Artistes Comment on Zheng Shuang’s Personality

Mainland Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) was once popular for her beauty and performance in hit dramas, such as Meteor Garden (流星花园) and Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城>. Now, she is known for being a “tainted artist” – quoted from a Beijing TV representative – after she made headlines worldwide for irresponsibly abandoning her surrogate children in the United States. Aside from losing support from fans and TV stations left and right, netizens have also unearthed comments previously made about Zheng Shuang by multiple artistes.

Dee Hsu (徐熙娣)

Since Dee is skilled in seeing through people, as she has accurately predicted Show Lo‘s (罗志祥) cheating scandal and Gillian Chung‘s (鍾欣潼) divorce, netizens always look to Dee for her fiery and on-point comments once a scandal unveils. This time is no different – netizens dug up her previous comments on Zheng Shuang, who once guest-starred on Dee’s show, Truth Everything <真相吧!花花萬物>.

On the show, Dee pointed out Zheng Shuang’s girly behaviors, such as habitually sticking out her tongue. Although the host praised the actress, the atmosphere turned a little sour when the two discussed clothes. Dee eventually expressed, “How many cold arrows do you have to shoot to be happy? I can see you clearly now. You are a fake girl, and along with that, you are actually very scheming!”

While she made such comments for the sake of the show, many netizens still laughed at her accurate prediction skills. Dee also made another solid observation while visiting Zheng Shuang and her ex-partner Zhang Heng (張恒) on the show, Meeting Mr. Right <女兒們的戀愛>. Dee and her co-host Kevin Tsai (蔡康永) were surprised to see them dating. Dee expressed, “Just…. There are a lot of questions. Take a look at them, and you would think, ‘Are they from the same world?”

Divas Hit The Road Season 2 <花兒與少年2> Cast

Xu Qing (許晴), who worked with Zheng Shuang on the travel program, Divas Hit The Road Season 2, often directly expressed that she does not understand the things Zheng Shuang says. In one scene, Zheng Shuang asked Xu Qing if she liked season one or two better. The latter immediately responded, “Season one, because the people were very normal.”

Besides Xu Qing, other cast members on the show, including actor Yang Yang (楊洋), also felt uncomfortable with Zheng Shuang’s personality. When Yang Yang got lost and barely managed to find their hostel, Zheng Shuang did not have much of a reaction. Since she showed no signs of worry and didn’t comfort him, Yang Yang felt saddened. He shared, “I came in and said, ‘I’m back,’ and then I saw our guide (Zheng Shuang), but all she said was ‘Oh.’ Honestly that was a little…abnormal.”

Even actress Ivy Chen (陳意涵) and Jing Boran (井柏然) commented that Zheng Shuang lives in her own world and has communication problems.

Chen Xiao (陳曉)

However, the most savage comment made about Zheng Shuang is from actor Chen Xiao. When Zheng Shuang previously published a book, he wrote, “A mentally ill person is about to publish a book.” Though he later saved himself by praising her talent, his initial sentence made netizens laugh.

Hans Zhang Han (張翰)

Lastly, ex-boyfriend Hans Zhang Han, once described her as a “person who has her way of doing things.” He elaborated, “[She] is a very casual person. If she wants to do something, then she will do it.” This possibly explains why she chose to take the surrogate route under the circumstances.

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  1. It says a lot about a person who kicks someone who is already down. Whatever this person faults are, she is at her lowest. For this site to pile on is extremely low.

    1. @seriously

      Jacqueline Wong got the same treatment by bloggers after her downfall from the cheating scandal. Everyone here reveled in unleashing their fury on her.

    2. @seriously Weren’t these comments made before the scandal? Tabloids always like to bring artists down at their lowest. Not surprising.

  2. It’s low to hit someone when they are at their lowest, but there are exception in life. She is a great example of someone that deserve to be make example of….seriously she tried to get the CHILDREN that she so wanted badly (even using a method that was illegible in her country) but then abort only because her husband cheated.

    I don’t even care about her, go ahead and scold this lady.

  3. I’ve been meaning to watch Love O2O for the past few years, but have never watched her dramas. Coincidentally I watched her and her father on a reality show and already got the feeling that she was in her own world. In the show she was quite emotionally unstable and somewhat selfish, which could be another reason why I keep stalling on watching her dramas.
    Sad for her coworkers since their drama is being stalled/taken down as well. Similar to Owen Cheung in the On Sum scandal…

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