Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng Announce Divorce

Married for two years, Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and William Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰) announced their divorce today. The news shocked many people, as the couple’s divorce happened just as suddenly as their marriage initially took place.

Meeting while filming 2016’s The Monkey King 3 <西遊記之女兒國>, Zhao Liying was spotted to have spent the night at Feng Shaofeng’s place on several occasions. However, due to their idol status, the duo denied their relationship.

In September 2018, Zhao Liying was seen with a baby bump and the couple got married one month later. Although some may feel that they had a flash wedding because of a surprise pregnancy, the couple seemed deeply in love as they welcomed the birth of their son.

In 2019, rumors swirled that Feng Shaofeng had an affair. After the actor denied the affair and threatened legal action, they continued sharing photos of each other regularly on social media. However, Feng Shaofeng admitted that he feels insecure about their marriage, and questioned whether Zhao Liying married him out of love or for other reasons.

With Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying both continuing filming projects despite having a young child at home, the family spent increasing less time together and drifted apart. Although their divorce announcement may seem sudden to outsiders, they agreed that separation is the best for them.  Accompanying their announcement, the couple wrote, “The days are long. The past has been great. Hoping the future will be even better.”

Stressing that it was an amicable breakup, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying have not yet responded to further media inquiries.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am not surprised but it is still very sad…. They both are at different stage of their life…

  2. ZLY was really at the prime of her life while FSF is already past prime. ZLY is still hot commodity in china even after divorce if she’s not looking at get married.

  3. Lol, I knew they didn’t last. They couldn’t be honest with the press since the beginning! So much lies and deceiving at the beginning of the relationship! And yea, I always felt like ZLY married FSF because his family is a high class family, while back then, as much as she’s talented, she has always been viewed as cheap. After the marriage, it likes people treat her as she turned into a princess. News articles instead of saying the high end fashion dress look cheap because she wore it, now praise her elegance at every turn. She has a lot to gain marrying him than he does. Poor FSF, before marriage, he was the bad guy, during marriage, her fans look down on him, and now he’s gonna be the bad guy

    1. They’re going to all say he had extramarital affairs. But the leaked text messages from his alleged girlfriend looked fake. I wonder if ZLY set him up bc rumors said for a long time the child did not belong to him so he did not throw her a wedding. Looks like she could be Man Niang, the woman that tricked FSF into love and marriage. Seriously, her water army worked too hard on making her sound like the clean girl who married a scum. She had plentiful of love affairs too, but it’s too impressive how more people would always deny hers. They sound fraudulently fake, like they’re hired to spray dirt on FSF. For FSF, he only proudly dated one actress in the spotlight and that was Ni Ni. Then he only had a picture with Jelly Lin and actresses at restaurants politely. Compare to ZLY, she dated many rich actors because they kissed and held hands. Then she travelled with a married man at a honeymoon destination. If she pushes his cheating rumors more, he might step out to say the truth one day and expose her like Zheng Shuang’s ex. During her pregnancy, only she made all the denials so it’s possible only she thought of abortion to save her popularity. If a person already denied, will they be stupid to the point of allowing a baby to pop out in the next few months? It must be FSF who pleaded for the life of the child.

    2. @littlefish I always thought they wouldn’t either as it sounded more like I am preggos and I had to save my name so made it official that kinda thing. lol…hhaha but that was also a fast ending like the Yang Mi marriage. It seems like these very popular mainland actresses just popped the babies and it’s time to head back out there. haha interesting really on how little it matters even though a child is involved.

      1. @wm2017 Yang Mi dated openly so they were expecting a baby, and they at least had their wedding prepared and done. There was solid proof of Hawick scandal.
        It’s not as similar as fans wish. Yang Mi got mostly all bad comments for working too much and didn’t babysit, her divorce didn’t end her with nice and understanding comments even though her husband was also working and then cheated.

    3. @littlefish
      ahya, that’s why older men who marry younger women should consider that they are doing for other motives. i didn’t know that she was known as cheap. she was so pretty in my eyes

      1. @m0m0
        The age gap is totally ok, he’s not anywhere near her father or grandpa.

        About the motive. Who knows if his motive is to use her as the replacement for YM because he is her good friend but never get to be that BF.

        ZLY’s beauty is only the same like YM, at every angle and expression she looks just the same. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/15/5d/c2155db427c5b5a28339f1f677761e2a.jpg
        There are no other actresses that will still look the same when you swap inner faces. Other than FSF, ZLY also likes Hu Ge. But he also liked YM before and they even dated. ZLY never look like YM from the start, after she modified her face that’s when she starts looking YM. She wore things that were already worn by YM, Ni Ni, ABB, and LYF. Then, when her fans made comparisons, they picked out pictures of others at bad angles. I see why people would call her fashion cheap, she could be an actress and model without stepping on other actresses.

      2. @yoyo
        anything over a decade is a generation so to me that’s a gap esp today
        i think ZLY is prettier than YM. she has more cute features w/ the rounder eyes and face. but that’s personally preference.

      3. @m0m0 i agree, i prefer zly facial features than ym. YM’s nose and lips look weird to me lol. Zly is pretty and cute lol

      4. @aktf LOL YM’s nose and lips look weird but ZLY copied them and she doesn’t look weird? How come nobody find her pretty at all until she looks YM? She played as extras in many of FSF shows, how come he never liked her until she looked YM overnight?

      5. @yoyo are you blind or you really cant tell the difference??? Lol zly nose and lips do not look like ym at all, hahahaha. ym looks like a freaking bird lol i always found zly pretty when she first started.

      6. @yoyo

        The accusation that ZLY modified her face to look like Yang Mi is ridiculous. ZLY looks nothing like YM before or now. Even in your swap face photo, they don’t look alike.

      7. @m0m0 the press and some netizens looked down on her because she wasn’t a city girl. A village girl looked and dressed ‘cheap’ in their snooty eyes.

      8. @msxie0714 Oh Gosh! When will playing pitiful end? Who else doesn’t come from the country? Do we need to list everyone who came from the country but wasn’t called cheap and snooty?

      9. @yoyo she defended her village background with a ‘so what?’ when the cheap and snooty reporter made fun of her lack of urban sophistication. making retorts doesn’t sit well with some folks who can dish it but can’t take it.

      10. @m0m0 like someone mentioned in here before: because she came from the country, their snobby eyes see her as cheap. Could also be her stylish, I do think she seems more high class after marrying FSF, the makeup and jewels are less but it shows off more (if you know what I mean). For example NiNi, she is just so high fashion, could be the pose, but whatever she wears scream expensive and luxurious. Only lately, I see that in ZLY’s photos. (Not that I care where she’s from, but I have to say netizens before do have a point lol)

      11. @littlefish
        what a pity that someone gets looked down upon just b/c they are from the countryside. i know what you mean, being associated w/ the countryside has always had negative connotations in china.

      12. @m0m0 before zly, fsf was dating much younger costars like yang mi, victoria song, jelly lin. and of course, nini was his gf for a short time.

  4. Too many rumours going around…But who knows the truth…
    They had shotgun marriage
    They had no ceremony
    FSF is insecure in this relationship as he mentioned in a interview
    ZLY is very career driven

    This relationship clearly needs a lot of work…

    1. @hohliu another fact you missed: they used their relationship quite a bit. Every announcement is on the big day: CNY, valentine (?), something else (can’t remember) to create a big buzz for their relationship. It felt very calculated at every step.

  5. 42 (Feng) versus 33 (Zhao) is not that much of an age difference. They are both low key which is absolutely not the same as secretive or lying. Feng never reach the zenith Zhao has in his career, so I am not even sure it’s fair to compare how one is past their prime and the other is not. It’s not the same level of prime. I think it just comes down to 3 things at the end of the day: 1) is this person worthy of my love 2) am I ready to receive that type of AND 3) am I actually deserving of that type of love? OR it totally be that they are just compatible. She is clear headed and logical while William is passionate and insecure per past live interviews.

    1. @jesspepperwang The zenith of Zhao’s career is the same like her army’s capability of white washing the internet. Usually, for an actress to work nonstop and abandon her child when she has enough money to retire, there should be lots of haters but the haters suddenly disappeared now. Or, those haters suddenly flipped and appreciate women’s rights to work. Her team did really great job making her divorce look very clean on the internet but who knows how the words of mouths are like? Just like all the shows she starred in, the truth is the words of mouths aren’t as good as FSF’s shows. He just have more bullies on the internet.

      1. @yoyo you must be one of those netizens who has nothing to do other than talking crap about others. I guess youre a ym’ fan lol

      2. @aktf
        I’m not YM’s fan so go ahead and blame her as much as you like, but YM VS ZLY I would choose YM anytime. I didn’t bring YM up, some people compared ZLY to YM here first, and I’m arguing they’re not comparable because YM declared her BF and Husband openly and cleanly.

        But I really wonder who are the ones calling YM names because she didn’t quit her job? You should answer me whose fans are those? Why do they only appear when it’s YM’s divorce but they disappeared when it’s ZLY’s divorce? Or, suddenly changed opinions and support women having a career? Why does both ZLY and FSF gained so many fans after a divorce, isn’t obvious they bought fans to prove they didn’t marry so they can use each other? You must be those netizens paid to act like fans, it’s why you act blind.

        Also I bring up YM because ZLY choose to use YM’s face first. Then she made a rude complaint, claiming herself to be all natural but YM and others aren’t natural like her, she stepped on other actresses to make herself the best. After that, she revealed to like men that already liked YM first. You can act blind but anyone can see she copied YM’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Her double eyelids used to be small, if she wants to make her eyes bigger, why does she glue/surgery her eyes into the same shape like YM but not someone else?? Her lips are different but why does she use cosmetic/surgery to make it look YM and not other people’s faces? How come she’s so afraid to look at YM and give her a greeting? Omg, I know your answers gonna be she came from the country side. Even if I like people who came from the country side more, I would not side with her.

    2. @jesspepperwang “ They are both low key which is absolutely not the same as secretive or lying” – Uhm, did you forget their secretive dates? Outright lying about her pregnancy? Outright lying about their dating to each other? They were not low key, they were very much secretive and very much lie to your face and treat their fans like people with zero intelligence: posting a half a$$ split to prove she’s not pregnant??? And people eating it up!

      I agree that they are most likely incompatible, but that’s why they should date for a while, stay together then get pregnant. Not get pregnant, stay together then realise they are incompatible >_>?

      FSF displayed doubts during his interviews but that show he cares deeply about the relationship. Yes, in the end of the day, if the person is always doubtful, it can make ruin the relationship, however, your partner needs to also do things to boost your confidence of the relationship, afterall, it’s a 2 ways streets. It’s not the man must do all these romantic things to solidify the relationship, but also the woman needs to do the same, so the man has the confidence.

      1. @littlefish It’s not there job to report their lives to the public whether they are a celebrity or not. If they lied, perhaps it’s due to superstition. What I can say is love is not logical. A lot of people are incompatible and still get together. Some people go off and on for years and still end up getting married with multiple kids. Feng and Zhao must have loved each other enough to take this step but it’s like a designer shoe, it just doesn’t fit no matter how well designed, pretty, or expensive. It think it’s good they were assertive about getting divorced sooner than later. It’s NO one’s job to fill your insecurities but a partner should definitely NOT fuel them. And if her being herself naturally fuels his insecurities, then they are not compatible. You are responsible for your own insecurities and everyone has them. Zhao has them too but I am not sure she’s holding Feng liable for them nor vice versa. Feng is 42 so I am pretty sure he knows no one is responsible to fill his own insecurities.

      2. @jesspepperwang 1 – you said they didn’t lie, and I said they did, and that’s the fact (see the examples). 2 – while it’s true they don’t need to report their lives to anyone, how they went about it is lying blatantly. They could just keep quiet and said no comment, but nope.

        Yup, no one can fill the hole that is self doubt, but you can overcome by understand it and help your partner. Ultimately, like you said there will be the time where that won’t work. My point is you sound like his insecurities is ultimately their downfall, when I’m saying their downfall is they just don’t work well together as a partner.

      3. @littlefish my tone was neutral and I am not going to assume Zhao didn’t put in effort to understand his insecurities. I think she did and hence he felt her sincerity and married her, simple as that. Zhao is logical and clear headed per Feng’s own words meaning she too has insecurities, but operates differently. I empathize with people who have the papparazi following them 24/7. You can’t just not answer because they will follow you to your house, so sometimes, celebrities, just say a clear yes or no. Whether they lie or not is just not that big of a deal nor anyone’s business that they should be reprimanded or judged for “lying.” Everyone lies and the person who says they don’t, is lying. I commend them for the way they handled their personal lives from beginning to end, at least what we know to be the “beginning” or “end” and everything in between. Idols lie they are not married or are single for the sake of “status” or protecting their SO not in the industry. As long as BOTH parties agree that is their preferred way of handling the matter, I have 0 judgement and 0 reprimanding to do.

  6. Something I thought of as a joke, seems like these married women after collaborate with yibo end up in divorce – ZLY, ZX

      1. @msxie0714 ZX to me is Zhou Xun which they both work together in a short film but I forgotten the title. Yibo played the bartender and ZX played the club singer

  7. I am quite saddened by the news as I like both ZLY and FSF. TSOML is one of my favourite series and I just finished rewatching it last week before the news hit on Friday.

    With all the rumours going on, as there is no proof I will choose not to believe them, I have gone to the forums and I think it is unfair to say FSF has cheated or will cheat someday because he dated a lot of females when he was single. As far as I know, he ended one relationship before starting another and all his break ups were quite friendly. I read the list of his “exes” which included Myolie and Ady which I don’t believe. He was single at the time so he can sleep with whoever he wants to as long as he wasn’t doubletiming someone and the other part was not married or underaged. So saying he is a wife-beater is even more baseless but I may believe it if more evidence is given. And he does work very hard despite the playboy rumours.

    I like ZLY a lot, but I don’t think she is as innocent as she is portrayed to be, which is fine as she was single. I have seen her interviews, and she is a very ambitious person, which is a good thing, And I admire her dependence and drive to get where she is now.

    I do believe that they did love each other once a upon a time, but both are workaholics. They may have not been ready to settle down at the time, but then she got pregnant and they had a shotgun marriage to give the kid an legitimate identity. Plus they were not young anymore and they gave it a go.

    I believe they both tried to make the marriage work but their personalities just did not suit marriage at the time. Neither of them wanted to stay home with the baby when there were work opportunities and both wanted to keep their careers.

    As much as I did want them to stay together forever, I do understand that a marriage is more than love. When two people get together, they have to get over a lot of lifestyle and mindset differences to aim for a common goal. If two people cannot be happy together anymore than divorce is sadly the way to go or it will just cause more pain to keep up an empty marriage.

    While I do see a lot of fans blasting FSF, I am pleased to see that they have decided to still be a part of the baby’s life even though they are no longer a legal family. I do hope that the fans do stop fighting with each other and give some respect to ZLY & FSF and leave them alone unless some evidence comes up to support these rumours.

    I will continue to support both their works in the future and I wish them both the best for the future. If they cannot find happiness with each other then I wish they will both soon find someone who can make them happy.

  8. I really don’t like couples who feel the need to get married as an excuse to cover up an accident. Or rather, to legitimize a union because of a baby. It’s tacky and just shows how much they planned for a baby from the start…which is to say, no planning whatsoever. They handled this like teenagers and as with teenage parenthood, it’s very difficult for a relationship to sustain itself.

    This is not to say it’s impossible for a relationship to last even under these circumstances, but chances are much less likely to succeed.

    Anyways, I don’t like FSF, nothing wrong with him, just don’t like how he looks (lol), he gives me a villainly vibe. So I’m not all that sad about their divorce. Hope ZLY and FSF really think more carefully in the future before deciding to get married.

  9. read something in Baidu that goes, FSF went apartment viewing with Ms A, did renovation together with Ms B and eventually move into apartment with Ms C.

    That seems to tell a lot about him., though i have to say, he is so good looking!

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