Feng Shaofeng’s Parents Want Him to Remarry

William Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰), who announced his divorce with actress Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) less than two weeks ago, was already being pressured by his parents to find a new partner and settle down again.

Parents Unhappy With Zhao Liying Putting Her Career First

The stars’ divorce invited rife talk over the wedge which drove the two apart. One speculation was that Feng Shaofeng’s mother had been unhappy with Zhao Liying for going back to work only months after childbirth, rather than staying home to care for the baby.

Feng Shaofeng’s parents were said to have come to terms about the divorce, and were eager for the 42-year-old actor to settle down once again. They have started requesting family friends to look out for suitable partners for Feng Shaofeng.

Netizens’ feathers were again ruffled from talk that the elders’ sole criterion for their future daughter-in-law was that she should not be from the entertainment industry, which made it sound like Feng Shaofeng had been the victimized party in their 3-year marriage.

Relationship “Started and Ended” Because of Work

The former couple first met on the set of  2016’s The Monkey King 3 <西遊記女兒國> when rumors swirled between them, and again two years later in The Story of Ming Lan <知否知否應是綠肥紅瘦> where their compatible looks as an onscreen married couple fanned dating talk once again. In October that same year, they announced their marriage and the following March, they welcomed their son’s birth.

Going back to work less than half a year after childbirth, Zhao Liying looked to have swiftly recovered her pre-partum physique. Asked at an event if her speedy return to work was “because it is tougher to be a mother than an actress” given that she had left her husband alone at home to raise their child, Zhao Liying seemed upset.

On-off talk of marriage tension soon emerged, which was confirmed this year with their official divorce announcement. The two shared that their relationship had fizzled due to too much time spent apart, while stressing that it was a peaceful breakup after much deliberation.

Source: Bandao

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jeez, there’s no proof at all. Who interviewed FSF mama? Speculations are not proof. I swear this always happen to people who can potentially make her look bad. FSF is clearly the victim but didn’t even publish anything bad about her, why does she always do this to others? It’s totally a staged and contracted marriage, after he gave her better resources she threw him away. He wasn’t known as a playboy until he was associated with her. Shortly after marrying, he got a bogus cheating scandal that looked so fake. It must be a conspiracy from the beginning. After failing to prove he cheated, they’re coming after his mom? He’s a grown up, he’s an actor and does not depend on his mother to eat. It shouldn’t matter how his mother act, if it matters that much then why pick him in the first place? She went to his place at night, not the other way around.

    She wanted to become international, thanks to him she is finally close with Li Bing Bing after pissing off Huang Bin. If being busy is a reason to divorce, everyone should divorce and never marry in the first place. It’s very dumb if she believes her divorce can become a good role model. It’s what fans say now because they still like her face, but she already reached the age to play mothers and her career is likely over in a few years. It’s better that she doesn’t disappoint her child now so she won’t regret in the future. Her child is already big, if they are still thinking about new spouses, now is the best time bc who’s that dumb to look for spouse when the child is even bigger and unwilling to accept a step-mother-step-father? If she isn’t willing to bond with her child and another woman comes in to do that, would she feel happier? Busy is not any excuse at all. If he cheated and they are irreconcilable, I think that might be more understandable. However, he haven’t cheat and that scandal last year was bogus as hell.

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