Zhao Liying Divorced Feng Shaofeng Due to Mother-in-law Problems

Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) and William Feng Shaofeng’s (冯绍峰) shocking divorce sparked plenty of speculation over the true reason the ex-couple went splitsville. Most talk centered on tension between Zhao Liying and her mother-in-law, who requested the actress give up her career and that the couple have three children.

Disappointed in Mommy’s Boy?

Nicknamed “Queen of TV Ratings,” the career-minded actress had gotten married and became a mother at the peak of her popularity, proving how much she was willing to sacrifice for love. While the reason for divorce given by the former couple was that they spent more time apart than together, it was really because Zhao Liying felt that Feng Shaofeng’s mother interfered too much in their lives, according to tabloid gossip.

It is said that Zhao Liying’s mother-in-law had requested her to give up her career so the couple could have more children. This did not sit well with the actress, who felt that childbirth should be the couple’s decision and that her mother-in-law was crossing the line. This became a thorn which led to squabbles between both sides.

A filial son and mommy’s boy, Feng Shaofeng could not get his mother to change her thinking, causing Zhao Liying to be thoroughly disappointed in him, and this inherently planted the seeds of divorce.

Source: Sohu

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

Feng Shaofeng’s Parents Want Him to Remarry

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  1. I am so glad I dont have Mother-in-law issues…As it will make me very upset if my in-laws interfer too much in my marriage. I can understand where she stands. But who really know what is the truth.

  2. The problem is not the mother-in-law, the problem is the husband. Grown adults can make their own decisions regardless of culture. Do you see Mark Zhao telling GYY, “Hey give me X children in Y years?” NO. Do you see HXM telling Angelababy, “Hey quit show business?” NO. Do NOT marry a 30+ man who can’t make his own decisions.

    1. Easy to say that but in Asia, being a filial son is heavily imprinted in our culture. How do you pick side between a mother, who has been with you the entire of your life, and your wife, who has only been with you for past few years? It’s never an easy decision to get stuck in between. Sometimes it’s tough getting a compromise between your mother and your wife, and it’s never EVER anyone’s place to say anything about it, especially if you’re an outsider who knows NOTHING about his family.

      1. I agree and seeing Zhao Li Ying have a son herself, you wonder how she will treat her future daughter in law? Things are easier said than done. You can have several wives in your life but only one mother and father.

      2. Being filial doesn’t mean that you have to follow and let your parents make every or most decisions for your family especially when you’re like 42 years old. If the son lives by the words and decisions of his mother, that is a nightmare for any daughter in law, especially if the mother is controlling. I don’t think there will be a lot of girls this time willing to live like this especially when they are strong and independent women and their men don’t even step up.

      3. @HeTieShou If the news are true, hopefully she will not treat her son like how her mother in law treated her ex husband. It never ends well if a mother always make decisions for her son when he’s already old enough to make decisions for himself and his own family. No girl would put up with a life like that for her whole life, especially when she’s a strong and successful woman, unless she’s very obedient and not really successful.

      4. @Sabrina,
        I agree and it is great to be filial but there has to be a limit. I actually had a friend who was married to a man like that. She had 2 kids, but her mother in law was always controlling everything. It got bad to the point that they divorced. Basically, just like with any relationship, you need to compromise. The daughter in law cannot be too head strong but the mother in law cannot be too controlling too. I hope she does not repeat this cycle with her son in the future but you never know.

  3. Sad when a marriage ended because of an overbearing in law. Who knows the real reason behind their divorce, but if it’s because of the mom-in-law, she needs to re-evaluate … times changed. She needs to be flexible and adapt, can’t hold on to old values and expect the young to obey

    1. I agree. Sadly, a lot of Asian people still have that traditional thinking. My cousin had this problem with her ex husband and mother in law too. She even had to quit med-school because her mother in law wanted her to be a stay at home mother. Her husband let his mother made all the decisions. She ended up walking out with her son and daughter after being married for almost 5 years because she felt like she was like a puppet and just have to comply to whatever she was told. She didn’t want her son and daughter to be like that too.

  4. Eh the wife should never have to intervene with the MiL. Vice versa for husbands, they shouldn’t need to directly confront the MiL. This is the child of the in-laws’ duty. For example, if wife’s MiL is doing something uncomfortable, she should verbalize it to her husband and let her husband say something to the mother. And to be firm with their response. The mediator should always be the child of the in-law. It is not an in-law problem, but a couple’s problem.

    1. Feng Shaofeng mum is known to be a traditional rich and arrogant mum…She thinks only the best is good for her son. But Liying is a famous actress but she has a poor Country girl background. It will not surprise me she feels her son married beneath him. And Liying trapped him to the marriage…Such thinking are very typical in weathy Chinese familes.
      Thus after the divoice, she said she will find a suitable wife for her son’s second marriage soon.

      1. @Hohliu,
        Very good points you bought up and I think you are right to some extent. However,ZLY is pretty career oriented too sort of like how Yang Mi is so I don’t think you can blame her former mother in law for everything. Hawick’s parents are nice too so I don’t think it is right to blame it all on the in laws. Yang Mi and Zhao Li Ying are both too career oriented to look after the family. I think they should have discussed it and made a compromise. Like still have her work but just lesser than before. Basically, spend some time with family and all but also work too. In other words, strike a balance with family and work and not just one or the other. It takes 2 to tango.

      2. Typical Chinese mother-in-law. She thinks she’s rich but money can’t buy status and respect.

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