Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang to Have Sad Ending in “Cry Me a Sad River”

Ma Tianyu (马天宇) and Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) next team-up will be a tear-jerker.

The duo, who have worked together in 2014’s Swords of Legends <古剑奇谭> and 2016’s Beauty Private Kitchen <美人私房菜>, will be starring in the upcoming Chinese television drama Cry Me a Sad River <悲伤逆流成河>, which is adapted from the book of the same name. Cry Me a Sad River will premiere in June.

Cry Me a Sad River has been an hot online discussion topic ever since the project was announced due to the original novel’s sad ending. On the show, Tianyu and Zheng Shuang play a couple with a tragic ending—both characters end up committing suicide, and netizens believe that the drama will have a similar sad ending.

Check out the trailer below!


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  1. Times like this is when there should be changes from the novel. I mean the novel isn’t bad but it’ll be worse to see it acted out, so please please be a happy ending for both of them.

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