Zheng Shuang Accused of Abusing Her Children

Actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) has been blacklisted from the Chinese entertainment industry since January 2021 following her tax fraud scandal and surrogacy scandal with ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恒). While Zheng Shuang has moved to the United States and mostly stayed under the radar, Zhang Heng took to his social media and lambasted Zheng Shuang for abusing their children.

Zhang Heng revealed that Zheng Shuang had a few hours a week for visitation and everything originally went smoothly. However, when the judge granted Zheng Shuang overnight custody of their children six months ago, Zhang Heng started to notice injuries to their children.

According to Zhang Heng, the children are frequently injured and often have bruise marks on their limbs. Every time Zhang Heng leaves the children with Zheng Shuang, the children would ask, “Why should I go there? Can I not go? I am afraid of mother. Mother is bad. I want to go home.”

Zhang Heng claimed that he sought the assistance of the local welfare bureau but he was told that this wasn’t their responsibility.

To support his claims, Zhang Heng posted a number of his children’s photos and chat logs with Zheng Shuang. In one photo, his daughter is shown to have a 6cm long cut on her index finger that required five stitched. In another photo, his son is seen with a round wound under his nose. Through their chat logs, Zheng Shuang explained that their daughter accidentally got cut with glass while their son got hurt after a fall.

Many netizens took to online forums to express their sympathy for the children. They wrote, “I don’t know if this is child abuse, but the children are pitiful. Regardless it’s either the mother or the father’s fault and the children are being used as tools. This is so pitiful.”

Meanwhile some netizens discover that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng are returning to the court on January 9 over the children’s custody. Some netizens believe that Zhang Heng is using the public opinions for his court fight.

Source: HK01 

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hopefully the children will not be harmed any further in any way. At this point, uncertain if the children were hurt intentionally, accident or due to negligence.
    According to ZH, she told him that the child might have pick up broken glass from the ground. The first medical appointment stated unknown reason, there was a second medical appointment stating the possibility of being caused by car door. The child told her paternal grandmother it was caused by scissors.
    As for the boy’s nose injury, she told him that he fell on ground while the boy said mother “spoilt his nose”.
    Then there were incidents of both children crying and against going to their mother’s place including one video where ZS went to ZH’s residence to pick up the kids and another (uncertain if there was a video) where ZH and the kids were passing by ZS’s residence and the kids started crying as they thought they were going there.
    Why is ZH making this latest alleged abuse case known to the public? Will it help his court case?
    Both parents aren’t angels. I could be wrong but ZH seems to care more for the children from the start then ZS who didn’t even want them after their relationship went sour. Regardless, the children’s physical and mental health should be the priority.

    1. Agreed… I too have agree both parents are not angels. And I too agree from the beginning, Zhang Heng has shown more responsibilities, care and love for his kids. I dont like his using online media as his court room but maybe he does feel it is the only method to address his concerns. I bet if he could, he would wire up the kids with recording device…
      As for Zheng Shuang, she has failed as a mum from the beginning, clearly still a child herself, she was never ready to be a mum. Both of them planning for two kids so close in age was just mind blowing from the start.
      I sincerely hope the children are well taken care of… their life is already so tough since birth. The finger injury looks so painful!! Poor kid. But kids getting injured does happen, if he really feels she is not suited to care for their kids, he has to collect real evidences then present to court.
      I am glad Zhuang Shuang is no longer a idol, she sets such a bad role model for all her fans.

      1. @Hohliu
        Very well said. It would be so relieving if the truth comes out, and soon. If these children are in harm’s way, they need to be removed asap from Zheng Shuang’s custody. I trust this latest development is being looked into by child care authorities.

      2. @BearBear Those fans are just loonies… The part of her being poor!! If that is believable, even Prince Harry is believable.
        She is just not bother to buy a smaller size as she got the wrong size… Anyway, even thru both parents are losers… At least dad and his family cares for the 2 children… As for Zheng Shuang… she is someone who only cares about herself…

    2. @BearBear
      Both parents have made their share of mistakes, but he is the lesser of two evils, as the saying goes. I hope the children were not injured intentionally, or out of neglect. It will not surprise me if they were, as Zheng Shang won’t be winning any mother of the year, or month at any time soon, if ever.

      1. @Renren @Hohliu The court case is still ongoing, hopefully it will bring a proper closure in ensuring the well being of the children. Unable to believe that at this point, there are still diehard fans of ZS. They went on defending her use of adhesive tap on the child’s diaper, tapping over a substantial area the child’s skin, saying that ZS was too poor financially. While we do not know if the truth behind those injuries and the children’s resistance to go to their mother’s place but how did the diaper incident take place to support the use of tapping. Was a smaller diaper used instead?

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