Zheng Shuang Embroiled in Tax Evasion Investigation

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) has been plagued by negative press ever since news broke about her irresponsible behavior over her two surrogate children and messy relationship with ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恆) earlier this year. Despite trying to salvage her image, Zheng Shuang’s character is further tarnished with recent allegations about her possible tax evasion.

In one of the many recordings released by Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuang was revealed to have been involved in a split contract, also known as a “yin yang contract,” whereby a studio submits one document to the tax department, but secretly pays the star significantly more money on a separate contract.

The incident purportedly occurred in 2019 when Zheng Shuang filmed A Chinese Ghost Story <倩女幽魂>. With the drama filming estimated to take 77 days, Zheng Shuang settled for a filming fee of 160 million RMB, and earned a daily pay rate of approximately 2 million RMB.

In response to this, Zheng Shuang posted a statement online, “The tax department is already verifying my contract, personal taxation, and all related financial documents. I am willing to accept and cooperate with all investigations. The results will be announced to the public. Thank you for everyone’s concern.”

Under the directive of China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), a formal investigation has been launched over the suspected tax violation in the filing of productions cost of the drama. The government stated that if illegal activities were unearthed, the guilty parties will be dealt with strictly.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Fan Bingbing has been alone for so many years in her tax scandal…someone needs to join her too… I hope ZS get her due punishments.

  2. the negative news about this girl doesn’t stop. tax evasion issue aside, which isn’t exactly a moral issue just greed.
    there was also a story about how she abandoned her dog in a shoe box just b/c she didn’t want to pay for her dog’s medical treatment. also a clip about her wanting to grind her dog’s teeth flat on a variety show, not sure if it was taken out of context but that was what she said. she’s got major moral issues and psychopathic tendencies. not sure how much of this is true but if they are, she needs to be locked away.

    1. @m0m0 at the same time, Zhang Heng is an absolute sh1tt1est person I’ve seen. The fact that he recorded every single thing means that he’s planning to blackmail them in the future and now he did/doing it. She’s being punished but comparing to the amount of punishment he should get, he ain’t getting enough. And for her, yea, there’s psychological issues caused by her parents, but ZH is just pure evil, pure evil

      1. @littlefish That is definite , his action is disgusting but I dont think he is in legal trouble. Thus he may not be punished as she is…He is not a celeb thus he reputation loss is not that big a deal.

      2. @hohliu
        I think she deserves punishment more than him… he is actually in the circle too but works behind the scenes. I just hope that he can at least raise his kids to the best of his ability.

      3. @littlefish
        Honestly, although I don’t agree with everything Zhang Heng did, I can understand why he did it. If he did not have these recordings, Zheng Shuang would have gotten away with everything including this tax evasion stuff. Maybe he knew what was going to happen but did not have a way out so had these recordings. But like I have said, I don’t agree with everything he did, however, I can understand why.

        You cannot just blame Zheng Shuang’s parents as she herself is not nice either. She is more evil than Zhang Heng for sure. For anyone to abandon their ill dog and then her own kids too. Now that is not only evil but cruel too.

  3. this lady…. angelic face yet devilish heart
    proves that looks≠ all

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