Ma Tianyu Shares Tragic Childhood

Chinese star Ma Tianyu (馬天宇) revealed his tragic childhood on interview program about how he grew up without both parents as his mother committed suicide and his father escaped to another city to run away from his debts.

“Maybe I Will Not Be Orphaned Now”
On a recent episode of Very Quiet Distance <非常靜距離>, the 35-year-old shared how his mother had chosen to end her life when he was just five, as she could not take family pressures. She had instructed Ma Tianyu to buy sleeping pills for her back then, and told him he could use the remaining sum to get chocolate. Reflecting on the episode years later, he thought, “If I had not craved for that bar of chocolate, maybe now I will not be orphaned,”

The 35-year-old said that his mother had actually decided to “take him away with her”; though he was eventually saved, he ended up losing her forever, and this became his most painful memory. Many of the guests on the program who were listening to him teared up. Host and actress Ada Liu Yan (柳岩) consoled him, reasoning he had been very young then and what he heard from those around him after his mother’s passing might not have been the entire truth. She concluded that it might well be his mother’s intention for Ma Tianyu to continue living, adding “Maybe she did not really want you to leave with her,”

Started Working Since Young to Reduce Grandparents’ Burden  

Chinese star Ma Tianyu wants to quit showbiz two years later.

Entering the entertainment industry at a young age, Ma Tianyu is the original singer of the song “Damned Gentleness” <該死的溫柔>, whose cover was made famous by Jackson Wang (王嘉爾). As his mother passed away when he was merely five and his father also left home due to huge debts, he was single-handedly brought up by his grandparents. To reduce the family burden, the star started working at a young age. Sharing that he has “almost never lived for himself”, he shared plans to quit showbiz after another two years.

Source: HK01

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  1. Wish him all the best.
    Hats off to him for never using his story to earn fame, we only know about it after he won us through his talent in acting. #Don’t sell pity

    He is a great talent, I still hope he will continue acting. Wish the past will stop hunting him and he can recover from it, it is not his fault at all.

    1. I agree and have heard about his misfortunes for years now. He is such a sweet guy and deserves a lot. Sadly when you experience so many tragedies in your life, it is hard to just forget it all. I can relate to him as I have been there. But life is short so I hope he lets go of the past so he can enjoy the present and the future. He has been through a lot so deserves a lot of happiness.

  2. Was he the one whose little brother was kidnapped and till now he still couldn’t find the latter?

    1. Yes. He was the one. Hopefully he can find his little brother soon. It’s so sad that he had to go through all that. He forgave his father and I think that was so kind of him. If I was his dad – I would be so ashamed of what I have done to my family.

      1. @Dramas4me,
        Yes I feel so bad for him and did you watch the show that he was on when he talked about this? He was in tears. His dad called in and disappointed him again. But he has such a big heart to forgive his dad but I am glad he did because his dad passed away about a year later. I saw the photos on his WeiBo of his dad, him and his 2 older sisters. It was sweet and the way he hugged his dad was so touching. I guess he realized that regardless of what his dad did, it was still his dad.. He has such a kind and forgiving heart.

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