Zanilia Zhao is Pregnant; Baby’s Ultrasound Leaked

Is Zanilia Zhao hiding a baby bump?

Since August, Mainland Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) has been rumored to have gotten married because of her pregnancy. On October 16, she finally announced she has wed Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰). Although the couple dodged all questions regarding pregnancy, a recent photo of Zanilia’s ultrasound was leaked to the public.

The photo was spread online with it being titled, “Zanilia Zhao’s Ultrasound Report” – leading fans to discuss among themselves whether or not the speculations were true. One fan even disclosed that Zanilia has been frequently visiting a health clinic and is roughly five-months pregnant. The anonymous source said, “She’s due in March 2019. The doctor she visited was my friend’s teacher.”

However, in reality some keen-eyed netizens did reportedly see Zanilia visiting a clinic for check-ups, although the actress’ representatives quickly denied the rumors, stating “There is no such thing.”

Neither acknowledging or actively denying the reports, Zanilia has been actively covering her belly area – whether with her hands or with a box–in recent social media photos. With the 31-year-old actress currently on hiatus from filming, the public took that as an indication of a possible baby on the way and already began leaving various congratulatory messages and blessings on Zanilia’s social media account.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Well congratulations to the couple!

    Sad to see actors unable to acknowledge them having kids…people should have their rights to openly welcome their children to the world.

    Isn’t her health very critical atm though?

    1. @davy I think maybe because it’s a little early, so they haven’t announced it. We also don’t even know if this is real or not. If it is, then I’m happy for the both of them 🙂
      It’s also quite sad to see that they can’t have any privacy.
      Would a “normal” persons ultrasound get leaked? Probably not.
      The two of them may have told their close friends, but they have no obligation to tell the rest of the world because it is their own business. So we should wait for them to tell us when they’re ready, not sneak snapshots of different parts of their private life to share with the world.

      1. @tungamy

        It’s totally crazy how people shared this story instead of them sharing it. But they know they are celebrities though, not normal people, if they don’t come out to share it others would do it whehter it is wrong or not.

        By this point already, everyone is expecting to see a baby. If there is no baby by next year, people will be suspecting abortion or miscarriage.

        Hopefully they don’t get to the ridiculous stage like ABB and HXM where people say their pregnancy and giving birth was all fake, even their own existence might be fake.

      2. @davy
        That’s quite true, I would be super tired if I were in their shoes. Always trying to make sure others don’t leak out news about me.

        I think the case with ABB and HXM is that they have lots of haters, so many ridiculous stories started popping up. It seems like people like Liying and Shaofeng enough that that won’t happen *cross fingers*

        And about her health, I remember hearing before that she has had a problem with her back due to injuries from filming. But I don’t know if there are more injuries in addition to that

  2. It would be a lot more simple if they have announced they are expecting after the 3mo mark and after they got marriage. So what if people say they have shotgun marriage? Because it’s true?

    Instead, she just lied about it, especially with the ridiculous split photo that just treat viewers as idiots! (Sure anyone believe that photo proved non pregnant is idiot beyond help but still).

    Will be a lot less stressful if they just go: we are expecting, please give us privacy, thank you all! Instead we have this debacle and possibly the AB and HXM case where they fake the pregnancy -.- just admitted it will save ppl a lot of time and this “invasion of privacy”! They brought it up themselves by trying to be hush hush in such a sloppy manner -.-

  3. I think she’s gonna have a girl.

    Congrats! Hope her baby will be as darling as their momma.

  4. I thought her health was in critical condition hence the break… Idek what’s happening at this point but if she really has a baby then congrats!

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