[Style] Boys In Baby Blue: Who Wore It Better?

Pictured above: Sean Xiao

It all started with The Untamed <陈情令> star Sean Xiao (肖战), whose recent appearance trended wildly on social media after fans went head-over-heels with Sean’s baby blue look. The clean suit highlighted Sean’s youth with a sunny spirit, leading the netizens to scrounge for pictures of other celebrities donning similar looks. So, who wore it better?

Li Xian (李现)

The 28-year-old actor appeared in a sky blue suit at a recent event, looking fresh and relaxed. It’s a complete contrast from his darker look in Go Go Squid <亲爱的,热爱的>.

Chen Xingxu (陈星旭)

The 23-year-old The Legend of the Condor Heroes <射雕英雄传> star looks natural in blue pastels, and according to reports, the actor also enjoys wearing pastels in his own time.

Wang Yibo (王一博)

Like his costar Sean Xiao, The Untamed star Wang Yibo looked boyish and dreamy while attending an event for Laneige.

Zhu Yilong (朱一龙)

The Guardian <镇魂> star is usually seen dressed in baggier outfits, and the light baby blue color is definitely a fan favorite.

Lu Han (鹿晗)

As one of China’s highest-earning pop idols, every color looks good on the Fighter of the Destiny <择天记> actor.

Hans Zhang (张翰)

Baby blue looks royal and mature on the 35-year-old actor.

Timmy Xu (许魏洲)

The Addicted <上癮> actor looks simply elegant.

Li Yifeng (李易峰)

This pale blue outfit fits Li Yifeng to a T.

Karry Wang (王俊凯)

Wearing cool colors doesn’t seem to match the TFBOYS member’s sunny image, but the blue look doesn’t take away his elegance.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Put long wig on them, and they’re more womanly than I am lol. They even wear make up more than me. Oi, they didn’t wear the cloth, the cloth wears them! They’re so ill fitted. Again, it shouldn’t be skin tight but all of them look so baggy. Some of them have skinny jean stype and it still drapes on them. Idk if it’s because of photoshop, lighting, angle or what not, but man their head looks disportionally bigger than their shoulders and rest of their body …

    1. @jjwong I think the V-shaped jawline gives the illusion of a smaller head. It’s one of those highly sought-after physical characteristics that I could never understand. Looks alien to me.

      And I agree about the femininity/metrosexuality, which is another trend I can’t wrap my mind around. Apparently, it works, since some of these men are considered to be the best looking in the industry.

      1. @oystergirl I will never understand the diamond head either. Lol alien… It reminds me more like anime characters though. All males have that feminine pointy chin. I would bet that plays/played a part!

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