Zanilia Zhao, William Feng to Hold Wedding on February 14?

Registering their marriage in 2018, Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) and William Feng (馮紹峰) have been busy caring for their infant son since his birth last March. The couple is rumored to finally be hosting their much-awaited wedding banquet on Valentine’s Day.

Although the news of their marriage had crashed Weibo in 2018, Zanilia and William have kept their married life largely private and never revealed a date for their wedding banquet. But news recently circulated that Zanilia and William’s wedding celebration will take place in Bali, Indonesia on February 14.

Speculations on who will be part of the bridal party have also been spreading like wildfire, with Nana Ou Yang (歐陽娜娜) rumored to be Zanilia’s Maid of Honor and Kristy Zhang (張含韻) as bridesmaid. Netizens believe that the groomsmen will consist of Du Chun (杜淳), Li Chen (李晨), and Shawn Dou (竇驍).

Zanilia and William have yet to make an official statement regarding this matter. Despite the media contacting Zanilia’s representatives, they refused to comment and exclaimed that the news is false.

Source: Ettoday

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    1. @myden26 Giving up on these 2 already. So many false alerts. First, fans said it will be on ZLY’s birthday, then the New Years, and now Valentine.
      Even the child’s birth date was a holiday too Hahaha.

      1. @yoyo even if this is fault, we all know that their wedding will have to be on some grand day lol, because they are really that attention seeking

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