Ma Tianyu is Afraid to Get Married

Appearing at Sina Entertainment offices to promote his new drama My Mowgli Boy <我的莫格利男孩>, Ma Tianyu (马天宇) gave fans a sneak peek of his day as a Sina Entertainment editor. In his interview with Sina, he talked about his thoughts on marriage and why he has refused to open a Weibo account.

In My Mowgli Boy, Ma Tianyu plays Mo Geli, a boy who grew up in the woods. He was brought back to civilization by Andy Yang Zi (杨紫), who plays a start-up CEO. Although My Mowgli Boy is Tianyu and Andy’s first collaboration together, the two are actually old friends.

“She’s as hyper as a monkey,” he described. “It’s a happy time working with her.”

At 33 years old, many peers of Tianyu’s generation is already considering marriage, but for the actor, he admitted that he is afraid. Although his family has mentioned marriage to him, he is scared to get married. If he does end up getting married, he stressed that he won’t be holding a wedding. He expressed that he dislikes long distance relationships as both parties usually suffer from it. Although he professes that is not the type to get jealous, he is afraid that long distance relationships would distance himself from his girlfriend, pushing his girlfriend to meet others.

The Shandong-born actor first debuted as a singer in 2007. His single “The Gentle Damned” <该死的温柔> was a mild success that did not make much of an impact in the industry. Tianyu’s said society is currently focused on “flow” celebrities—in other words, trendy idol celebrities who draw big numbers on social media. While success for these celebrities come big and happen overnight, trends do not last forever. He rather focus on being a solid actor who delivers good performances.

“I don’t want to be the hottest item. I don’t want to be a celebrity. I just want to be a genuine actor,” he said.

His performance in My Mowgli Boy has garnered mixed responses from netizens, and Tianyu did not deny the criticism. He explained that actors have good days and bad days. Although his own acting is not at the level of an experience veteran, he doesn’t think it is too bad.

As for why he has chosen to not open a Weibo account, he said, “I don’t want to waste my time reading comments. I rather get all the gossip from Yang Mi (杨幂) or Andy instead.”


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