Fred Cheng Cries at First Solo Concert

TVB artiste Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) held his first solo concert on November 1. Although struggling with his career for a decade, Fred’s big breakthrough came last year after winning singing competition, The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>. At his solo concert, Fred could not hold back tears as he performed to a packed audience.

The concert was attended by many of his celebrity friends and TVB management executives Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and Herman Ho (何哲圖). Fred’s rumored love interests, Lesley Chiang (姜麗文), Grace Wong (王君馨) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) were also present.

Rumored to be dating Fred for several years, Lesley attended the concert with her father Paul Chun (秦沛) and brother Benji Chiang (姜文杰). When interacting with fans near the front of the stage, Fred openly hugged Lesley and Paul blew a kiss at Fred, sending the entire crowd into a frenzy.

Fred sang the romantic duet, “Say Something” with Grace onstage and gave her a hug after the performance. In return, Grace said, “Keep it up, Fred! Love you!” before exiting the stage.

Fred specially acknowledged Sisley’s presence by greeting her onstage, and played a video starring the both of them in a supermarket advertisement. He then recounted some anecdotes from his memorable time filming the advertisement.

Sees Paul Chun as a Father Figure

At the end of the concert, Fred seemingly acknowledged Lesley as his girlfriend. Fred called Lesley’s father, Paul Chun, as “Dad”, raising speculation as to whether he meant “father-in-law”. Fred later explained that he regarded Paul as his father because of the bond they developed when Paul played his character’s father in the TV series, Love Bond <心花放>.

“He is like family, as he has never stopped supporting and encouraging me along the years. Without his encouragement, I would probably have quit long ago!” Fred went on about his close relationship with Paul. When reporters mentioned Lesley’s name, however, Fred awkwardly clarified that they were just friends.

Fred Thanks Family

Fred’s concert was a heartwarming and emotional affair as he thanked his entire family for their support, and cried when singing a song dedicated to his grandparents, who had raised him when he was a child. Lesley’s mother is extremely proud of Fred’s achievements.

TVB executives, Virginia Lok and Herman Ho, also displayed their support by leading a group of fans onstage to celebrate Fred’s belated birthday with a cake. The entire stadium sang Fred a birthday song and exclaimed that they hoped to see him perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum soon. Ms. Lok was full of praise towards Fred’s performance, lauding him as a natural on stage. Fred said that he did not know when he would have a chance to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum, but would continue to work hard and aim for the awards.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Congratulations, Fred. Your dreams came true. Keep up your hard hard and excel more.

  2. Awwww Congrats Fred!!! you are so talented and so full of passion, your concert performance was simply amazing!!!! you’re reaching closer and closer to your dreams, can’t wait till your next concert! hopefully at the HK coliseum!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Fred your dreams came true!!!! I feel very proud of Fred!!!!!!!keep up your wonderful experience of singing!!!!!

      1. Agree with @Loooooooo Fred is overrated he seems to get the extra hype other artiest or singers don’t get. I think it’s cause TVB lack artiest and singers.

  4. now that he is famous i don’t seem to like him as much as before lol don’t know why.

    He is very talented guy! congratz on his first concert.

  5. This guy loves to play the sympathy card. He cried before his debut in the competition and he cries now. Initially i was rooting for him but now i just think he’s just trying to milk the audience’s support for him as the underdog made good. His singing and voice are nothing special. His acting is even worse. Liking him less and less the more he cries.

    1. I don’t quite agree. I don’t think Fred loves to play the sympathy card. I just think that Fred could be more emotional than other singers, especially he has gone through a lot before reaching his present state.

      1. As if he’s the only one! You don’t see others who’ve gone thru hardship blubbering like a baby every time right? Something about him is very fake. Just IMO. You don’t need to agree.

      2. he is a emotional guy but i think he should hide his tears from the public because his crying face makes him look very weak.

    2. Yes, he is definitely annoying and his voice is irritating. Don’t understand why he can be so lucky.

    3. A lot of people cry during their debut concert, don’t know why you’re harping on him for that.

      1. I don’t think they’re harping on him for crying at his concert. Just that he seems to cry all the time which makes him look really wimpish and fake and put on, like he’s crying to win more fans by acting pitiful.

  6. Well, Paul Chun’s brother David Chiang seems to be back with TVB.

    1. I’m surprised that John Chiang is coming back to TVB and will be back at the sales presentation. I thought he already don’t want anything to do with TVB anymore.

      1. Wow, 馬死落地行, literal translation dead horse drop and walk on earth. With no income and no HKTV and no one knows him in China, his only source of work will be TVB I guess

      1. Sorry but that won’t happen, especially after the way TVB treated his son Benji. Paul Gor is actually quite popular in Mainland and he’s been super busy filming there the past couple years. During the finale of Mainland variety show “I Am Not A Star” (which his children were participating in and he went to support them) a couple weeks ago, he had said that if he retires, he will go back to Canada to live…the only reason he has been choosing to continue filming in Mainland is so that he can be closer to his kids (who are currently living in HK and working in both HK and Mainland) and spend more time with them. So it sounds like where Paul Gor goes will really depend on his kids` careers.

    2. Hmm…I question where you got your info from…last I heard was that John Chiang is still filming in Mainland and has no intention of returning to TVB. In fact he’s pretty much living half retired life now….

      Besides, with HKTV launching in 2 weeks and his series over there airing soon, I doubt he would choose this time to return to TVB…

      1. John was at last night’s Sales Presentation function. It looks like he’s back at tvb alright.

      2. He’s back at TVB and he’s also going to film a new drama with Wayne Lai, Ada Choi and the rest of the Eunuch Five Tigers.

      3. Yep, he’s back at TVB on a 2 year contract and said he won’t be attending the HKTV premiere.

      4. John sure knows how to sway with the wind. Very practical man indeed!

      5. Interesting indeed that John decided to go back to TVB….personally didn’t think he would, though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since his son-in-law Raymond Cho is still at TVB and he’s (Raymond) finally getting some well-deserved recognition….for Raymond’s sake, probably not a great idea to ‘rock the boat’ at this point in time.

        I guess this means that his 2 HKTV series will probably be pushed to a later timeslot then…

  7. Fred is a talented guy. However, I feel TVB is trying to promote him too quickly so he is too over-exposed at the moment. I can understand this as he is making them money but this will only lead to him not being able to deliver 100% all the time. Also, people will get a little sick of him as he’s constantly in the media.

  8. That’s odd, why no mention of Fred’s mentor/sifu, Eric Moo… his concert?

    1. I saw on Scoop that Eric Moo couldn’t make it for his concert. And the way Fred said it sounds like he didn’t really care.
      I find Fred more and more fake, liking him less. His singing is just average imo.

  9. he was crying because he was thanking his grandmother for raising him up. i think it is completely acceptable and shows a genuine, sensitive side to him. nothing wrong with that. he is not fake at all.

  10. TO be honest his singing just average. Wont able to get any big award anyway. Unless no competition at all @@even hin cheung or justin lo singing so good also couldnt get hong kong best male singer lar hahaha

  11. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you on TVB drama as well.

  12. The concert was very enjoyable and had many memorable moments! He didn’t seem like a newcomer at all and was able to interact well with the audience. While he seemed emotional during many parts of the show, he only ever really cried when he sang a song dedicated to his grandma. I don’t think it was over the top – lots of singers cry during their concerts – and this being his debut concert. I think Fred has handled his sudden rise to stardom pretty well – he stays grounded, works hard, is thankful, and continues to work on improving his vocals (as per interviews I have read or heard). He has a naturally engaging charisma onstage when he sings, and a 7min guitar solo during the concert totally blew me away! He may not be the best now, but definitely have lots of potential to go very far 🙂

  13. The concert was over 2 hours long, he cried a moment during one song to his grandma. He rocked the stage with his performance. It was not fair to judge him with news clips, which usually emphasize on romance, and emotional stuff only. He has gone through a lot, but always in a positive attitude. A strong but passionate person.

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