William Feng’s “Ice Fantasy” to Air July 24

The epic fantasy television drama, Ice Fantasy <幻城>, starring mainland Chinese artistes William Feng (馮紹峰) and Victoria Song (宋茜), is slated for broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV starting July 24.

Based on the novel City of Fantasy <幻城>, written by Guo Jingming (郭敬明), the drama Ice Fantasy tells of the ice kingdom prince Ka Suo (William Feng), his forbidden love with a civilian named Li Luo (Victoria Song), and his tribe’s ongoing rivalry with the fire kingdom. Guo Jingming also serves as the drama’s artistic director.

Recently, Ice Fantasy’s official Sina Weibo account released four behind-the-scenes clips introducing several of the drama’s characters. Each video features background music composed by Ice Fantasy’s music director, Taiwanese musician V.K (V.K克), and ends with a well-known quote uttered by the featured character.

The first video showcases mainland Chinese actor Ma Tianyu (馬天宇) as Ying Kongshi, Ka Suo’s younger half-brother who suddenly goes missing in the drama. Fans joked that the video was not a clip about Ice Fantasy but rather a promotional film about Ma Tianyu’s good looks. The video ends with Ying Kongshi stating, “Brother, I will definitely achieve the promise I gave you – to grant your freedom.”

Mainland Chinese actress Zhang Meng (張萌) takes center stage in the next video, which is about the fierce warrior princess Yan Da, who belongs to the fire kingdom. Yan Da’s quote shows off her competitive streak and desire to win: “In the fire kingdom, there is no good or bad, only winners who take it all.”

The third and final videos feature Uyghur actress Madina Memet (麥迪娜) as mermaid princess Lan Shang, who falls in love with Ka Suo, and South Korean actress Kim Hee Sun as Lian Ji, the mother of Ying Kongshi. In their respective videos, Lan Shang happily proclaims, “Not only will I win tomorrow, I will win with beauty!” while Lian Ji says, “To become a king, there must be blood.”

Ice Fantasy is helmed by veteran Hong Kong director Kok Leung Kuk (鞠覺亮), while screenwriting duties are in the hands of Shen Zhining (沈芷凝), who also wrote the screenplays for Yunge from the Desert <大漢情緣之雲中歌>, Beauty without Tears <美人無淚>, and Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>.

“Ice Fantasy” Trailer

[vsw id=”h86VphklkSE” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not sure how i feel about a drama written by a copy-catter and a plagiarist. On one hand I want to support the actors/actresses, on the other hand, supporting the drama kinda means i’m supporting the cheater.

    Then again, with such a big renowned cast, the drama will either fail horribly (because China is so great with organizing tight script with lots of ppl) or it will be acceptable. I am conflicted.

  2. Sorry. Not interested in this at the moment. The Legend of Chusen is coming out as well as the long awaited “Chang Ge Xing”.

    The cast is quite nice but I dislike the western costumes and I keep thinking about LOTR and Avatar:The Last Airbender when I watch the trailer. Besides, I disliked all three of the series written by the screenwriter as listed in the article. I will wait and see what other people say about :Ice Fantasy” and decide later whether to watch it or not.

  3. willian feng’s chin looks a bit odd in the photo. i always tend to think that people w/ this type of chin has done something but william has always been good looking since a young child

  4. just watched the preview, can’t speak for the story but the make-up, costumes, and effects looks like exact copy of the lord of rings. they are copying the elves look make the ice people a superior race?!

    i really don’t like the fact that the make-up styles are copied from another film, so lacking originality.

  5. Looks cheesy. At least come up with a title that maybe ties with the plot to draw away from the excessive emphasis on the theme around ice. Like it’s not already obvious enough or something…

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