Zanilia Zhao’s Poor Health is Like an “Old Lady”

Known for her prolific output, Mainland actress Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) is finally taking a break to rest her tired body. Likening herself to an “old lady”, Zanilia is suffering multiple health complications due to old injuries and lack of rest.

Television dramas, The Journey of Flower <花千骨> and Princess Agents <楚乔传>, cemented Zanilia’s superstar status.  According to Federation of Film’s report, Zhao Liying earns 5 million RMB a day in a filming project, making her one of the highest paid actresses in China.

But fame comes with a price. While filming The Palace <宮鎖沉香>, Zanilia suffered a back injury but did not take care of it properly. Due to her grueling schedule over the past few years, Zanilia’s old injury came back, along with other pains and aches. “Not only the back of my head has a blood clot, my heart is weak. Several bones in my body are also injured, and there are complications in my liver.”

After getting multiple warnings from her doctor, Zanila is finally taking rest seriously. Although Zanilia is only 30 years old, her body is already showing the symptoms of an “old lady”. Hoping to take a long vacation to recharge, Zanilia promises to draw a healthy balance between work and rest.


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  1. I believe the losing tons of weight thing was way more dangerous than the Palace injury. So many actresses suffer all sort of diseases because of that, I strongly discourage it. In fact being overly too skinny is not even pretty, made them look like a swollen water bottle.

    But I do strongly lament that the falling from horse scene was not even goodly shot at too, totally could’ve been done by a doll. Not worth the effort at all!

    1. @davy I didn’t even think her liver problem was connected to her weight loss. It is indeed a very dangerous thing. Since a lot of the other thing, can be fixed by surgery, and she can afford top notch treatment, physiologist, dietician, surgeons, etc.

      Princess agent is a joke when it comes to those action scenes, like you said it did not look good, so it was not worth it. And along side of not looking good, they didn’t even bother editing well to hide the fact that they use body double.

      I think she should have picked doing the choreography of some of the martial art scenes by herself than pick jumping off the horse!

      1. @tiffany my bad, didn’t remember the horse scene in the palace. Only heard about the injuries she incurred while trying to do the stunts herself for princess agent

  2. About her health question,her studio has issued a statement that says she just worked for a long time, tired, some minor problems, normal rest, no heart disease, no cerebral thrombosis.
    In addition to her remuneration, 5 million RMB a day is impossible.PA taken a total of 158 days, so that her payment is only 800 million RMB,it’s incredible.In fact,she earned about 400 thousand RMB per episode in PA.

  3. Good to take a rest. Zanilla has been working non stop since Journey of Flower.

  4. Most people trade their health for money on a daily basis anyway. Sometimes, I feel it is scary how society feeds us the biased view that you have to be filthy rich to be considered “successful” when in reality, happiness and health are much more important.

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