Zanilia Zhao and William Feng Welcome Baby Boy

On March 8th, Chinese actor William Feng (冯绍峰) announced that his wife, actress Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖), has given birth to a baby boy. While the couple have been receiving many congratulating messages from fans and friends alike, many netizens have also left comments criticizing The Story of Minglan <知否知否应是绿肥红瘦> stars for lying about the pregnancy.

William and Zanilia started dating soon after collaborating in the 2018 Lunar New Year film The Monkey King 3 <西游记女儿国>, which was shot in 2017. Pregnancy rumors started popping up in August 2018, coincidentally after Zanilia announced that she would be taking a short hiatus from acting.

When the rumor first broke out, Zanilia’s reps flat-out denied the pregnancy, but the rumor mill did not stop spinning. From August to September 2018, four more “insider” reports about Zanilia’s pregnancy started to spread, pushing Zanilia to react on social media. She vented out her frustration, expressing that she did not appreciate the gossip about her.

Soon after confirming her relationship and subsequent marriage to William in October 2018, a new rumor about Zanilia’s pregnancy came about, which claimed that her due date would be in March 2019. Zanilia wrote an angry post on Weibo to call out the media for “inventing stories” about her life. Many netizens and fans took that as Zanilia’s way of denying pregnancy.

It wasn’t until January 1, 2019, when William and Zanilia finally confirmed that they were expecting. William had, at the time, attempted to debunk the rumor that Zanilia would be due March 2019, saying that that would be too soon.

But now that their son is born, it matches with the original claim that Zanilia had been pregnant since August 2018. Many netizens have expressed their frustration at the couple for repeatedly lying about the pregnancy, but fans were quick to defend, explaining that it is common for couples to lie about pregnancies before the end of the first trimester.


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  1. Anyone who can do simple math, can tell that after announcing their wedding, they way past first trimester, and it’s no longer a valid reason to lie. Also there is white lie, and there is flat out lie. They flat out lie, but hey, again, her fans eat it up.

    This article is actually light, because on the other article, it’s said that FSF was asked a few days earlier if they were going to have baby by 03/03/19, and he then said “couldn’t be that soon!”, and within 1 week, they announced the birth, again…. flat out lie.

    I don’t like how this couple handle their big announcements, it felt used. First their wedding is close to their drama air date, then the pregnancy was announced on Chinese New Year, talk about pretentious, and the birth has to coincide with international woman day… great planning or something something. Either way, as it goes on, I dislike this couple even more, before I like FSF enough, now, nope!

    1. @littlefish
      Actually, They have not had their wedding yet. They registered their marriage only.

      And I agree with you about how they handled the rumors and annoucements. I don’t like it

      1. @snowy they only registered so that the baby is legitimate. But I think in many people’s mind, that’s as good as getting married (my bad I meant to say their marriage, not wedding)

  2. Way too much lies! She invented a story about her injury. To convince everyone, she wore a dress showing her back so everybody can see how big the injury is. Her vacation was actually just a honeymoon in disguise.

    But this is the type of actress her fans eat up anything she says, all of her lies are fine. Before FSF got together with this type of woman, he dated his ex openly. They broke up openly and amicably. Now he has to become a liar too.
    Lin Yun isn’t any worse, at least she handled her rumors better than this.

  3. Think it doesn’t matter to the fans cos everyone knows a lot of celebs and regular people live together before marriage and shortgun marriages are very common. They are both very popular and they are not obliged to tell people everything, esp since celebs break up all the time. Just be happy these 2 fell in love, got married and have a cute baby

  4. By keeping quiet as private celebrities should be way better as they don’t have responsibilities to tell public everything but don’t put out straight out lies ….There is no good enough excuses for lying in any book……Not to mention they lacked the capacity to lie properly because the art of lying is not to be found out….They think public can’t count from 1-9?? How the way they handle their public relation showed the lacked of proper education in many aspects….

  5. Even though it’s no one business when their baby is due, by being celebrities aka. public figures, they should expect to have their private lives pried by reporters. It’s better if they had just remained quiet to maintain privacy instead of lying back and forth to fans and straight-up plan to cover the obvious. Never liked these two, looks have always been meh to me and acting just decent. Congrats on a healthy baby though.

  6. I think it is their personal event snd people need to respect their privacy. It is a catch 20… reporters will keep on hounding for goss to publish. They have ‘lied’ about their personal stuff so why be upset? Being celebrities do bit mean they have to open up everything sbout thrir PERSONAL stuff.

    1. @stars1 there is avoiding answering a question, it’s one of the key move to master when doing interviews, they could have done the same. Making excuses for them lying is just hypocrites when you don’t give excuse to the one you don’t like. And this why I think her fans just eat it up, and that’s why even though she has been lying for at least half a year, it’s all well and peachy… and let overlook the fact that she used this marriage, this pregnancy to promote her drama. So far, the other two couples that just had/about to have kid, don’t seem to be this tactical!

      1. @littlefish

        Right! You are very right about not giving excuses to the ones you didn’t like, not saying directly you @stars1 but netizens as a whole. Look at ABB, at least she dated HXM openly and they married openly but netizens still say their baby is a fake, not even a real baby. Compare to that, the accuses at ABB was way overboard and over the line. And that was only because they hate ABB. But when it comes to somebody they like, then their idols can literally do anything it does not matter.

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