Zheng Shuang Loses Custody Battle for Surrogate Children

Zheng Shuang‘s (鄭爽) surrogacy scandal rocked the Chinese entertainment industry, and the actress was immediately blacklisted. In April, Zheng Shuang and her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恒) appeared in the United States court to provide their testimonies and settle the custody rights of the two surrogate children. The court ruled in favor of Zhang Heng and granted him “parenting solo decision-making authority.”

The ex-couple hired surrogacy services in the United States, and their son was born in Colorado in December 2019 and their daughter born in Nevada in January 2020. Zhang Heng has been taking care of the children in the United States shortly after their birth.

“The court has also given Ms. Zheng Shuang a small amount of time to raise and be with the children. I am very pleased and willing to believe that Ms. Zheng Shuang will fulfill her responsibilities and be a good mother in the future, and allow her children to grow up without regrets,” Zhang Heng shared on social media.

Feeling emotional after such a toiling year of scrutiny and negativity, Zhang Heng vows to be responsible father. “To be honest, I feel apologetic towards you both, my children. I am not a good father and cannot give you a complete family. I have not given you the chance to feel a single day of a mother’s love. These past few days, I have ruminated over what the role of a father really entails. The only answer I could come up with was responsibility. This should also be a foundation of a true man. I have made many mistakes, but I can only face it head on by apologizing and repenting.”

After breaking up, the ex-couple had a financial dispute and Zheng Shuang sued Zhang Heng for 20 million yuan. The legal disputes with Zheng Shuang drained Zhang Heng and his family’s resources. He apologized to his parents, “Actually, my biggest pain is that you and mom lost everything for me. For me and my children, you had to continue working and even sold your home. For me, you both have not had a good night’s rest and have lost your appetite to eat. I pretend that I do not see that you both are falling apart or that you are getting older. I acted as though your love for me and you working hard for me your entire lives was expected. I have failed to say that one thing I should have: “I’m sorry! I am not a filial son. Today, I dare not ask that you forgive me. I just want to say to you both that I owe you everything and can never repay you!”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She does not deserved nor is suited to win custody to the kids. I am glad she lose. I doubt she will be active in the kids life as they grow up.
    Zhang may not be the best father but he did not abandon them and have moved to US to care for them.

    Zheng Shuang is a disappointment to Mothers and mankind…Her parents are just as bad.

    1. @hohliu
      I agree and Zheng Shuang is so bad as mother and person too. Her parents are terrible just like her.

      Even though, Zhang Heng is not perfect but at least he is trying. I hope he will try to raise the kids to the best of his abilities. I hope Zheng Shuang stays away from the kids as she does not deserve to be in their lives.

  2. Wow! Even thou he might not be the best dude in a relationship at least he tries to be a parent. His parents seems to good grandparents to be around based on what he was saying. Even thou it might be for the cameras but at least this dude tries. I mean since when did the woman really regrets what she did and apologize to her behavior. Sigh…. This is really where the phrase looks can be deceiving. I was never a fan of hers but I thought she has always been a sweet looking cute face dismissing those crazy variety outburst episodes of course. Who knew! Sigh….

    1. @wm2017
      Yes at least Zhang Heng is trying. I am glad that courts granted him parental rights. Zheng Shuang only tried to fight for parental rights so people will not think so badly of her. I hope she stays as far away from the kids as possible and Zhang Heng and his parents can raise them the best they can. I am glad that they did not favor the mother this time.

      1. @hetieshou Exactly! At least his parents seem better than the girl’s parents. Imagine if the mom is not any better and grandparents are even worse. Not a good place to grow up well.

      2. @wm2017
        Yup and having a bad mom is bad enough but bad grandparents too? That would be a nightmare for the kids. They would get abused and neglected.

      3. @hetieshou
        As a parent it’s either you have the heart or not. Zheng Shuang does not have it. It’s not something that can be changed or developed overnight. That was a beautiful decision by the court which will further prove that no one trusts her intentions with those kids. Neither China nor the US court believe her to be a capable mother.

      4. @jimmyszeto
        I agree and having maternal instincts is either something you have or not have. It is not something that just comes. I am glad that the courts saw what a terrible mother she is so did not give her custody.

    1. @exodus
      Yup and the US courts usually favor the mother. I am glad that they did not this time. Hope the kids can still have a happy life.

      1. @hohliu
        Yes, I feel bad for them already… they will be so hurt and heartbroken that their “mom” wanted to abort and abandon them like a product she ordered but no longer wanted. But I hope they just love their lives with their father and completely erase her from their lives.

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