Zheng Shuang Leaves Behind 2 Surrogate Children in the United States

Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城> actress Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) is under fire for leaving behind her two surrogate children after breaking up with Zhang Heng (張恆). It is said that the 29-year-old Chinese actress and Zhang Heng got secretly married, and are now officially filing for a divorce. As surrogacy is illegal in China, Zheng Shuang’s actions for having surrogate children in the United States alarmed even the Chinese central government, which criticized her ethics and moral behavior.

On Monday, a photo of Zhang Heng with two young children circulated online. Both children look approximately one year old, yet Zhang Heng had only split with Zheng Shuang in 2019. Many netizens were shocked and asked, “You have children?” and “Who’s the mother?” Someone even asked incredulously, “Are they Zheng Shuang’s?”

Copies of the children’s birth certificates later surfaced online, validating that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng are indeed the parents to a boy born in December 2019 in Colorado and a girl born in January 2020 in Nevada.

Zheng Shuang’s decision to have surrogate children appears to be impulsive, and she later wanted to abort the babies as her relationship with Zhang Heng soured, but the surrogate pregnancies were already too advanced for the abortions to occur. In a circulating audio clip, Zheng Shuang can be heard screaming to Zhang Heng and his father, “What are we going to do about these two babies?” and “The babies can’t be aborted; I’m going crazy!”

Zhang Heng is Still in the US With Kids

Laden with controversy and negativity during their breakup two years ago, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were in a court battle over financial-related matters involving a sum of 20 million yuan, and it was even alleged that Zhang Heng borrowed money from triads using the actress’ name.

Faced with endless cyberbullying and online threats, Zhang Heng wrote angrily on social media, “Internet rumors said I committed fraud, borrowed money from loan sharks, and ran off to the United States with the money. These are all fake! I swear I have never done anything like this! I am not someone who will do these things! I am in the United States, but I stayed here for over one year to take care of two young children.”

A source claiming to be Zhang Heng’s friend disclosed, “It is because Zheng Shuang did not cooperate in the legal process to enable the children to return to China, so Zhang Heng also did not return. He is under immense pressure over there.” The friend shared several photos of Zhang Heng holding the two children from infancy through toddlerhood, as well as copies of their birth certificates to Chinese portal Netease.

Zheng Shuang’s Response

As fresh accusations are surfacing every day in the scandal, Zheng Shuang finally responded, “​This is a very sad and private matter for me. I didn’t want to talk about it in front of everyone, but the matter has been exposed step-by-step with ulterior motives. After thinking about it for a long time, I had no choice but to respond though I didn’t want to occupy [online] public resources. For two years, [my] lawyers in China and the United States have never given up on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of my family and I, nor have they given up communication and mediation with each other.”

Zheng Shuang’s statement deliberately left out any mentions of the surrogacy, which is illegal in China. However, the Chinese Legal Affairs department rebuked the actress for taking advantage of a legal loophole and paying for surrogacy services in the United States where it is allowed.

The controversy has damaged the actress’ image and credibility. Many endorsement brands, including Prada, immediately cut off association with Zheng Shuang and deleted her photos on their official Weibo. With nearly 10 of the actress’ completed dramas awaiting broadcast, it is unclear whether the scandal will inhibit their release.

Zheng Shuang’s Audio Clip Leaked

Sources: On.cc, Netease, Global Times

This article is written by Su and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Her career is over. Celebrities are not good role models. Not sure why some people idolize them.

    1. @jetmasters
      Not always true as many celebrities are good role models too. She is terrible but does not mean all celebrities are bad. But her career is going to be gone unless with time, things fade out and people forget. Then maybe she can try to make a comeback but if not that is it.

      1. @hetieshou Well you have to consider that they have an image to keep so many celebrities might just put on an act. In reality, all of them might just do charities just to make more money like corporations. Not saying all celebrities are bad or fake but it’s a sad reality some people worship them instead of real role models that contribute to society, i.e scientists.

      2. @jetmasters
        I agree and I have liked Asian celebrities since the 80s so I know it all too well. Many of them do put on act or do things like charity work for publicity not out of the goodness of their heart. Celebrities do good things too and some use their star power to do good things for society. One of them is Jolin Tsai. I followed her for years, and can tell that she truly is a good person and fights for the rights of various issues in society. She even uses her music to do that so there is no faking that.

      3. @hetieshou Yeah you can add Louis Koo to that list since he has never publicized any of his charities of building schools for the poor.

  2. Her career is over. She has always being a spolit Princess. And thru she was never the brightest girl, I thought at least she moral values were okay. Now, clearly she even lacks that.
    She really needs to retire and learn how to be a responsible adult.

    1. @hohliu
      She is spoiled little disgusting airhead that will never grow up. I pray that her current kids are ok and that she does not attempt to have kids again. She does not deserve it.

  3. I don’t blame women for going through abortions or opting their babies for adoption – if the kids were never intended to begin with or the women can’t afford the children. But that’s neither here nor there. They deliberately chose to go the surrogate route and had not one, but two babies! You don’t get to back out last minute because your situation is no longer optimal. She’s not broke or had the children by accident – she chose to! And now that they’ll be inconveniences in her life, she decided not to keep them and give them up for adoption? Kids are not packages you can just dump to whomever, especially not in the US! She’s so irresponsible.

    While her ex may in fact be blackmailing her for money, why would he expose her? By revealing everything, he’s going to make her lose her career and thus, his money tree. If he hopes to jeopardize both of them, then it would make sense, but still doesn’t make enough sense if he was in it for the money.

    I really hope there’s more to this story, but the fact that something preposterous like this (seriously straight out of a drama plot) can happen in this day and age is incredulous and horrifying. I hope her kids are put in better hands at the end of this saga.

  4. Even with what I said, I understand that everyone has a right to give up their children to live a lifestyle that suits them. And in fact, it may be a blessing in disguise for the kids to have another chance for a good family. But the fact she chose to go the surrogate route without having to suffer consequences of her actions, is vile. She should never have kids ever again.

  5. If these allegations are true and her career is over, then good riddance.

    Zheng Shuang has been problematic for years but her defenders always excuse her behavior with her innocence, directness, and mental health issues. None of these excuse someone for being a ****** human being.

    Choosing to have children through surrogacy in the US was intentional and planned. Also, you don’t make a decision to have a child and back out because it didn’t work out between the adults. I’m glad that there are laws to protect surrogate mothers in the US because clearly if it were to happen in China, someone like Zheng Shuang and her family would use their money to cover up their inhumane dealings. Perhaps, that’s why surrogacy is illegal in China.

  6. i thought surrogacy was illegal in the states for couples w/ the ability to have children….

    1. @m0m0
      I was wondering the same thing. Zheng Shuang is still young so it should not be the age factor but maybe she has other fertility issues? It is not always age.

  7. Her behavior is disgusting. If you’re not ready to be a parent, don’t be. Not like she is super young and naive either. Don’t know why she didn’t go the traditional route of having children, maybe she has fertility issues. But still, to deliberately go to the US to have surrogate babies only to want to abandon them when the relationship is failing makes me sick and shows how immature and selfish she really is. I don’t know who she or her bf or husband are but it seems like at least the guy is stepping up to be a father figure. At least the kids have 1 parent to look after them.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I agree and I used to have some good thoughts about her but not anymore. I cannot believe she would do such a thing. Regardless of how a relationship goes, the children are innocent and I feel so sorry for them. Last year, a pair of horrible parents adopted a baby girl in Korea and tortured her to death. I was so sad and now I hear about this. What has the world come to? People that deserve kids don’t get any while evil people like this are blessed with kids want to abandon them. I hope at least the father and his family take care of the kids.

  8. She has been acting weird before and after that outburst on that variety show a while back. Not sure why she still had so many dramas after that. Never like her acting but her character is certainly questionable. She always reminds me of Britney Spears. Broken up w a certain first love and went downhill.

    1. @wm2017 I do recall that outburst from the variety show and I find it really embarrassing for her to do that in a variety show, and Wu Chun got scared

      1. @hayden Yup, I never really watched any of her series but I know her face and YT recommended that clip and while watching it I thought she’s a celeb n over a variety show w/that outburst I thought that was quite abnormal. After this fiasco, they dig up most of her variety/promotional clips she was weird actually in a lot of them. Saying weird stuff to staffs/colleagues like she never even think before she speaks.

    2. @wm2017
      Yes, after she broke up with Zhang Han she became very strange. I truly wonder if she ever got over him? He truly dodged a bullet then.

  9. Waaaa…what happended to EDIT button Jayne. Jesus! Did anyone hear the recordings of the parents n them discussing WHAT TO DO w the baby? Damn, no wonder it’s trending like crazy in China. haha lol..My god, I think basically I think the parents have serious issues as well. They were insisting not wanting to keep them bb as well. Like parents like children. Holy! And they said the ZS even said “TMD” but my mandarin is limited so I can’t even made it out. ahha lol…Damn what an amazing two sets of family. SMH…

    1. @wm2017, We are having issues with the edit button. Hope to fix soon.

      I just heard the audio clip of the conversation between Zheng Shuang and the parents. They were discussing giving away the babies after they are born, as if they can just be unloaded at their convenience. The fact that this audio clip exists certainly points to Zhang Heng’s side recording and documenting the incident from the outset. I hope Zhang Heng still cares about the welfare of the kids, and not just using them for any ulterior motives.

      1. @jayne Oh ok, hopefully it will fixed. 🙂 Yeah, girl’s parents are something else! That’s some character right there. They are probably all thinking since it’s surrogate it’s not their kid at all? Unreal! Wow, this girl has some serious issues for a while I wonder now if anyone still wants her after this. Certainly the most shocking for 2021 right now.

    2. @wm2017
      Yes, I just listened to the recording and am so disgusted! Zheng Shuang is horrible just like her parents. They want to get rid of the kids too. I thought her parents would be better but they are bad like her.

  10. I meant if anyone will still cast her as a lot of brands dropped her after this or something.

  11. Her celebrity career is over. With CCP and their media outlets opening condemning (sign 1), her works taken down from Chinese streaming sites (sign 2), endorsement cancelled (sign 3), she can never get work as a celebrity anymore.

    So now, what is left for her is to protect her money. She will fight nail & tooth to prevent him from bringing back the babies and she won’t pay a cent toward the babies.

    No one cared whether he ex is a trash. But what they did is indeed morally wrong (and illegal too). and they should take responsibility.

    1. @sehseh You are right! It is wrong and they will probably do something about that later on. No one normal will record a conversation for 6 hours even thou the public probably only heard the good/worst parts. This is just like another Edison Chen case you know what the dude did was wrong but then again you wouldn’t know what kind of perv EC was and this is somewhat similar. Everyone would have still thought of her as this goody goody girl next door image even thou she has been acting weird for a quite a while now but this surrogacy? At her age and mindset of a barely legal teen? What was she thinking? Is she infertile like why? If not, probably didn’t want her figure since she’s so shallow anyway admitted to PS and such? Really odd… And the issue now isn’t how she exposed her ex is an ahole but her whole family did NOT want to continue w/a pregnancy that is already 7 months. And youtube comments are too damn funny and on point. A lack of education or brains on her part to even mention aborting at 7 months? WTH hhhaha….It’s really insanity and her parents went along w/it like those are unwanted/returned pets gifts that they can just trash. What a family! No matter what kind of cheating / and rice king title the dude has doesn’t negate the fact that they said what they said and did not care about those babies. They didn’t treat it as anything in their lives. It was like I ended the relationship and those ended as well. Never heard of such nonsense. This is a real life mess up script that no one even knew existed.

      1. @wm2017
        Yup, this all sounds like a drama but is sadly real life. I can totally imagine this being made into an actual drama with some changes of course.

  12. Her career is totally over. In Chinese culture especially Mainland where they can only have one child, children are especially treasured beyond everything in life. While her and her family recklessly abandoned 2 little BaoBei in such disgusting manner is despicable (I can’t even find words suitable to described them).

    1. @niangniang What are you talking about…I know many people that are from CCP/PRC/Big 6/Mainland that have had more then 1 kid there, all they do is pay for the extra kid basically. @jetmasters haha totally agree with you there, actors/actresses/stars should never be considered role models! Their job is to “act” meaning it’s fake what they’re doing, not really them that’s on the tv/screens. Also sad that these CCP/PRC did this, especially since they’re anchor babies which way worse with it being a surrogacy yeesh.

      1. @exodus
        Mainland China used to have a strict one child policy and the family who have more than one have to pay a hefty fine. But recently that policy has been relaxed.

    2. @niangniang
      it’s been two children for a long while now not one child. i don’t how how strict but i am sure that they 3rd child would still have a hard time getting into schools, job and everything else for commoners.

      1. @m0m0 The one child policy covers the child’s expenses. Extra children is covered by parents and will get fined if get caught or got ratted out. My aunt had a second child and she grew up fine. My aunt’s friend grew up with 4 siblings born in the 90s. No fines whatsoever.

      2. @jetmasters
        my friend’s mom told me that she had to hide and run away from the gov. until they moved to the states when her second child was little. i also heard of many in both cities and countryside that these children couldn’t get registered meaning no school or whatsoever when they grow up.
        meanwhile, my uncle on the other hand with deep pockets just paid some money and they are doing very well as a family.
        i am that the repercussion of having a second child is both real and serious for most families otherwise why do you see so many families w/ only one child in china and 30 million more men than women?

      3. @m0m0 Like I said before, only will get in trouble if someone finds out or got ratted out. Every family has different experiences. Reason of having more men than women is countryside people tend to abort female, thus creating gender inbalance. Male heir is still prominent especially for the poor.

      4. @m0m0 Overpopulation will bring in more problems than gender imbalance. The imbalance was brought by selfish people who wanted male heirs anyway. They can have more than one but they will have to provide on their own. Volleyball superstar Zhu Ting came from a family of 5 siblings, all girls, because her dad wanted a male but he didnt choose to abort any of his children. It all depends on individual. I mean other countries you can have unlimited children but people still choose to have none. They choose to abort their child because they refuse to use contraceptives. China will become a bigger sh*thole than India without the policy. Their are goods and bads of every policy. Women now have way more power than before, over 60% of self made women billionaires are Chinese. Back in republican era, the best jobs for women were prostitutes and mistresses.

  13. If this is legit, I honestly feel for the children so much! She’s basically treating human being like a thing you can throw when you don’t want it. Is there any legal action can be taken against her?

    1. @yuyu
      I just listened to the recording and it is true if they are her parents and her ex’s parents. They are just like her and want to get rid of the children.

      1. @hetieshou
        Children are a lifetime responsibility and not objects to splash money to purchase for leisure, then dispose of because of inconvenience. What a spoilt piece of trash this woman is…

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Totally agree! She is a selfish and horrible person! Having children are a lifetime commitment so before anyone has kids, they need to commit to it 100%. Can you believe she even froze her eggs and wants to still have kids again in the future? She is such a disgusting piece of garbage!

  14. What were they looking to do initially anyway when surrogacy was not allowed? Raise the children in the US or fly them back to China. Seems like one of those spoilt brat impulse purchases to me.

  15. WHY were they even wanting kids?

    And the way her entire family is callously discussing these poor babies – like ‘inconveniences’. OMG it really sucks doesn’t it “we cannot just abort them after 6 mths, not in US”

    No wonder her parents managed to create ZS – they’re the same!

    Hullo, these are not dogs, or cats. Even Pets should not be results of a careless decision, to be abandoned by irresponsible callous owners

    1. @nomad822

      “WHY were they even wanting kids?”

      Because at the time, the couple was still very much in love. They thought their relationship will last. So, they want to have kids together. Very understandable.
      But, their relationship didn’t last. So, the children become a burden. It is especially true for Zheng Shuang. Chinese society is harsher towards single mother than single father.

      1. @kidd
        I don’t agree with you because regardless of your relationship status, your children are a different issue. It is like a couple that get married and then divorced. Do they dump their kids too? No way! You should love your children no matter happens. She is wealthy too so she should be able to raise them as a single mom without financial difficulties.I am sure if her parents are decent they would help her out while she is working. It is true that those traditional Asian societies are harsher on single parents regardless of gender but you got to do what you got to do for your children. Times are better now than in the past though but is still tough. However, people should live more for themselves rather than society and others.

      2. @hetieshou

        I didn’t mean to say that ZS should dump her children or it is right for her to dump them. Ideally, all children should be love unconditionally by their parents.
        But, I’m not talking about ‘should’ here. I’m talking about reality. I’m analysing why ZS want children and later don’t want them. The kids were not even born yet, and her relationship with her husband already ended. She might want children at that time becuase she wanted a love child with the person she love. But now that the love is lost, keeping the children that she has no emotional connection to (since she didn’t carry them herself) will be a burden. Her options for new relationship with be less than if she’s single. Plus, these children will forever link her to the man she didn’t love anymore. Burden does not mean financial only. It include many things more.

        I repeat. I’m not talking about what is morally right nor do I agree with what ZS did. I’m talking about what might be the case here.

      3. @kidd
        Assuming that they both provided the sperm and the egg for the surrogacy then it shouldn’t much difference. It’s her child and has her genes despite not carrying it herself. It’s literally giving birth to a child herself and dumping it to someone else really. Maybe she mentally does it’s not fully her responsibility since she did not carry them herself. Sounds like she is treating the kids as purchased products rather than her own blood if a breakdown of a relationship can cause her to abandon them..

  16. What is this…they are her children even though born through surrogates. Why would you abandon babies like they a handbag you no longer like? Thats just the worst.

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