More On Zhang Han’s Previous Relationships

At the center of a controversy surrounding his breast-groping behaviors towards co-star Wang Xiaochen (王曉晨) in drama Gentlemen of East 8th <東八區的先生> which he also wrote and produced, actor Zhang Han (張翰) continues to keep mom. However, the media is not letting up even as the series gets pulled from streaming sites, as more details of his romantic history emerge.

Casts Onscreen Ex-Girlfriend Who Resembles Zheng Shuang?
According to reports, Zhang Han’s previous girlfriends include disgraced star Zheng Shuang (鄭爽), Xinjiang beauty Gulnazar (古力娜扎) and actress Zhang Tian’ai (張天愛). Amongst the three, Zheng Shuang is said to be his most beloved and he has channeled his feelings for her onto actress Yang Yutong (楊雨潼), his ex-girlfriend in the drama, who is said to resemble Zheng Shuang from certain angles. Angered, netizens are lambasting his actions as “fake devotion and real unscrupulous”.

Amid the actor’s lack of clarification, Chinese journalist who goes by the moniker “Tea-spilling Ah Fei” revealed that Zhang Han had intended to make a public apology to Wang Xiaochen but decided to lie low as he was afraid any move on his part would only worsen matters, given that he was already trending on Weibo searches almost everyday.

Ditches Girlfriend After He Finds Fame

The journalist added that since he gained fame with 2008’s Meteor Shower <一起來看流星雨>, Zhang Han ditched his university girlfriend of four years plus, and went public with actress Zheng Shuang in 2013. She was said to have looked at his phone once and discovered scandalous chats between him and a female star. A fight broke out between them and Zheng Shuang even took the star’s photo to the plastic surgeon, though Zheng Shuang’s fans deny this, saying their idol went for surgery to widen her casting options. Eventually, she initiated a breakup with him due to philosophical differences.

Gulnazar and Zhang Tian’ai Fall for Flirtatious Men
He started romancing actress Gulnazar started after the two paired up in 2015’s The Classic of Mountains and Seas <山海經之赤影傳說>. Going public with a photo of them kissing on his Weibo profile, the couple behaved sweetly in public during events and activities, but broke up shortly in 2017. Zhang Han was reportedly keen to marry while Gulnazar wanted to focus on her career, leading to their eventual breakup. The photo with which they went public remains on his profile.

With the media spilling that the 37-year-old had once dated Zhang Tian’ai, and the latter exposing ex-boyfriend Xu Kaicheng for his cheating ways, with Gulnazar also implicated, the media could not help but comment on the two actresses’ poor dating judgement. Netizens gave their two cents’ worth and commented on the messy state of entertainment romances, adding that Gulnazar and Zhang Tian’ai were “destined to be rivals in love”.

Source: Upmedia

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