“Gentlemen of East 8th” Removed From Streaming Platforms

Since airing in late August, Chinese drama Gentlemen of East 8th <東八區的先生們> has been steeped in sexual harassment controversy. After Hans Zhang Han (張翰) received criticism for grabbing actress Xiaochen Wang’s (王晓晨) bra strap and touching her chest, the drama has finally been removed from streaming platforms.

As Zhang Han is also the producer and scriptwriter for the drama, his behavior stirred extensive outcries of disrespect towards women. The drama offended viewers with its sexist and crude dialogue. For example, Zhang Han’s character said in one scene, “Skinny [women] are better looking, although fat ones are more useful.” His comment, “Women are the scariest type of animal after getting hurt. They can bleed for thousands of years without dying,” was regarded as a disrespectful comment towards menstruation.

Viewers slammed the drama with only a 2.4 rating on Douban, and expressed disbelief at how these scenes passed China’s strict censorship. Thousands of netizens protested on social media and demanded Gentlemen of East 8th to be pulled from broadcast.

Although the drama’s final episode was aired on September 19, it was removed from all streaming platforms on September 26. The cast has been instructed to remain silent on the issue and not respond to any public inquiries.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I read about this removal news from South China Morning Post… I was shock but I also learnt the unedited line from Zhang Han was : “My mother has told me that thin women are good-looking and fat women are good in bed.”
    But it was edited to “Skinny [women] are better looking, although fat ones are more useful.”
    Better late then never…

    All the juicy Entertainment gossip we have been fed with is really interesting as Every Chinese knows the reasons to why some long kept celebrity secrets are being exposed…

    1. @Hohliu these restrictions are targeting everything. Wow, soon there will be no entertainment from China. Those were not the best choice of words by Zhang Han, I must admit. If this ever gets to Hong Kong and Taiwan, 99 percent of the actors and some managers and make up artists, hair stylists especially in Taiwan, haha, would be out of work, and public favor.
      Male *god* in HK involved in child labor factories, is a kingpin of cheap child labor, involved in lots of evil projects that bring in billions. The government and authorities get their cut, that is why he is untouchable. He is a bedroom slayer of both men and women and beats the living daylights out of his wife and controls her. Prostitution rings, money laundering, child labor, drug rings, are just a few things that this alluminati strongman is involved with. This sqeaky clean *god* is worshipped by millions throughout Asia who know nothing of the monster’s true identity. It would take the real God to bring this one down, as his power and sqeaky clean image are that powerful. This clean up project should be put in place in all entertainment industries throughout the world, minus a few of the rules.

      1. @teddy who is this male god of HK are you referring to? And what sources do you have for all this claim?

      2. HK entertainment industry still protects the top-tier celebs…thus we have people like Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan still standing with important roles in the industries..

  2. Good to know this drama has been removed from streaming platforms. The remarks is really disrespectful to women

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