You are suggesting that they are jealous of Hollywood to the extent that should any Chinese actor/actress try to make it there that the population will then turn their back on them instead of supporting their goals.

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