Zheng Shuang Accuses Ex-Boyfriend of Cheating

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang’s (鄭爽) image tanked overnight when her surrogacy scandal erupted on Monday. Her disregard for the welfare of her two surrogate children was obvious in two leaked audio recordings, and many criticized the 29-year-old for her irresponsibility and lack of morals. Responding to the backlash in her latest Weibo post, Zheng Shuang justified her actions by accusing her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恆) of cheating on her.

Last year, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had two children, a boy and a girl born one month apart, via two separate surrogate mothers in the United States. When the couple broke up, it was already too late to abort the babies due to the advanced pregnancies, as Zheng Shuang was heard complaining in the first leaked audio recording.

“Giving Away the Children is a Good Thing”

Shortly after the scandal erupted, a second audio clip of a conversation between Zheng Shuang, her parents, and Zhang Heng’s parents was released online. In the conversation, Zheng Shuang and her parents sounded visibly upset and were talking about giving the children up for possible adoption. The actress and her parents revealed the shocking perspective that “giving away the children is a good thing” since she and Zhang Heng are already separated, and “it would also satisfy families who are unable to have children.”

With surrogacy already an illegal procedure in China, netizens grew increasingly upset over Zheng Shuang’s irresponsible actions over the children’s welfare. The actress was seen as having complete disregard for human life, and only cared about her own interest and convenience.

“After He Cheated, What Would Happen to Me?”

Despite the actress uploading several Weibo posts trying to explain the situation, netizens criticized Zheng Shuang’s posts as insincere and confusing. In one of her responses, Zheng Shuang indirectly admitted to the surrogacy allegations by stating how disappointed she was that “a sad and private matter” got leaked to the public.

Zheng Shuang exclaimed that the full clip of the recording should be six hours long, while the portion that is being circulated is only a snippet. She alleged that the recording was edited out intentionally for dubious reasons.

“I am not running away from what I said,” the actress wrote in her social media post. “The first thing I tried to do was to end it all. I never considered after he cheated, what would happen to me? That day was September 27, 2019 on the airplane. After getting off the plane, I went and completed my work as usual. At night, I didn’t say anything about the tears and confession. I didn’t want to multiply anything unpleasant–I just wanted to calmly solve [the problem], including the future and the financial loan between us.”

Zheng Shuang’s Father: “Won’t Give Them a Penny”

Coming to his daughter’s defense, Zheng Shuang’s father posted an angry message on Weibo calling Zhang Heng a coward and a “soft rice king.” Her father also pointed at Zhang Heng cheating multiple times, his greediness, and lies such as “pretending to negotiate the situation on the phone but secretly recording the six-hour phone conversation,” only to mislead and trap them into saying incriminating statements.

“His entire family is terrible! He is willing to do anything for money–he is nasty and disgusting! This love relationship hurt Zheng Shuang deeply, and made her lose a lot of money. We paid for all the expenses in opening the company. He still has not paid us back for the loan of 20 million yuan, yet he has the gall to say it’s his salary! He has no shame! He is the number one soft rice eater! They just keep forcing us to trick more of our money,” Zheng Shuang’s father exploded.

Regarding the two surrogate children, he commented, “We are a responsible family. We have never given up on [them] and want to be responsible for the children…. Let the real truth be revealed. Also, we won’t let the evildoers get a penny. You really think they are that kind? A few days ago, they asked for a a private settlement, or they would [destroy] us.”

Zheng Shuang’s Second Leaked Audio Recording 


Sources: HK01, Sohu.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Zheng Shuang Leaves Behind 2 Surrogate Children in the United States

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  1. What a complete sh’tshow. Absolutely irresponsible and for what? Why have children if they can’t even plan their future as a couple. This is worst than an accidental pregnancy… to put in all that effort for surrogacy. She’s treating the children worst than pets that are left hanging over a break up. Hope the two babies get some real loving parents.

  2. If what her father said is true, then the guy is really an a-hole. That is why I always think is better for ppl esp girls not to be in a relationship than a bad relationship. Like for her case, her career was ruined overnight and I am sure she suffered lots of mental health coz of him.

  3. Maybe I’m sensitive to her dad’s comments, but he seems to be putting the kids’ welfare last. He only mentions the bare minimum about them and that they’ll take responsibility (since now they’re exposed.) I really hope there’s proof that they had intended on wanting the kids back from the very beginning and that this is all a big scam by her ex

    1. @coralie Yeah, he was. He seemed more bothered by them losing money than the well-being of the two kids. No wonder their daughter is messed up, the parents are too

    2. @coralie while I’m not condoning Zheng Shuang’s dad’s behaviours nor her fan of any sort, I can kinda understand him. It’s the Asian culture, if you don’t carry the baby for 9 mo, and give birth to it, it’s not yours. Trust me, i had this discussion with my mom multiple times. If it’s not your blood, it’s just stranger to them. And yes, this is the old way traditional and possibly racist thinking, but it is what it is. When you are born in raise in that culture for too long, you just can’t get out of that thinking. Compound that with the intention of doing it was rotten at the start, the whole thing will be sour, leading more hatred to the kids even though they are innocent, especially now when all ZH is doing is trying to damage their family when he couldn’t get the money or hoping to get more. Again, family was involved in something like that, too. So I know how messy sh1t can get

      Also Zhang Heng’s characters seem questionable. He possibly thinks having kids with her will give him more powers and also make it not so clear cut to just break up with him. She’s stupid to fall into his trap. But the way the media pounce on her like that is just sad. Don’t get me wrong, many times I wonder when her time would come when things would crumble for her, but I think the same treatments need to be for Zhang Heng, he’s just a sbag

      1. @littlefish lol has your mom watched “I’m sorry, I love you?” or all those asian dramas where the parent goes to their abandoned kids asking for an organ donation? maybe that can change her mind….

      2. @littlefish woops i misread what you wrote. i can see why your mom might have that interpretation. just like women or men who donate their sperm/eggs, and have kids but don’t want anything to do with them because they didn’t give birth to them. but all they need is a dna test to circle it back to the true parent. you can’t argue with science.

      3. @coralie sadly my mom’s mind isn’t there anymore, so arguing or reasons with her will bring nothing. She won’t remember what you said 15mins ago unless it’s something deeply rooted in her mind >_>

      4. @littlefish that’s tough…sorry to hear about your mom’s mental state. your family must be having a hard time dealing with a close one’s cognitive decline.

      5. @littlefish Absolutely true. That’s what my grandma thinks and possibly my mom too. ahhaa LOL…They are stuck in the old days you didn’t carry the baby its not yours. Sigh…Oh boy! But this girl clearly isn’t maternal or ready and still very shallow as she’s very particular about her looks and likes PS and such why would she even bother hiring a surrogate at 30? I would think people usually go that route after 40 or something.

      6. @littlefish

        According to this article, it is Zheng Shuang who want to have the kids in the first place.


        “especially now when all ZH is doing is trying to damage their family when he couldn’t get the money or hoping to get more.”

        Well, this is according to ZS’s dad. But, is it the truth? This article made it sound like ZH is good for nothing scum who leech on ZS for money. But, before they were together, ZH has a stable job as a producer. After got together, they start a business together. ZH became ZS’s manager. After their relationship went south, money dispute came out.

      7. @kidd and I saw another article allegedly said he “stole her egg” (sound totally unbelievable) \_>_>_/ also producer isn’t that great unless you are very talented, clearly he’s not because none of us knows who he is but the guy who dated ZS lol. And sure, the procedure to take the egg out is not a short small thing, but women are stupid and naive in love. So again, who knows \_>_>_/ I’m just saying the whole thing is sour and with the oldies, it’s just bad blood after that.

      8. @kidd It was probably true that she’s more involved with it. On some clips on YT they did say she probably brought it up w/previous exes about surrogates and most they probably called it nonsense. This was the only dude who was crazy enough to have went along with it.

      9. @littlefish
        You bought up a good point that made think, maybe her parents do not understand what having children surrogates are? They may think that those children are not truly hers as she did not carry them in her own body so have no relation to her? My late parents were overly traditional and would think the same way too. Many older folks do not understand this.

        Zhang Heng’s behavior is questionable too but at least he is taking responsibility for the kids while she is trying to abandon them as fast as she can. Karma will bite her and her disgusting parents back one day. They will be old and lonely with no heirs or children.

  4. I don’t care if her boyfriend cheated on her. That doesn’t excuse abandoning your kids and live life like you don’t have responsibilities. It is hard to believe her dad after what he said on tape and not caring about the kids. Especially when Zheng husband has been living in the US taking care of their kids while Zheng has been in China acting like they don’t exist. She deserves everything she is getting.

    1. @laurie27 Agree. Maybe what her story, what her father said and even all those past rumours are all true that the guy is an arse on his own, a cheater, trying extortion even borrow money from loansharks using her name etc etc. That doesn’t hide the fact that she and her family try to get rid of the babies and do not want anything to do with them and take up the responsibility of a proper parent.
      Even a pet owner is condemned for pet abandonment for whatever reason.

    2. @laurie27

      True. No matter what the truth is behind their dispute (about money, cheating etc), the fact of the matter is that it is the guy who took care of the kids. He was the one who was with the kids every step of the way since their birth. Don’t tell me that the guy only keep the kids to continue getting money from Zheng Shuang. US court favors the mother. If she want the kids, she can fight for them. She doesn’t even need to pay a cent if she got custody of the kids. The guy might have to pay alimony to her instead. She clearly didn’t want them after her relationship with her ex went south. She wanted a clean break.

      1. @kidd
        Agree!. One thing we know for sure is that the supposed ‘mother’ here has zero feelings for the kids. Everything else can be up for dispute but regarding her care for the kids, we can be sure.

      2. @jimmyszeto

        Got new updates. These 2 sites said the couple is going through custody battle for the children. But, the mother refused to sign the documents to let the kids return to China is also true. So, does she want the kids or not?
        Or, she wants the kids, but, plan to just hire someone to take care of them in the US, while she continue her life and career in China?
        Or, she just doesn’t want the father to get the kids, so that he won’t have a hold on her?



        The second link is to a discussion forum. Someone screenshot a post supposedly put up by the father in a US Chinese forum asking about VISA extension issue.

        In the post, he said he is undergoing custodian battle with the mother for his kids (conceived through surrogacy). The mother refused to sign documents, so, his kids cannot get passport/certificate, so, cannot leave US. So, he has to stay to take care of the kids. He has extended his visa one time. He said he’s applying for extension again, but, even if approved, he can only stay until 19/1/2021, but, the hearing is set to March 2021. He also asked whether he should take the risk of leaving first and try to apply to get back to US again.
        He said if he get sole custody of the kids, he can get them the passport/certificate needed.

      3. @kidd
        No way she lets the kids into China. She has realised the outrage this has caused in China by directly breaking surrogacy laws through a loophole. The damage to her career has been done but likely she will hope to earn a a reprieve by abandoning the kids…

      4. @jimmyszeto

        Poor kids. I really really feel pity for them. They are innocent, but, have to bear the consequences of their parents’ idiotic decision (i.e. going for surrogacy when China law is strictly against it).

      5. @jimmyszeto A reprieve by abandoning her kids? Idk about that. It sounds like she might be getting a reprieve by letting them go back to China – at least it’ll calm down the media. and she won’t harbor the reputation of a heartless mother by stranding her kids in another country (even if evidence suggests so.)

        If the custody battle is true, then how was ZS supposed to fight for her kids when she’s not in the US? But she won’t give authorization to bring the kids back to China? I agree with @kidd – Did she intend to keep the babies? So many unanswered questions and concerns. If ZS had wanted to keep the children and her conversation with ZH was taken out of context, then it’s more forgiveable. If we go by the suggestion that ZH is extorting money, then maybe ZS and her parents said what they said to keep ZH from having any ideas of using the kids for money. I think ZS really needs to step out and address all the controversies if she wants the media to stop hounding her and live a regular life again.

  5. So what?? Her boyfriend cheated on her therefore it makes it ok for her to want to abort or abandon the kids??? Seriously, grow up. The thing that irks me even more about this situation is the fact that both parties’ parents are involved. Like really? These are two grown adults… what she is 29? And I don’t know how old the guy is but I’m guessing around the same. These are two full grown adults acting like children needing their parents to step in to figure out how to solve their problems for them. This is probably what contributed to the problem in the first place. These kids, or particularly, the girl, can’t make her own decisions and own up to her choices and responsibilities, and want mommy and daddy to step in and help. Everything is so wrong about this girl. Maybe even the guy too but at least he seems to want to take care of the kids since he is in the US with them. Don’t know how true the money problems are between them and what the girl’s father said about the guy being shady and all, but still, it has nothing to do with these innocent babies. Settle that separately. Stop pointing fingers and make your kids take care of their kids and own up to their responsibilities already! Geez. What a ****show, for real.

  6. that’s so sick. makes me sick to my stomach that she would give away her kids b/c she broke up. i don’t care how others see it as culturally acceptable b/c this is morally unacceptable.

  7. “We are a responsible family. We have never given up on [them] and want to be responsible for the children…

    Eh, if your family really want to be responsible for the children, why is it that it is Zhang Heng and his family who are in US taking care of the kids and not your family?

  8. I cannot find the article anymore. But there is screencap of one of Zhang Heng’s weibo post in the article. In the weibo post, he lamented about all the fake allegations about him and clarified that he stayed in US not because he was running away from money lenders, but, because he was to take care of someone important. He didn’t mention anything about kids. So, I think it should be an earlier post, before then one that reveal his kids.

    Maybe, one can see it as him laying grounds for his evil plan of ruining ZS if he can’t get money from her anymore. But, I believe his love for his kids is genuine, and him or his side exposing this secret is to force ZS’s hand in the matter. His side did say that without ZS’s signature, he can’t bring his kids back to China, and his Visa is expiring soon, and his kids would be put up for adoption.

  9. This scandal is such a hot mess… I doubt even more that ZS will sign those documents. ZH might gave ruined her career overnight but all of this was her own doing

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