Surrogacy Clinic Reveals Zheng Shuang Refused to Pay for Babies

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) left her two surrogate children in the United States after her break up with producer Zhang Heng (張恆). In the aftermath of the scandal, Zheng Shuang has been blacklisted by the Chinese entertainment industry while being criticized for her irresponsible behavior. The surrogacy clinic also revealed shocking details that Zheng Shuang was the worst customer that they ever had, and still owes them money.

Mr. Leung, founder of the surrogacy clinic, shares that he has locations in China, the United States, and Cambodia and has many celebrity clients. In 2018, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng became the clinic’s customer and supplied their own eggs and sperms for the surrogacy procedure, which costs US$160,000 dollars.

The couple was initially excited that the surrogacy was successful and gave the employees money in red packets but five to six months later, the couple grew uninterested in the fetuses’ development. By the seventh month, Zheng Shuang asked to have the fetuses aborted even though it was not possible under the United States’ law due to the advanced pregnancies.

Mr. Leung shares that while the couple later told the clinic that they do not want the babies after their breakup, Zhang Heng did take responsibility and paid for the babies’ monthly expenses. “Zheng Shuang didn’t want to acknowledge [the babies]. She didn’t care,” Mr. Leung revealed.

Zheng Shuang Tried to Resolve the Scandal with Money

Since the scandal broke out, Mr. Leung has been in contact with Zheng Shuang, who continues to insist that she does not want the children and does not want them to return to China.

To Mr. Leung’s disbelief, Zheng Shuang proposed paying the clinic 30,000 Chinese yuan a month and registering the children under Mr. Leung’s name. Mr. Leung criticized the outrageous proposal, “She thought she could spend money to avoid the disaster, and that anything can be fixed with money. You can’t do that in the United States.”

To date, the couple has not paid the clinic the full cost of the surrogacy and Mr. Leung hopes that the couple will settle the outstanding balance of US$68,000. Mr. Leung adds that the children are innocent in the mess, and urges the pair to quickly bring them to China, “It is clear whom the children belong to. It is pointless to not acknowledge them. Let their family resolve this, so they can stop relying on the clinic.”

Source: Ettoday 

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Zheng Shuang Leaves Behind 2 Surrogate Children in the United States

Zheng Shuang Accuses Ex-Boyfriend of Cheating

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  1. Well….every single person needs to take responsibility regardless who was at fault. Innocent children is at stake here. Hopefully the children will be able to be in a loving peaceful environment soon.

  2. Wow, I still had some shred of hope that maybe this is all a big misunderstanding…but looks like ZS really is scum.

  3. What was she thinking when she decided to have surrogacy not 1 but 2 babies to a guy she dated not long? She is obviously naive and immature. After the relationship is off, she just disregard the babies as though it never happen? Such an irresponsible attitude. Although I am not her fan, I felt disappointed with her, what more her fans?

    1. @hayden Exactly!! I think it was said somewhere 8-9 months or something and the dude quit his job and started company w her barely a year they already agreed on surrogacy. You really wonder wth she and her parents were thinking since they keep on saying they were money grabbing parents that’s why she became like this. Really? Blaming the parents when she’s an adult who wanted to have a kid at around 27 since a year or two in the process NOT having 1 but 2 thru surrogate? Even people who starts off w/pets get one take 1 at a time? and you are talking about kids here? lol…God, this is so weird. And if the parents are so money crazy like herself wth would kids even in their plans right now? She’s 30 not like bio clock ticks at what 35 and most women get surrogate cuz of older age like 40’s no what was their hurry really? And with no management team but just your parents in showbiz man what can possibly go wrong? lol

  4. wow evreything is just getting worst and worst. On top of the surrogacy their babies are also “anchor babies”. it’s just so sad she discarded her babies like they were designer bags she didn’t want anymore.

  5. Not only is ZS a terrible actress with terrible acting, she also has terrible character and has no moral nor responsibly. After all, it’s her children. If she doesn’t want them, the let the guy have them. The clinic owner is right. The kids are hers. It is no pointless to continue unacknowledge them. Let the kids return to China with their dad. ZS is just TERRIBLE.

  6. This is a hot mess, but I don’t think this article is true. In the USA clinics can not disclose their who their clients are and their information. If this is true this clinic is going down the drain! They will get sued up the ass, and no one would ever go to them anymore.

    1. @shishi
      I’m also questioning this “Doctor” if surrogacy was illegal in China why would he have a clinic there ??

    2. @shishi if they’re suing ZS then we can see the court records- To see if this clinic is actually suing her. Or at least if something has been filed. But is this clinic legally allowed to disclose information like this?? Does this violate ZS’s HIPPA? Since this is America, what about this physician’s oath?? If this is allowed, what does the future of American healthcare look like??


    And to all who question ZH and his parents for the recording. They must have been so desperate and pushed into a corner. Her heartlessness and unwillingness to do anything to help her children forced their hand.

    When you are dealing with a cold/selfish/immoral and heartless woman such as ZS. One must think outside the square.

    Imagine if there was no recording as evidence. It would be his words against hers. All the while there are 2 innocent children who she refuses to acknowledge or care for and being cared for by ZH and his family. Luckily for the recording, her true colours are now coming out.

  8. What a piece of trash! It’s laughable trying to register the kids to the surrogacy owner. If everyone did that after disposing of a child then the owner will have thousands of kids to his name. Throwing money around to try solve problems like a spoilt brat…

  9. What a spoiled brat! You can be naive and made a mistake and have the children. But you need to then mature up, and take up the responsibilities. It’s not hard for someone in her position to take care of the children >_> fake your pregnancy if you want to avoid trouble with CCP but seriously, you can’t just dump the children just because you change your mind >_>

  10. Everyone has ulterior motives in this and using the kids a chess pieces for their court cases or to gain public sympathy. I feel bad for the kids for carrying their genes. I hope the kids grow up ok.

  11. So terrible. Those poor babies. I hope the surrogates were compensated fully, even if the clinic has to take a loss on their share. Carrying a pregnancy is very dangerous.

    I can’t imagine growing up knowing how terrible your biological mother was. Please have those kids in a stable, loving home.

  12. What a stupid piece of trash. I guess as a mainlander, she wouldn’t understand that other countries have rules, regulations and human rights. She thinks everything is like China where you can just make people disappear.

  13. She’s garbage and has no morals.

    Who are the babies currently with though? Is the father also not wanting to raise them?

    1. @megamiaow

      The father is in US taking care of the children now. This case first came to light is because the father posted in his weibo that he’s in US not because he’s running away from creditors (one of the many bad rmours about him circulated on the web), but, because he’s taking care of 2 innocent children. From this, people dig deeper and all these things came to light.

      But, there are also people who said this clinic is not the clinic the couple went to to get surrogacy.

  14. Is that Mr. Leung really existed and the owner of that clinic? While reading this article, I was like ZS is way more than being a horrible person. Then I quickly realized how this article has flaw information. Clients’ information are confidential. It’s illegal for the clinic to reveal her information to the public and slander her just like that. It would be a different story if the court requested it. Also he even said he has clinics in China when surrogacy is illegal in there. It’s not convincing to me due to the flaws it has, but I can see a lot of people will be more furious with ZS and believe this article.

    ZS is still horrible so I won’t go further in about her.
    I don’t think ZH is innocent in this case as well. But he scored some points because he ‘takes care” of their 2 kids. It seems they (he and his friends) planned this and went step by step to crush ZS all the way. The innocent ones in here are the 2 little kids. This is sad how some people would try to destroy each other instead of trying to come to a solution that works for both of them when they part ways. The ones that would suffer the most are the kids. I hope ZH didn’t just use the kids to gain sympathy and benefits here;I hope he really loves and cares about them. The 2 little kids deserve to have a warm and loving family.

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