Introducing Sara Liu’s “The Last Flight”

A Youku original short film, Helicopter <灰机灰机>, which stars Ada Liu (柳岩) and Xiao Yang (肖央), is currently showing on Youku. The theme song “The Last Flight” <最后的航班> is performed by rising pop singer Sara Liu (刘惜君).

Helicopter is a touching comedy film that tells the story of A’qiang, a house male, who falls in love with his neighbor, Xiaomei.

The theme song “The Last Flight” is written by the young talent Cai Xiaoen (蔡晓恩). Xiaoen wrote the song already with Sara in mind, and composed the song in a way to complement Sara’s youthful voice and singing style. The single topped radio charts when it was first released in China last October, and the single’s music video is also well-received critically.

With lyrics that center on the “flying journey” of our generation’s youths, the song has also become a popular song among listeners in their early twenties. The touching lyrics tell how youths are often impulsive and do not consider the consequences of their actions. They tend to disregard those that often give them enlightenment and warmth; but there will always be someone who will help each other to board a flight of dreams, and how we should all courageously face difficulties despite the setbacks, because a journey to heaven is never-ending.

“The Last Flight” MV

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