William Feng and Zanilia Zhao Finally Announce Pregnancy

William Feng (馮紹峰) rang in the new year by finally announcing that his wife, Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎), is pregnant. Although Zanilia was speculated to be already pregnant when they got married in October and she was subsequently photographed with a growing belly bump, the couple ignored all gossip and didn’t directly comment on the baby news for months.

Updating his Sina Weibo blog today, William wrote, “Did you know, did you know we’re a family of three?” Zanilia immediately replied, “Let’s wait, let’s wait. Welcome 2019!”

The couple’s new Mainland Chinese drama, The Story of Minglan <知否知否应是绿肥红瘦>, aired on December 25 to lukewarm reception. The timing of their baby announcement is likely to help promote their new drama, while finding a good opportunity to finally acknowledge the arrival of their baby in 2019.

In October, an alleged ultrasound of Zanilia’s baby was leaked online. It is understood that the 31-year-old actress is carrying a boy and is already seven months pregnant. Zanilia’s due date is March 2019.

Both William and Zanilia have been resting at home without any filming projects for the last several months. Since Zanilia was already pregnant when the couple got married, there wasn’t enough time to plan a wedding banquet. William allegedly told family relatives that due to Zanilia’s pregnancy, it wasn’t convenient to take wedding photos. After their baby is born, the couple will make up for the photos, and possibly host a joint wedding and baby banquet after 100 days of birth.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL he made the announcement!
    And her reply is still ambiguous as ever. I wonder if she fired him?

    1. @davy I don’t think it’s ambiguous? It likes repeating what he said, and repeating what he said is better than saying “is it? Is it?” (Playing on their stupid current drama title -.-)

      1. @littlefish

        Oh thanks for clarification.

        For some reasons, earlier I thought her saying “Let’s wait” might also mean “let’s wait till a confirmation before announcing”

    2. @davy
      He has to since ZLY too shameful to announced it herself because she had repeatedly denied it in public….LOL!!

      In many occasions it had proven over and over again that netizens and the papz were right. Make me wonder how many more lies she had told over the years. Once a liar always a liar….

      1. @niangniang yea, she just doesn’t know how to answer it smartly, and just blalantly lie about everything. But her fans all forgiven her so what are we to say lol.

  2. General comment. Why has it become a trend for Asian celebs to tie the knot after they’re pregnant? Why not tying the knot before getting pregnant? I’m not saying it’s wrong to have s*x before marriage, yada yada. It’s just if you’re serious about one another, then just get marry. Why wait? And then end up cornering yourself trying to make up a bunch of excuses to cover up being pregnant before marriage. Shouldn’t you be marrying for the love of your life and not for the baby, whuch this trend is giving the latte vibe.

    1. @jjwong well, ZLY has crazy fans or her company thinks so anyway, she couldn’t even admit to dating FSF. Also maybe it’s the stress of being together if it is without marriage or baby? If you have baby, it seems people don’t bad mouth you and your partner, unless you continually give them materials, aka YM and HL. And yea, I agree with you that the current trend gives marriage a bad name, but only recently.

      1. @littlefish A leopard never changes its spots though. Crazy fans will continue to badmouth and be bitter. Look at Wallace Hou and Ruby Lin. I can see it dues to the company’s wish though. They probably think you lose values if you’re dating maybe?

  3. I can understand the pregnancy denial especially when it’s within the first 3 months. After that, though, it’s a little overboard to keep it from the press. But it’s their life; they can do whatever they want.

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