Alan Tam and Hacken Lee To Hold 10-Day Hong Kong Coliseum Concert

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Alan Tam (譚詠麟) and Hacken Lee (李克勤) announced that they will hold a 10-day concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum this coming December. Titled the Alan Tam and Hacken Lee Reunion Concert <左麟右李十週年演唱會>, it has been over ten years since the legendary Cantopop duo last collaborated in a large-scale musical gig.

Due to popular demand, the duo added three more shows to their Hong Kong tour, performing to a total of thirteen shows, which will be held in the Hong Kong Coliseum between December 6 and 15, 2013.

Hacken has jumpstarted concert promotions by releasing his latest EP, House of Cards <紙牌屋>, on October 25. The EP consists of a total of five songs, in which three of the tracks are marketed as promotional singles. The first plug “March Forward” <前進> features the Hong Kong’s Children’s Choir and was released in June 2013. The second plug, title single “House of Cards”, was released in September 2013, and was produced by Eric Kwok, the judge of The Voice of the Stars <星夢傳奇>, and with lyrics written by the acclaimed Wyman Wong (黃偉文).

The EP also features a DVD, which includes the music videos of “March Forward”, “House of Cards”, and making of video which includes snippets of Hacken working on the album and shooting the music videos.

“House of Cards”- Hacken Lee


“March Forward”- Hacken Lee


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Alan Tam and Hacken Lee To Hold 10-Day Hong Kong Coliseum Concert

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    1. jojo says:

      been to jor lun yao lei concerts twice n its still super entertaining. let uncles sing n we have fun! they are GREAT !

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    2. P. Tan says:

      I’ve always admired Hacken’s singing especially when he sings some classical pieces. They sound so unique and super.I wonder if he still does it.

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