Zheng Shuang’s Ex-Boyfriend Begs for Forgiveness

Since Zheng Shuang’s (鄭爽) surrogacy and tax evasion scandals in 2021, she has been blacklisted by the Chinese entertainment industry. In an ongoing custody battle with ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (張恆) over their two children, the actress was suspected of being an abusive mother, while she called him out for cheating.

In a video which surfaced this week, Zhang Heng was seen kneeling on the floor begging for forgiveness after Zheng Shuang found out that he had cheated on her. Although she was not seen on camera, she was heard speaking to Zhang Hang, “Isn’t the reason why you chose to be with me because I am Zheng Shuang?” Zhang Heng responded in a very agitated manner, grabbing his hair and clothes erratically while saying, “I didn’t! Can you shut up? I didn’t–you can’t say that about me!”

Zheng Shuang replied very calmly, “There are many people who like me, but I can only see that you do not cherish me.” Zhang Heng continued to behave agitatedly, kneeling and rolling around on the floor while pulling his shirt over his head repeating, “I didn’t! I was wrong.”

Zhang Hang’s actions raised concerns over his mental state as he seem to be tormented by Zheng Shuang’s taunts. Netizens are on his side, commenting that his actions resemble someone pushed to the brink and acting unstably.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Aren’t they already broke up? Like dude, you are part of the reason why she has no career now, no income to take in your sorry ass. And idk whether this is a mental issue or just someone acting like a child, tantrum to get his way. He could just be doing it in public so she gets embarrassed and has to take him back. Some people is just thick skin and would do anything if that means they can just do nothing and get fed >.>

    1. To be fair, he had his faults but she is no angel either as everyone can see.She lost her career due to her evil deeds so she deserves it. They are both losers and I feel bad for the kids to have parents like this. Even if he did cheat, what right did that give her to want to abort her kids like canceling an order for a luxury bag? They are both sick! The kids are the only real victims here. It is sad how people who would be good parents cannot have kids but those who do treat their kids like this. I agree that they have broken up and should move on and try to do the best for their kids.

      1. Uh, no where in my comment said she’s an angel. Regardless of her doing in regard of the children, his behaviour and he reaped what he sow is my main focus here ~_~ like literally, let’s focus on him being bad for a moment here without dragging her in, because you know the article is about him? We don’t need to be politically correct by needing to drag her down when we want to drag the other party down lol. Why are we lessen his evil/SB actions by dragging her in here? You might not think so, but every time ppl say but let’s remember that party is no angel either is how you lessen the severity of the other party’s faults!

        Also, wow, so the woman made a wrong choice, but that does not justify his cheating??? Let’s not just hellbend on her mistake, and because it’s so bad, that it’s justified the SB4g’s fault??? You need to see that she got her consequences, and he now also needs to learn to deal with his consequences, and that’s the issue here. He got to destroy her rice bowl and credibility, he does not get to be ok for cheating ~_~ or to act like a spoiled child that the world has wronged him ~_~

      2. First of all, this article is about both of them. I did not say he was not at fault because he is just as much as her. You missed my points! Just like you said, it was wrong of him to cheat but if he did, it still gave her no right to want to abort her kids.

        You are saying she made the wrong choice? What about him? He made the wrong choice to be with her too as everyone can see what kind of person she is. They are both bad are facing the consequences now. I just feel bad for the kids. They both have psychological issues for sure and now I wonder who will care for the kids. Think what you like but this has nothing to do with politics. They both got what they deserved.

      3. Again dude, you were the one who missed my point. The article is about them, but its main focus point is his action, his behaviour. Concentrate on that. Or at least my comment was focus on just him. But you literally diluted it by bringing her wrongdoing in this conversation (because it made it sound like his action is justified, you might not mean to, but you did). And that’s my point!

      4. I know I cannot fare against you all so let you say what you like. You are birds of the same flock. Let’s see what you all get for saying what you say. I am shocked that you all claim to be married with children but yet you have so much time to come here. If I were married with kids I would not be here at all… You all have sooo much time on your hands. Keep on polluting this place with your evil comments to see what you all get…

      5. Wow, dude. Evil comment? Really? Like all I’m asking from you is respect my comment by not dragging ZS in here so we can all appreciate the DB that ZH is. And you called my comment evil? Lol. Making a man be ashamed of his own action and evil deeds is evil? Meanwhile you keep dragging down other party while lessen the evilness of the other party is not evil?

        And being a mom with children can’t comment online now? Lol! I have 3 kids, and I’m sorry but commenting does not take more than 10mins lawl! Learn to type ~_~

    2. @LittleFish This video was hard to stomach; he really was acting like he’s having a meltdown; a child’s temper tantrum. It was very awkward to watch. And agree on the comments about him and her. She has her issues, but it’s obvious he’s no angel either and maybe even supremely evil (as many like to refer her) if he had cheated on her and then put this show on to obtain her forgiveness. Not to mention the stuff afterwards (though she deserved it.)

      1. Thank you, @Coralie! You get it. We need to sometimes isolate and see them for the evil that they are. Stop with the “but the other party is no angel either”. So what?!!! That does not make this party less evil! But if every time you criticise this one party, and the other party get dragged in, this party is not getting 100% criticisms it needed!!!!! So much time ppl hound on ZS, I do not like the chick, they berated her, criticise her, whatever, but they barely goes “but he’s no angel either”. No, she is taking it all. Let’s there be sometimes when we can just berated him, criticise him, whatever, just him!!!! Just focus on this DB. Basically when I berated this dude, do not come at me and say she’s no angel either lol. I do not care about her, at this moment, I care about him and how bad his behaviour is lawl!

      2. NP @LittleFish! She is infamous for dragging women down with the catchphrase “she’s no angel either” or “she’s evil.” Like almost every time there are negative news about women and men, she has to bring up how the women are one of those two things. Or even both. She states she doesn’t harbor hatred for women, but clearly she does, because she can’t stop herself from making those remarks – on JUST women. I have yet to see her mention any man as evil or not an angel.

  2. Gosh, who is responsible for this leak?? What is the point?? This couple really should just lay low and learn to be good parents. They have 2 young children already.

    1. @Hohliu
      I agree, the main focus now is the well-being of the two kids. They both need to lay low and focus on what is best for those two innocent children. He is a low-life trashy boy, and I am disgusted after watching him make a bigger a** of himself in that video. I guess trash attracts trash, and the way I see it, they are perfect for each other, minus the children. I must say this though, no matter how much a man cheats, or whatever he does, it is no excuse for the woman he impregnated to want to abort the baby/babies. That is beyond trashy and heartless. Like I said, they still should be together, without the kids. They both are not parental or human material.

      I think she leaked the tape.

    2. I too watch the video and I’m appalled at his childish, cringey behavior. He is quite immature, and it seems like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is a toxic person, and seems to lack moral and decency.
      However, however, no matter what he said or dud, that did not give Zhen Shuang the right to want to abort the babies. That was a cold, heartless thought. As far as I am concern, they are both horrible individuals, who deserve to be together, minus the children. Those two precious, innocent children need a loving, stable home, something, obviously neither of their parents can provide.

      1. I am really curious who leak this video and what is the purpose for the leakage…. This video makes both parties looks bad… him especially…

  3. Didn’t they already break up long time ago or they made it up now? Pity the 2 innocent children.
    PS. If dude played his card right in the beginning, he could get her to supply his life, at least til the 2 children turn 18.

  4. This was actually really hard to watch. Disturbing, even.

    He looks like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum or having a conscious seizure and she sounds sadistic. I don’t know if it’s evidence of his cheating, as it wasn’t clear that that’s what this is in reference to in the video, but no grown man should be behaving this way.

    1. I saw part of the video and it was awful to watch… This relationship is just not for him. I cannot imagine his parents watching it… So painful.

      1. @Hohliu agreed, this isn’t a good relationship for either of them. i’m still unsure about the reason for the breakdown – if it was because he felt remorseful over infidelity, then…sorry to say, he just sounds like an entitled cheater. he’s not sorry he did it, he’s sorry he got caught.

      2. Too many reasons to why they broke up…. Both brings the worst of each other… The ultimate recipe to a failed relationship. It is just unfortunate, they brought 2 beautiful kids into the world…

  5. that girl is a manipulator & mental trash… I can not see how she will educate the 2 childs with this attitude… Poors 2 kids, she will use them as toys

    1. Yes she and him are both crazy. I feel bad for the kids to have parents like this. They should just give the kids up for adoption.

  6. @Hohliu
    I suspect that Zhen Shuang leaked the video herself. Look at the situation realistically. She is of no consequence in the Ebiz anymore, and he is not a popular, rich or well liked guy. No one is going to make any coin, or gain notoriety off a video of them. I strongly suspect ZS did it, but I could be wrong. Anyone who could de

    1. I meant to say anyone who could decide so flipantly that she is aborting her babies because her man cheated on her, I will not put anything past her, nuff said.

      1. I can careless but most of you here seem to support ZS so much.. I don’t care. These 2 are losers and hope they don’t appear in the news anymore.

      2. You are so sick to attack me indirectly like that. I guess you don’t know much about ZS. She is evil so of course someone like would do a thing like that. I don’t know why Jayne allows people like you on this site? This site is gone down a cliff and filled with evil sickos.

    2. @teddy well, if the man made her lose everything by exposing her, she kinda does have the right for a payback lawl. Is it petty? Definitely. But it kinda warrant lol. An eye for an eye lololol. She is just making sure other also see him for who he is. A spineless man who would forgo his own manhood pride for money and free loading. More melons for us? Lololol. Most of all, it reminds us these kinds of people don’t deserve our forgiveness, keep doing that, and no one would like either of them, once a year of these sort of release is better than bug spray keeping the bugs off lawl!

      1. @littlefish
        I hear you loud and clear, haha, lawl. Both of them are crazy, out to lunch, if you ask me, lawl. They both seem to be having irrational and anger management issues, know what I mean lol. When they behave like that, they really don’t deserve our forgiveness. My head is still spinning and going, WTF happened here???!!, LOL, LAWL.

    3. @HeTieShou you could not be more wrong. No one here is supporting ZS, just because we want to nuke down ZH for who he is, does not mean we support ZS. Get that out of your little mind ~_~ we can totally dislike both parties equally while comment badly about 1 party solely without bringing the other party -.- idk how many time I need to say I dont like her. I haven’t even seen 1 drama of her, but you have made up your mind so whatever I guess!

      1. She definitely have faced the greater consequence and loses between both of them… but those details we all know. As for him, I always thought he comes from a wealthy family…but it does not seen to be so. His family has some money but not in the same league as ZS. And she have been supporting him when they were dating. I suspect, we might see more leaks from her…. this is just a beginning.

      2. @Hohliu i always thought he is just one of those BF using her, and then wanted to expose her because he got kicked to the curb. So he has every traits of those leech SB, but to act like a child is another level of mental illness/spineless. Also I feel at the time that he exposed her, everyone was too concentrating on the fact that she tried to abandon the children, so all his bad deeds going out the window. instead ppl is like what hes doing is to save the children, or oh, he’s not that bad. He deserves the same bad consequence as she does, though I feel he got off it lightly, so if this sort of leaks make him pay more, bring it on I guess lol.

  7. This is beyond sad for both of them. As many of you said this was painful to watch, very disturbing. Not sure what is the point of this leakage. Gosh not even sure what is the point of filming it.

    1. I agree but yet many here seem to care a lot. I hope they don’t appear in the news anymore as there is nothing more to say about them.

      1. @HeTieShou eShou
        I had no intention of saying anything to you, but you need to govern yourself.
        First of all, no one jumped down Zhang Heng’s throat and attacked him. Everyone agreed that both him are Zheng Shuang have behaved in a disgusting, disgraceful manner, and neither of them are good people, which is true. Everyone was fair and honest in their comments concerning both parties. You are the one who accused basically everyone here of hating on, and accusing Zhang Heng of evil. You obviously do not understand our comments. I don’t know who you called sick. From where I stand, you are the one behaving in such a manner. This is Jayne’s site, and you have for years, tried to boss this site and tell Jayne who should, or should not be on her site. That is not for you decide. You do always take the side of the men, whether they are right or wrong, and of course, that is going to come across for what it is,,,,, WRONG!!, and you should expect backlash from members. Your comments here have left me flabbergasted, and it takes a lot to render me speechless. You angrily and senselessly attacked us here for no logical reason. This happens every time the male in the article gets called out by the Jaynestars members. Everyone called out both ZS and ZH for the losers that they BOTH are, yet you are the only one who failed to see that. I expect a full on attack , maybe about how sick I am, but that is okay, cause I expect it, and coming from you, it will be a compliment.

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