Zheng Shuang’s Father Issues Apology

He admits “negligence” and “impulsiveness” and explains the actress’ surrogacy decision due to her ill health.

Embroiled in a career-halting surrogacy scandal, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) has been removed from major programs, effectively boycotted, and dropped like a hot potato by brands. With netizens requesting the removal of her other television works and books, the actress’ father came forward in a video apology, attempting to salvage the situation.

Failure to Instill “Right Thinking” As a Parent

On January 23, Zheng Shuang’s father issued a 10-minute apology video, in which he explained why the actress had to hire surrogate mothers, and whether she had abandoned her two children.

Zheng Shuang’s father started off by apologizing, “As a parent, I had not provided the correct guidance for my child’s thinking in all aspects, and I feel guilty now that I think of it. The events that transpired, as well as all the discussions these few days, have truly given our family and children a complete lesson, such that it has made us walk on the tightrope of life’s cliffs.”

“Negligent” and “Impulsive”

Revealing the reason for Zheng Shuang to engage in surrogacy, he said, “Due to her work, her body is not too well in different aspects. In the United States, there are two ways of carrying out surrogate pregnancies: one is commercial surrogacy, and the other is altruistic surrogacy, which is only available to those who have difficulties conceiving on their own, and Zheng Shuang fits the criteria for this category.”

He added that societal viewpoints about surrogacy are vastly negative, that he has been as “negligent” as the “youngsters” had been responsible, that they had been perhaps been “too impulsive” and had seen the matter through rose-tinted glasses, and cautioned the public against doing the same.

“Changed Their Minds” Afterward

Recounting how he responded when Zheng Shuang confided her intentions, the actress’ father said that he had first asked if what she was about to undertake was legal, since she was a public figure. She replied in the affirmative, and that she could not have babies herself while she strongly desired the joys of parenthood, therefore he did not “give too much thought” about the consequences.

In the earlier exposed voice recording, the voices of a male and female could be heard discussing intentions to give the baby up even before their births. Apologizing for his “emotional language,” he explained that he changed his mind after calming down. As Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s (張恆) relationship had already broken down, the two therefore no good words for each other.

After the children’s births, they wanted to be responsible and did not have any intention of absolving their responsibility. Finally, Zheng Shuang’s father added that they began seeking legal assistance through their lawyers in the United States to request for the child’s custody in 2019, and their position remains as such.

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I have no clue who she nor do i care………. The damage has is done apologizing wont work cant believe her dad is the one who came out and stand up for her isnt she the one who has to explain and clarify the whole situation!!! ITs really sad is when innocent lives have been entwined into this mess i just hope these 2 bb’s will live a happy and healthy future

    1. @sherla1019
      The dad only apologises when he realises the country does does not find their behaviour acceptable. He’s just trying to save his daughter’s skin and future earning potential…

    2. @sherla1019
      The reason why its the dad the one apologizng is because ZS is being banned from all social media and tv appearances in China. There is a theory going on that she got bannef so quickly because pp don’t want her to talk since she has no filter. Other rich pp who had also done surrogacy and those who had introduced her to gbe surrogacy, will come out.

      She is a horrible person created by her monster parents. And it is unforgivable for any parents to abandon their children if they have the means to raise them.
      Her ex is also no better. The way this was exposed is so planned and strategized. I just hope the two kids are with neither of them.

  2. This directly contradicts what their surrogate clinic director mentioned, but I’m inclined to believe a lawsuit with receipts than people who toss PR words around when it suits them.

    1. @coralie yup, lawyer receipts are a much better evidence than a few minutes of recording since it can be doctored to the person who released it. ZS’s career is still doom regardless as what she did was illegal and CCP will make an example out of her just like with FBB. But at least if she’s fighting for the custody, she’s not a total worthless person

  3. Lame and disingenuous. No one is buying this load of excuse making after the fact, especially when one competent adult is trying to cover for the horrendous behavior and decision making of another competent adult.

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