Zheng Shuang “Erased” From Weibo

Following Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) surrogacy scandal and tax fraud, her official and studio accounts have been deleted on Weibo. Search results for Zheng Shuang’s name also come up blank on Weibo. The only accounts left are her Baidu Tieba fanclub and other fan accounts. Many netizens praised the Chinese government for cancelling Zheng Shuang. Others were confused  why action was only being taken now.

On August 26, Tencent had already removed her drama Sword of Legends <古剑奇谭> from its streaming  platform. Youku also removed Love O2O < 微微一笑很倾城>. Not long after, her official Weibo was banned from posting.

On August 27, the Shanghai tax department fined Zheng Shuang 299 million Chinese yuan for tax evasion. If she is able to make payment within the allotted time, then authorities would not pursue any legal action. However, if she is unable to pay by the deadline, then her case would be sent to the police for followup.

With Zheng Shuang’s vast wealth, paying the fines should not be a problem. The actress has 10 affiliated companies, 5 of which have already been dissolved including her studio in Shanghai. However an AI company that she owns with ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (张恒) still exists.

Although her Weibo has been deleted, fans discovered that Zheng Shuang had posted on her Instagram account, “Don’t be sad. I won’t easily give up on chasing after a beautiful future. I have always been here.”

While her cryptic post left some netizens confused, many believe the actress’ entertainment career is already over.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ‘Vast Wealth’ This woman still milks her fans for money…Her fanclubs should be cancelled too!!! But stupid fans who buys her sob stories are willing victims.

    1. @Hohliu,
      I am confused… how can she milk her fans for money? If she is canceled then her fan clubs and everything about her should be gone too. Once again, another senseless article.

      1. @HeTieShou As long as her fanclub account is still around she can milk them… I have personally read her post on how Poor she is before the huge Fine…and read her fans will support/help her.. Anyway, I am glad her main accounts are all deleted.
        Personally, I wonder when she will have the guts to return to China? Her two kids are just her timely excuse to stay in US.

      2. @Hohliu
        That is one thing I still don’t get. If Zhang Zhe Han can get his accounts and everything taken down that fast, then why was hers still there after the surrogacy scandal? Maybe it is a new rule or this article is not accurate.

      3. @HeTieShou It is all about timing… You need to remember, Zheng Shuang scandal happened before the Government really started actively cancelling stars to fit their new policies.. Zheng Shuang’s scandal was all her own doing..
        I would say the period the Government started actively “Cleaning Up” the entertainment industry with the new policies was with Kris Wu scandals and the Milk Pouring for Votes scandal.
        Then Zhang ZheHan and Zhao Wei case started with the accounts rapid Cancelling.
        To be honest, even thru there are other celebs involved in other cases, not all their accounts are deleted immediately. Qian Feng, for example is undergoing investigation. His name is removed from Day Day Up listing but his other accounts are not removed as yet.
        We know Zheng Shuang’s accounts were removed after her Tax fraud investigation ended. And then all her accounts were deleted. This is a clear signal to her, She cannot make any comeback. Not even as a online influencer. She is not allowed to make any money off the back of her fans.

  2. I have read there are a number of people who feels the treatment towards her is too hash.. I thought it all thru and I dont agree…
    She wanted to abort her kids at late stage- Shi**y human
    She abandon them- Shi**y mother
    She milks her fans- Shi**y Greedy Idol
    She is a tax fraud- Shi**y Dishonest working woman
    She is lucky she is not in jail for breaking China’s law. Thus just been Cancelled is fortunate for her.

      1. Surrogacy is against China law…that on top of tax fraud… Who knows what else? I dont think her cancelation in the industry is harsh..

      2. @Hohliu ,
        Really? Isn’t that a loophole that they just took advantage of? You know like those sneaking over to the US and other countries to get citizenship? I think that should be against the law too. I heard the US no longer allows it though. I am glad that because I hate anchor babies.

      3. @HeTieShou Surrogacy is against the law in China…Regardless how/where she gets it. No loophole on this… China do not allow Dual Citizenships thus anyone with another Citizenships including China is breaking the law… But anchor babies are common..Again that will need to comply with the laws of the other Countries.

  3. Sorry but this article is so senseless. If she is accused of tax fraud and other stuff,then she obviously will be erased. Even Vicki and Fan Bing Bing fell from grace so she definitely will.

  4. Ehh don’t like her as an actress (she’s not a good actress at all) and don’t like her now as a person. She can disappear.

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