Zheng Shuang’s Face in New Drama Will Be Deleted With AI Technology

Since her surrogacy scandal erupted in January, Zheng Shuang (郑爽) has been blacklisted by Chinese state regulators. All her entertainment-related jobs were canceled, and her face in upcoming drama A Chinese Ghost Story <只问今生恋沧溟> will be digitally removed.

The scandal came to light when her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恆) revealed that he has been stranded in the United States for over a year, while taking care of their two children conceived through surrogacy. He accused Zheng Shuang of abandoning the children and not wanting anything to do with them. Conflicting accusations continued to heat up, as Zheng Shuang then accused Zhang Heng of cheating and owing her money. In an audio clip leaked online, Zheng and her parents considered abortion and putting the children under adoption at one point. Their flippant attitude angered many people who felt the children’s welfare were neglected in the whole fiasco.

Denounced by Chinese authorities for her actions, the results of Zheng Shuang’s blacklisting has been immediate. Even in a brief scene in Dt. Appledog’s Time <我的时代,你的时代>, Zheng Shuang’s face was blurred out when her drama Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城> was airing on television.

More extensive digital editing will take place for drama A Chinese Ghost Story <只问今生恋沧溟>, in hopes that A Chinese Ghost Story can still be released. With the help of AI technology, Zheng Shuang’s face will be edited out, and replaced by Goodbye My Princess <东宫> actress Peng Xiaoran (彭小苒).

It is said that Zheng Shuang received a salary of 160 million Chinese yuan for filming A Chinese Ghost Story. Now that the drama is in the red, investors will be taking legal recourse in an attempt to recover their money.

In addition, Zheng Shuang still has two dramas that have not aired including Secret Keepers <绝密者> and Jade Lovers <翡翠恋人>.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kinda feel sorry for her.

    Government should not have ordered the all platform ban. Other ‘wrongdoing’ artists can still work in other platform like youtube. They just cannot go on TV.

  2. I’ve been following this story. I don’t know if he did cheat… But if he did they are both at fault. Children’s lives are not a toy where you simply get rid of when done – specially when it’s surrogacy. Most people won’t even treat a dog like that, but you treat children like that? Smh

    1. @abcd
      I’ve also been following. It’s been obvious for awhile ZS is a bit mentally unstable or something right. I feel bad for her as well. I liked her as an actress and I think lots of ppl in Hollywood get away with worse. Chinese audience/culture is conservative and unforgiving

      1. @ice006

        I feel the same way about Chinese audience/culture too. The Chinese E-industry is very moralistic and unforgiving. Many Hollywood actors would be out of job if they are in China. Chinese audience/government hold the artists in very hard moral standard. It’s getting worse. After the Zheng Shuang’s case, China Broadcasting department has issued an announcement that artist with bad history ‘劣迹艺人’ will be ban.

        But, Hollywood nowadays has it’s own issue too. Too much identity and race politic. Acting awards are worthless now. They don’t represent good work. They are just a tool to further the agenda of the year.

      2. @ice006 reminds me of those japanese idols who have mini press conferences where they’re crying and apologizing because they got photographed having a boyfriend

  3. Using AI to replace Zheng Shuang’s face is SO awkward. They did that to another actress for another drama and ohmygod everyone thought the actress in that drama had neck problems.

    @kidd I think there’s good and bad about banning an artist for moralistic reasons. In Hollywood, there are way too many degenerates that contribute nothing to society, but are hyped up and worshipped for their ability to sing a few verses, even when they’ve been involved with violence, guns and probably even worse. On the other hand, I agree that China is being way too harsh with Zheng Shuang. That’s not within their jurisdiction since she didn’t commit any crimes. No matter how badly someone behaves, we still gotta give them a way to repent and live. At the very least, let them have an online presence even if it’s not live/public TV. Punishing her too far will only lead to bad outcomes, like suicide.

    1. @coralie

      Who is the actress and how old is the drama?
      They did that to an actor in the drama ‘Healer of Children’. If I didn’t know beforehand that the actor’s face was digital changed, I wouldn’t have noticed. The GCI was done very smoothly.

      Haha, if they keep on doing this (digitally change face, removing entire person from a scene), China will be top CGI expert in the world very soon.

  4. IMO I think is good that Asia apply cancel culture to the celebrities that have wrongdoing. This will make them think twice about doing something wrong. Unlike US still continue to promote as though nothing happened which is so meh.

    Off topic, in SK this guy celeb Ji Soo basically got his career ruined overnight when ppl exposed him for being a bully, serves him right as he reaped what he sowed. Also I used to be a fan of this SK celeb Jung Joon Young and I felt really disgusted knowing what he did, and glad that he is behind bars now. But there are still some delusional fans of him that still continue to be his fan and will wait for him. These fans are really another level of stupidity.

    1. @hayden Agree, I am glad of it as well although sometimes I think it carries too far and too much.
      As for Ji Soo, he is going to be enlisted (how timely) so we will only know the full impact after he has completed his military service if the SK audience’s disgust or disappointment in him has eased over time. There are so many “bullying” exposure among the SK artists these days which hopefully are all real and not some mindless fake accusations leading to ruination of one’s career like T-ara.

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