Ni Ni Said Dating Feng Shaofeng Made Her Feel Insecure

Does William Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰) have difficulty in making relationships last? His marriage with Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) lasted for three years before ending in divorce. The 42-year-old actor’s previous relationship with Ni Ni (倪妮) only lasted three years as well. Although the duo had lived together, they called it quits in 2015, making many wonder what was the reason for their breakup.

Ni Ni and Shaofeng’s breakup caused a media frenzy and resulted in sensational headlines, with speculation of a third party having caused a rift and eventual breakup. Because Shaofeng comes from a wealthy background, it was also rumored that his mother was not fond of Ni Ni and felt that her strong personality may dominate her son. In order to squelch further rumors from tarnishing either parties’ image, the duo posted a statement to emphasize that the breakup was amicable.

Although it has been six years since the breakup, Ni Ni recently accepted an interview and  discussed about her previous relationship with Shaofeng. Sharing that she lacked a sense of security with him, Ni Ni expressed, “The main reason we broke up was because of personality differences. He is more shy and restrained, and often needed me to help him process his emotions. It made me feel insecure.”


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  1. Interesting comment she made…so the insecurity was not due to him flirting around. It was their character differences that concerns her.

    1. @hohliu yea, when you date someone who always self doubts, and negative, and you have to give him encouragements all the time, it’s exhausting and make you feel doubts about everything lol. Basically, mama boy wants a strong woman figures (nini, ZLY), but mama wants to control him lol. Sad for him, I still like him, but it’s hard for anyone to be with him. I love NiNi so it was unfortunate, but it’s their lives lol

    2. @hohliu
      Yes and they make it seem like he is a bad guy. Basically, he seems like someone is who kind of clingy and needs someone who can support,help and understand him. I hope he finds a suitable partner one day that can complement him. I remember Carina Lau talking about her and Tony’s relationship and marriage and how they complement each other even if they are opposites. Besides love, you need to tolerate, accept, respect,etc…the other person regardless of gender. It takes work from both sides and it feels like these women did not love him enough to tolerate his flaws and help him. It is no wonder their marriage/relationship could not last.

  2. I believed her words because he went on a reality show and talked about ZyL personality and said he had to make sure why she is marrying him and ask her clearly because she doesn’t express well
    (Something like that). I was like dude, she already agreed to you. When you asked her, shouldn’t you already know that she loves you enough to want to spend a lifetime with (that was just my reaction at that time).

    1. @sunnysun
      Well I don’t see a problem with him asking that she was pregnant so what if she was only marrying him for the baby? I don’t why people are looking at him in such a negative light just because he asked that. I think he is insecure and if she loves him then should make him feel secure. He should feel more secure about himself though.

  3. I think it is OK to be insecure, it can be because of past experiences that leads to the lack of self-confidence. It is not something that he/she can control, it is a natural thought process. You just need to find a spouse who will accept and tolerate that insecurity as it can create more stress for the spouse. It is very important for them to not rush into marriage so the other party can figure out who they are whether they can deal with it.

    I have some very insecure friends due to past troubles with weight issues, bad break ups and constant put-downs. Just cos the issues have passed doesn’t mean that the insecurities go away. They are good and capable people but just very doubtful. They have had counselling which helps but some of the problems do stay for life. They are very lucky to have found very zen and calm spouses to guide them through their insecure episodes. They have their fights like every other couple but they get along with life.

    1. @elizabeth
      I totally agree with you and very well said. I think everyone has at least some securities so I wonder why everyone is calling him out for it. The most important thing is to find a spouse/partner that understands you and will guide you. It is sad that many think he is a bad guy just because he is insecure. I am sure he will find someone suitable and that will accept his insecurities and do everything to make him feel more secure and confident. Yup before marriage you need to figure that out or else the marriage cannot be happy and lasting.

      I always hear Carina Lau talk about her relationship and marriage with Tony and I can see why they have been together for so long. Besides love, they are able to complement and tolerate each other. They also can resolve their differences and problems. Those are very important traits to have. They are opposites too so it took a lot of work for things to work out. But sadly many these days just quickly jump to divorce like it is an easy way out. Who does not fight and argue? However, the most important thing is can you resolve your differences? I often watch videos about Taiwanese actress Joyce Chao and her husband. They are so happy and blissful because they of course love each other a lot. But it is also due to many factors. One of them is they complement each other well. One is her husband loves to go fishing and she does not like it much but always accompanies him just to make him happy. She loves going on vacation and he does not like it much but also accompanies her so she is happy. Basically, they accommodate each other. A happy marriage takes a lot of work… However, sadly many do not want to put out the effort and just divorce since divorce seems so easy and accessible these days.

  4. she made the right choice. marrying a mama’s boy whether the mama likes you or not will not end up unless for a total gold digger.

    1. @m0m0
      It all depends on how you define mama’s boy. Tony Leung and his mom are very close as he grew up in a single parent family but he and Carina have a long marriage and relationship. Marriages and relationships take a lot of work, communication, tolerance,etc…besides just love. William’s ex’s don’t seem like the type to tolerate much. If they truly loved him, they would have tried to work it out but it seems like they choose break up or divorce as it seems to be the easy way out. Nini did not mention anything about his mom/parents so I doubt they were the problem. Maybe it is these women who are the problem,not him or his parents.

  5. Personally I think a relationship should have a reciprocal balance. FSF should not date actresses, period. In this industry, insecurity is rampant, especially with acting. Stars already have to fend off anti-fans, media scrutiny and their own individual self-doubt. They don’t want to add someone else’s insecurity onto their own plate. I think that’s pretty reasonable of NiNi. She’s a strong woman, but because of that, she needs someone even stronger or can at least provide her with complementary qualities. FSF can’t meet that expectation, which isn’t a fault for either person, but more just personal incompatibility.

  6. It looks like all his partners have a 3 year expiration date dating all the way back to Xu Yuwen. You can say he is capable of communication and commitment, but not capable of finding a compatible partner? Or you can use the cliche phrase of “he just hasn’t found the right one.” He is decent looking, successful, and comes from wealth so I think the key is to date a significantly younger actress or woman in general. He is a divorcee with a child now but that doesn’t affect men as much as women especially in Asia, so let’s just wait for the next 3-year tenure….

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