[Breakup Files] William Feng and Ni Ni Stop Malicious Gossip Over Break Up

By on May 21, 2015 in NEWS

[Breakup Files] William Feng and Ni Ni Stop Malicious Gossip Over Break Up

Mainland couple William Feng (馮紹峰) and Ni Ni‘s (倪妮) recent breakup resulted in sensational headlines. Speculation over the existence of a third party has been especially rife. Some netizens even implicated William’s former co-star Yang Mi  (楊冪), suggesting that his inability to get over past affections for her was the cause of the breakup. Rumors have persisted despite repeated clarification from both parties that their breakup was mutual and amicable.

William and Ni Ni finally had enough, as they recently both posted an identical and strongly-worded statement on their respective company’s Weibo page, asking all rumor-mongers to cease and desist from spreading further rumors regarding their personal lives.

In the posts, they emphasized that “the breakup was amicable and not due to any particular reason”. They further stated that “for the entire run of the three-year relationship, both parties had actively maintained a low profile”. They hoped their desire to avoid drawing attention to their private lives would continue to be respected. The statements concluded with a stern warning against spreading rumors calculated to injure their reputations – both William and Ni Ni stated that they reserved their rights to pursue legal action against any person who defames them.

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[Breakup Files] William Feng and Ni Ni Stop Malicious Gossip Over Break Up

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    1. nori says:

      Before, I was hoping for William and Myolie to date one another after watching them in The Drive of Life and Scheme of the Beauty. Now he’s single but Myolie has already found her new love [Sigh].

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      • alluka replied:

        @nori I think his taste is different to Myolie. Somehow I still think he has some feeling with Yang Mi.

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