William Feng’s “Ice Fantasy” TV Drama to Air in Summer 2016

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William Feng’s “Ice Fantasy” TV Drama to Air in Summer 2016

The fantasy epic Ice Fantasy <幻城>, starring mainland Chinese artistes William Feng (馮紹峰) and Victoria Song (宋茜), wrapped up filming this week. The drama is slated to be broadcast during the summer season.

Because filming for Ice Fantasy lasted 187 days, the cast and crew were overjoyed to officially reach the end of filming, which happened to coincide with the Lantern Festival. The crew specially prepared a cake for William, who had been on set for the longest amount of time.

With expenditures reaching up to 3.3 million RMB and almost 300 actors invited to participate, Ice Fantasy is poised to become one of this year’s biggest television dramas. Lü Chao (吕超), founder of the drama’s production company Youhug Media, recently shared that he and his team reached a consensus early on regarding their vision for the drama.

“Our number one priority was to pursue the very best,” said Lü, who was an early reader of City of Fantasy <幻城>, the Guo Jingming (郭敬明) novel from which Ice Fantasy is adapted.

“I believe in the best team in the world,” he continued. “I believe in communication and collaboration in art that breaks apart national boundaries. We used a globalized view to try to achieve the magical world in Ice Fantasy.”

Lü went on to discuss how Ice Fantasy was impacted by increasingly younger viewers, many of whom were born after 1990 and grew up playing online RPG games like World of Warcraft. “Their preferences and demands are very different from former audiences,” he explained. “Their aesthetic tastes will influence the production of dramas.”

Ice Fantasy tells the story of Ka Suo (William Feng), the reluctant heir to the throne of the ice kingdom, and Yong Kongshi (Ma Tianyu 馬天宇), his younger brother who becomes the prince of the rival fire kingdom. The drama will begin airing this summer on Hunan TV, as well as online on Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, Sohu TV, and PPTV.

Ice Fantasy William Feng  Ice Fantasy William Feng 2  Ice Fantasy Ma Tianyu

Ice Fantasy 2  Ice Fantasy 5  Ice Fantasy 4

Source: People.com.cn

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

13 comments to William Feng’s “Ice Fantasy” TV Drama to Air in Summer 2016

  1. riceball120 says:

    Man, i really need to finish my line-up of dramas so that i can watch this one whenever it’s fully subbed lol.

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    • hetieshou replied:


      I have been waiting so long to see this series but knew that I needed to wait since they were still filming. I love these types of series and hope the storyline and script will be good. Of course it is great to see William, Victoria,Ray amd others too.

      I have a lot of series on my to watch list too,but will prioritize this series once it airs. I wonder when the air date will be? I did not know that you watch your dramas subbed. I commend you and others who have that patience. Luckily, I do not need subs because I usually listen instead of stare at the screen since it hurts my eyes. Ouch…

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      • riceball120 replied:

        @hetieshou i do not understand the language that well, hence why the subs are needed. i can listen forever and not understand much, so the subs are really my best friend in that department. my eyes do hurt after awhile staring at the screen but im a drama addict so i’ll just take like an hour to two hours break before a start again lol.

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  2. alluka says:

    One thing I cant accept of this series is its author – Guo Jingming! 幻城 is a plagiarism novel and Guo Jingming showed bad attitude when he is accused to do plagiarism to another author.

    I was really shocked when I read 幻城 because its content is very similar to RGVeda of Clamp. When the similarities are showed, Guo Jingming only said that he inspired by a manga (even not mention the name of the manga or its author). It cant be inspiration when the contents are 70% similar.

    Guo Jingming has never admitted his plagiarism even with the judgement of the court. I cant do anything but I will choose to boycott him and his products because of that. I know my sole voice is nothing so I really hope that people can join with me to make Guo Jingming understand his infringement.

    Also, the novel 3 Lives which has been adapted into series and movie is also a plagiarism novel. Its author even threat the original authors just because the original authors are dammei (boy love) authors.

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    • coralie replied:

      @alluka I didn’t know that. I think I read about this guy a long time ago with people stating he’s a genius author. Who knew the mighty would have fallen so low? I read his wiki page and this quote of his is probably the most alarming: “I felt upset but soon realized that selling well was where strength lay.” If selling is all he cares about, he’s frankly no different than Yu Zheng.

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      • alluka replied:

        @coralie he is judge to do plagiarism by Court once (because he copied a Chinese author) and being accused to do plagiarism by copy 2 mangas RGVeda and NaNa in his two novels. Because he is Chinese whose country doesnt sign Bern convention, the Japanese mangaka cant accuse him.

        The bigger deal is his attitude to the Chinese author. He has never said sorry to her or stop selling or claim his plagiarism. Poor the girl. GJM is a rich guy so she basically cant do anything to protect her work.

        GJM knows many mighty people in showbiz so his fame is huge. Like Tong 7 gong xi, author of 3 Lives, they have backup to encourage film makers to make their adaptions. It helps them to get more fans. But they are nothing but the thieves. So sad, their connections are too strong.

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    • kk12345 replied:

      @alluka A matter of time when Japan finds out and they are usually quite strict on copyright. They will most likely know about it when the Chinese drama gets subbed and watched worldwide on internet.

      ”http://www.douban.com/online/10148993/discussion/15920063/ -> 他抄袭了庄羽的《圈里圈外》,没想到还有《幻城》,到后来听说《小时代》抄的gossip girl, 《夏至未至》抄的NANA, 还有一些别人列的他的抄袭清单。。”

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      • alluka replied:

        @kk12345 Nana is forever my most favourite shoujo but its unique isnt the storyline but the sadness that the mangaka brought to each characters. I havent read 夏至未至 but after reading several novels of GJM, I think he will once again make a poor adaption. He lacks the sensibility of a woman.

        Ranting a bit, Nana is forever unended :(. I want to see what happen to Ren (son).

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    • june replied:

      @alluka I’ve heard about 3 Lives. And since I am a BL fan it really upsets me because of the imbalance of power in such circumstances because BL is not mainstream and not widely accepted.

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      • alluka replied:

        @june A fact that BL or GL is not widely accepted anywhere. Many people still think it is disease. Cant help. Some series/movie about BL/GL are now helping a bit but overall, it is not accepted. However, it doesnt mean that Tong 7 Gong Xi can do the plagiarism, right? It made me mad more at her when she said that she did the plagiarism because a good love story cannot be in BL! Damn! BL or not, it is still plagiarism.

        Not only 3 Lives but also Hua Xi Jan is a poor plagiarism. Tong 7 Gong Xi, like Guo Jing Ming, is thief!

        P/S: There are some more accusations of plagiarism in famous Yun Qing novels but the case of Guo Jing Ming and Tong 7 Gong Xi are the most famous.

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    • kk12345 replied:

      @alluka Ice Fantasy (幻城) = copy RGVeda of Clamp
      Ice Fantasy (幻城) is an outdated story. Most should have already lost interest in such stories when there are much better recent ones, like dangan ronpa, corpse party and code geass (sunrise + clamp).

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      • alluka replied:

        @kk12345 Honesty, I think RGVeda is the best product of Clamp. More than the famous Card Captor Sakura or X-X-XHolic. Following it can be X1999 and it prequel.

        幻城 is somehow a bad adaption of RGVeda. The storyline of RGVeda is much deeper with the mentions to the Veda gods. 幻城 creates own world (with the similar descriptions to Veda gods) so it cannot make people eager to look for history and culture. It is a failed adaption to me.

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    • kk12345 replied:

      @alluka Ranting a bit. There will always be people who disrespect copyright. Like for example, the website mangahelpers, who were told to take down copyrighted content on their website. But the minute the check was done and there is time lapse of about 2 months, they will always repost copyrighted manga pages content on their website again (when they had been warned not to), sometimes leaking the manga before the published date and henceforth affecting sales of the manga.

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